Latest Samsung Phone Revealed: Galaxy Z Flip

samsung galaxy z phone

Consumers have been clambering for more details about the latest Samsung phone since it was first aired in an advert during the Oscars. Samsung, master of both phones and marketing, has just unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip at its annual Samsung Unpacked event.

Its 2020 show was held on 11th of February, just days before the first release of the Galaxy Z Flip. Selectra reveals the phone’s specs and release details right here.

Introducing the Galaxy Z Flip

The Galaxy Z Flip is the latest Samsung phone that is foldable. Samsung already held the title as the company with the first truly foldable phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, released in 2019. The Galaxy Z Flip is the second generation.

The Korean titan is pulling out all the stops with this model. With the first teaser aired during the Oscars, it clearly hopes to win some awards of its own. The phone itself is shiny enough to be its own trophy! The Oscars advert was brief though and didn’t give much away in terms of specs and release dates.

Now that we have seen it in action, it’s safe to say it was built to be an icon.

“It changes everything... our phone’s shape, size and the very way we use it. That’s what innovation, true innovation is all about. The Z Flip is a statement smartphone. It’s for trendsetters and trailblazers. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. In a new, perfectly compact form factor. This device is an icon, a stand out smartphone for people who want to stand out. And it all starts with a playful, premium design.”

Rebecca Hirst - Head of UK Product Marketing (Samsung)Samsung Unpacked

To fold or not to fold?

The biggest difference with this phone is the fact you can flip it in half. This might seem alarming to some. After all, it’s hard enough to keep your regular smartphone screen from cracking and you don’t even intentionally bend it.

Furthermore, Samsung promises it has resolved the infamous Galaxy Fold screen tearing issues due to its plastic screen.

Samsung states that the Galaxy Z Flip is built to last and that by folding the screen you are protecting it from scratches. This makes sense when it is closed but you are going to want to open it from time to time to access all the features.

Samsung says that it’s so durable you can fold and unfold it over 200,000 times. Supposing that you kept the phone for four years, that means you could technically open it 137 times every day.

Galaxy Z Flip features and specs

Samsung has focused heavily on this phone’s design and appearance.

Here are some of the highlights that make it stand out:

  1. It’s small - When it’s folded it can fit in the palm of your hand. This could make it easier (or more difficult due to thickness) to slip into pockets or smaller bags.
  2. Cover display notifications - Even when the phone is folded you will still see notifications on the cover (technically the back of the phone). For example, you can see the time displayed as well as notifications of texts, calls and alarms.
  3. Colours - In the UK, it is currently possible to pre-order the Mirror Black version and Mirror Purple.
  4. Storage - With a capacity of 256GB, it rivals many laptops. However, there are other phones on the market with the same storage space.
  5. Screen - Has a cinematic screen when unfolded and is 6.7 inches.

One thing that is surprising is the connectivity is only 4G. This will be fine for most but there are many tech enthusiasts who have already moved on to 5G.

What makes the Galaxy Z Flip so special?

You want to make sure you’re not just paying for novelty factor when buying a smartphone. This is especially true with any new styles coming out such as the folding phones.

What sets the Galaxy Z Flip apart from a user experience perspective is:

  • You can take a selfie without opening the phone, using the cover screen as the viewfinder.
  • It has a three-stop hinge, which Samsung is calling ‘flex mode’. This means it opens at different angles like a laptop. There is a viewing area and interaction area so you can multitask.
  • You can fold it and video chat hands-free or watch a video while cooking etc.
  • There is no need for a tripod if you are using it as a camera. If you are using the hyperlapse feature you can take timelapse videos with ease.

How much will the Galaxy Z Flip set you back?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will cost around £1,300.00. You can currently pre-order with Samsung and its official release date is the 14th of February.

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Selectra’s verdict

This latest Samsung phone is certainly eye-catching and trendy. It’s too soon to say just how reliable the folding function will be with the Galaxy Z Flip. The dual-function screen is a nice touch if you were to make use of it for selfies and using it as a stand for videos or multi-tasking.

One of the biggest drawcards or drawbacks (depending) is the size. If you carry your phone in your front pocket this phone may be too thick. However, if you find that standard smartphones are too long to tuck into a pocket or bag then this could solve that issue for you.

Either way, for such an important purchase and a hefty price tag, there’s nothing wrong with taking your time deciding and possibly waiting for some reviews to come out.

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