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Sure CW specializes in all aspects of telecommunications and the networks that carry voice and data around the world. They deliver solutions that have a positive impact on their day-to-day operations. Just as telecommunication is vital for individual and personal relationships, it is an important tool for businesses as well. Telecommunication makes it possible for communities to effectively communicate with customers and deliver high standards of customer service in the highly competitive business world. We disuss Sure international and the Sure mobile network.

It is a key element in teamwork and team building because it allows employees to collaborate easily from any geographical location worldwide. Companies today have the opportunity to introduce more flexible options for employees that can allow them to work efficiently without having to worry about distance. With the introduction of smartphones and new and improved technologies, employees can now offer new levels of productivity and capability on the move.

Customer Service


Although telephones are still important in customer service strategies, call management techniques ensure that incoming calls are handled quickly even when lines are busy. This is because calls can be re-routed to other employees who have the right skills to deal with the customers. You can also offer callers the options to select their exact need, e.g. “Press 1 to speak to an agent” or directly call customers after a service, e.g. after a purchase.


For improved performance in projects such as new product development, customer relationship management and quality initiatives, you need to have collaborations between different departments. Collaborative, complex problem-solving is a key element of focus for all employees and telecommunication assists project teams in maintaining momentum and making important decisions even when all members are unavailable for project meetings. By using a teleconference or a web conference, employees can join these project meetings by simply having a smartphone or a computer with internet connectivity.


Environmentally friendly

Sales, technical, and service teams are often working with colleagues, visiting customers, traveling, or working from home. For this reason, telecommunication plays a huge role in maintaining essential contact and work productivity on the move. According to the Yankee Group Enterprise Mobility survey, 40% of respondents regarded more than a third of employees as remote or mobile workers.



As smartphones become more sophisticated, mobile telecommunication becomes a vital part of a wider telecommunication capability. Employees can use the same telecommunication device to access data, send and receive emails, work on documents, or participate in multimedia conferences. The main component of growth in communication network traffic is data-incentive applications which are quite common in businesses.

The Sure mobile network offers fast 4G coverage for smartphone users and the provider boasts a big selection of Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go and SIM Only plans, at reasonable prices.


Sure CW is a trusted partner in over 30 jurisdictions. Some of Europe’s largest internet retailers trust Sure to keep them connected and available to their customers 24/7/365. Sure has resilient power and connectivity infrastructure that keeps data centers online all the time, therefore, keeping the whole world within their clients’ reach.

Shield with a lock

For years, Sure has been delivering secure, long-term data solutions for legal sector clients who rely on them to keep the data secure. They have effective long-term archive and back-up solutions that ensure that data is not lost.

Financial Services

Stack of money

For the success of financial institutions in the Channel Islands and other locations, constant secure connectivity is a must. Sure ensures that emails, data and connectivity are secure at all times and protected from the unexpected.


Confidential and sensitive information should be stored in a secure environment to ensure that public services are continually available. Sure works with the public sector to ensure that government departments have up-to-date communication networks.

Sure CW Products and Services

Sure CW is available in various locations. Sure CW Guernsey is a data center in St. Peter Port, Sure CW Jersey is in St. Heller, and Sure CW Isle of Man is in Douglas. These data centers offer interisland connectivity and other products and services detailed below.

Next Generation Voice (Isle of Man)


Sure CW has enhanced their core network infrastructure and can now move your voice connectivity seamlessly into the IP environment. This change enables them to move away from traditional voice delivery methods and use SIP Trunks to deliver IP based voice services to connect to your existing voice equipment, either presented as SIP Trunks (SIPNG) or ISDN (ISDNNG) at your network edge.

  • SIPNG - Voice calls delivered over SIP Trunks to connect to an IP telephony system. As each network environment is unique, Sure will evaluate your requirements and work with you to design a suitable solution.
  • ISDNNG - Voice calls delivered over SIP Trunks to connect to a telephony system. This is an ideal first step if you are looking to take advantage of the benefits of next generation voice technology and future proof your voice environment, but are not ready to move to full IP voice.

Phone Systems

Landline phone calls

Good quality phone systems ensure that your customers are served efficiently and at low and affordable rates. Sure provides professional service specialists to make sure that you choose the best system for your business.

Business lines

Sure offers analogue and digital business lines for all your telephone needs. You can also transfer existing ISDN or telephone lines to Sure to give you savings and a single point of contact for all your telephony needs.

Voice conferencing

Save time and money by installing a high-quality voice conferencing system. Sure voice conferencing systems ensure that you can efficiently communicate without travelling to meetings.

Disaster recovery

Data storage and recovery

For the safety of your business Sure offers reliable ISO and PCI-DSS level one accredited data centers for robust and reliable disaster recovery solutions.

Sure CW builds unique solutions for your business to ensure that your business grows without compromising the quality of your services. It makes it easier for you to communicate with employees and customers and manages your networks and data efficiently and reliably.