ASDA Mobile Bundles: Are They Worth It?

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If you’re looking for a good deal on a Pay As You Go sim, then ASDA Mobile thinks it has the right deal for you. An ASDA Mobile Pay As You Go sim will bring you EE phone signal, flexibility, and contract free options, and positions itself as a network that allows the customer an element of control over their mobile service. Selectra breaks down exactly what ASDA offers including its mobile bundles, as well as where you can get your hands on one.

What does Pay As You Go mean?A Pay As You Go phone is a prepaid mobile device for which credit is purchased prior to service use. Adding credit will give you call minutes, text messages and mobile phone data. Phone credit can be added via an array of different payment methods. The credit adding process is referred to as a top up. Pay monthly contracts are the main alternative to a Pay As You Go option on the market at the moment.

ASDA bundles: what’s on offer?

ASDA’s bundles are by and large pretty straightforward and are reasonably priced. They function in a similar way to most mobile phone bundles that providers have on offer - giving you calls, texts and data. As with many providers, if you pay over a certain amount then you will receive unlimited calls and text messages. Check out the bundle prices, as well as what’s included in the table below.

£5 500MB Data, 200 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£7 2GB Data, 300 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£10 4GB Data, 600 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£12 5GB Data, 800 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£15 8GB Data, 1000 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£20 12GB Data, Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts
£25 15GB Data, Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts

How do you get your bundle?

If you’ve got your sim and you’re ready to get your ASDA bundle then check out the locations where you can snag yourself an ASDA Mobile bundle below:

  • Top-up Vouchers: can be purchased at a checkout or kiosk in one of ASDA’s many stores. Alternatively, one can be purchased at any of the shops that display the green top up logo. Once you've got your voucher call 2732 from your ASDA Mobile. Next, you’ll need to select option 1 then option 2 and enter the 16 digit code on your voucher.
  • Top-up cards: come included in the ASDA Mobile SIM pack. You can load a top-up card at the checkout at an ASDA store or any store with a top-up logo.
  • Debit / credit card: top ups require registration of your debit or credit card over the phone. You can do this by calling 2732 from your ASDA Mobile phone. Once your card is registered you can call 2732 and select option 1, option 1 and then option 1 again to top-up.
  • Via text: provided you have enough credit in your ASDA Mobile account, you can text 2732 with the code of the bundle you want. For example if you’re after the £10 bundle you would text '10' to 2732. To set your bundle to renew every 30 days add the word AUTO to your bundle text message e.g. 'AUTO10' to 2732.

Want to learn more about topping up your ASDA Mobile phone? Well, we’ve got the perfect guide to ASDA Pay As You Go to keep you informed on how to get your ASDA bundle as well as how its PAYG system operates.

Are you locked into a bundle amount?

ASDA Mobile’s 30 day Pay As You Go bundles allow you to change your allowance whenever you like. Alternatively, if you’re happy with your bundle amount, you can choose a bundle to stick to, automatically setting it to renew every 30 days without being tied to a fixed contract. This means that should you choose to walk away from the provider you can do so easily.

How do I cancel my ASDA bundle?

Flexibility is one of ASDA Mobile’s main selling points, so naturally, if you’ve made up your mind about switching providers then you can do so easily. Simply stopping any future top ups you have scheduled will be your first and only port of call on this. To do this you can follow the steps listed below to either cancel a bundle or top up:

  • Cancel a Recurring Bundle: you can text 'ENDBUN' and the number of the bundle to 2732 (for free). So if you have a £10 recurring bundle, for instance you would text 'ENDBUN10' to 2732.
  • Cancel a Recurring Top-Up: you can text 'STOPAUTO' to 2732 (for free).

Pay As You Go sim: how do you get one?

A mobile phone handset without a SIM card

ASDA stores are everywhere across the UK, with over 600 branches in existence. You can purchase your sim card in store. Alternatively, you are sometimes able to purchase ASDA sims at mobile repair shops or similar, however it will depend on the store itself as to whether or not it will have ASDA Mobile sim cards in stock.

You are also able to order an ASDA sim card from the comfort of your own home online. This service is free and it only takes moments to complete the order form.

Want to learn more about ASDA Mobile?Use our handy ASDA Mobile bundles article for more details on top up amounts or our guide to the ASDA Mobile network to help you get the most out of your provider. If you want to compare providers check out all of the UK mobile providers we’ve researched so that you don’t have to.

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