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We’re all busy these days with things like work, bills, hobbies, family and friends, and most of us don’t need another thing on our plate. That’s why Selectra works hard to demystify the process of switching mobile phone providers, getting the most out of your current provider, understanding what's going on in the world of mobile news and getting your first UK mobile phone. Compare mobile phone deals with us and we will steer you in the right direction.

Compare Mobile Phone Deals

If you’re after a phone contract or Pay As You Go SIM card with one of the UK’s main mobile carriers then you’ll have a lot of different companies to choose from. Selectra makes the process of choosing between these networks easier, by taking a look at the best mobile phone deals as well as shedding a light on what you can expect from the UK’s best mobile phone networks.

Consider A Refurbished Or Second-hand Phone

Not only can you opt for a brand new smartphone with one of the UK’s great mobile phone carriers, but you can also find refurbished phones out there for a very decent price. Refurbished phones account for some of the best mobile phone deals out there, so it’s worth considering this comparatively eco-friendly option. The same goes for second-hand phones - why not purchase a phone that might otherwise clog up a landfill? We all need to do our part when it comes to aiding the environment, and our consumption of technology is no exception.

Saving On Your Mobile Phone Bills

We’d all like to get the most out of our mobile phone plan, without having to pay unreasonable prices in the process. But sometimes mobile phone bills can be tricky to navigate, especially when you factor in penalty charges or data consumption. Thankfully, you can compare mobile phone deals or charges on Selectra’s dedicated guides to each mobile network.

Contact Your Current Phone Provider

If you think you might switch mobile phone carriers in order to save money, it could be worth contacting your current provider first. Ask your phone provider if they have any better deals on offer or if they can offer you any solutions that will help you save money. You may find that they have something more suitable to offer you. You can find your provider’s contact details on Selectra’s website.

Monitor Your Usage

It’s also worth noting that some phone users don’t actually check their monthly bills or usage. This could be to their detriment as there are cases of providers overcharging in the UK, which happened with Giffgaff who subsequently got fined by Ofcom, for example. Most mobile phone providers have a free mobile app which shows data, calls and texts usage, and also lets you carry out other tasks as well. Managing your account in an app or via a web portal can help you to understand your usage, in fact, you may find that you are paying more than you need to on your monthly bill.

Switching Mobile Phone Providers

There are a few different things you should consider when switching providers. Firstly, it’s important to note that you can now switch providers via text. You should also ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Might you be better off with Pay As You Go SIM than a pay monthly contract? If you don’t need a new mobile device then Pay As You Go could be worth considering, especially if you don’t use your phone all that much.
  • Might you be better off with a smaller provider? We’ve included information on smaller providers as well as the big Telecom giants to keep you fully informed on the UK mobile market in its entirety.

The Best Mobile Phone Deals

When it comes to the best mobile phone deals, the key is to compare as much as you can. If you compare mobile phone deals, you’ll have the best chance of finding the right pay monthly contract or Pay As You Go arrangement for your needs. Here at Selectra, we’ve compared thousands of different mobile phone contract tariffs and Pay As You Go SIM deals, so if you’re not sure about where to start then don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

Network Coverage: The Four UK Networks

If you’re receiving a mobile phone signal in the UK then you’ll technically be receiving it from one of four network infrastructures. These main four networks are EE, O2, Three and Vodafone and all of the other mobile carriers in the UK actually ‘piggyback’ off one of these four networks for coverage. If you’d like to learn more about how to check your network coverage then check out our guide to network coverage for everything you need to know.

These four networks compete for the best download speeds and upload speeds, as well as the best level of geographic and population coverage. Download speed is the rate at which data is transferred from the internet to your mobile phone. Upload speed is the rate that data is transferred from your mobile phone to the internet. Geographic coverage is the area in which a wireless network company offers cellular service to their mobile phone users. The term population coverage refers to the percentage of inhabitants that receive enough radio signal to connect to a mobile network.

Let Selectra Guide You

If you want to manage your mobile phone use better, or you want to understand how smartphones really work then it’s worth exploring our extensive mobile guides. We have guides on all of the following topics and more:

Keep Up-To-Date With The Latest Mobile News

Our talented news team can keep you up to date with all of the latest mobile technology, consumer and industry news. Anyone who relies on their smartphone will benefit from staying in the mobile news loop, and seeing as technology is constantly evolving, there is always something exciting to read about. Industry news can also help you get the most from your provider and even save you some cash, as changes which directly affect consumers happen all the time.

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It usually takes on average between 15 and 17 days to switch electricity and between 16 and 18 days to switch gas suppliers. Customers always have a 14 day cooling-off period after confirming an agreement with a new energy supplier. During this time, they can change their mind before the switch takes place. After this 14 day period has passed, it should take no longer than a week for the switch to go through.

Will there be an interruption in my supply when it switches?

You can rest assured that there will be no break in your gas or electricity supply when you switch energy supplier. You will not experience any sort of power cut during the switch, and no one should have to come to your property to replace any meter, pipes or cables.

Can I switch energy provider if I am in debt with my current supplier?

Switching in debt on a credit meter: If you have been in debt with your current energy company for more than 28 days, you must pay off the debt to be able to switch. If you try to switch energy suppliers without having cleared debt, the current company may block your switch. If you've been in debt with your supplier for less than 28 days, it is still possible to switch, and any owed amounts will be added to your final bill. If you’re unable to pay off the debt, contact your energy supplier and ask them to set up a repayment plan. Your plan could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and it will be arranged to best suit your financial situation. Once you have set up a repayment plan, you will then be able to switch energy suppliers. This could save you money in the long run by allowing you to go ahead and switch to a more affordable energy tariff, instead of having to wait until you’re able to pay off the debt completely.

Switching on a prepayment meter in debt: If you're paying off an energy debt on a prepayment meter, you can still switch to another supplier, provided you owe less than £500 for gas and electricity. You have the legal right to do so under the 'Debt Assignment Protocol', meaning your new supplier assumes the debt and you repay them instead, according to the terms of your new contract.

I am renting. Can I still switch energy supplier?

Yes, tenants can choose the energy suppliers at the property they are renting. Unless your landlord is paying your energy bill, you get to decide what company you pay to supply gas and electricity to your home. Even though you have the right as a tenant to switch energy suppliers, you may still want to check in with your landlord before you make the change.

Will my smart meter stop working if I switch?

It is possible that older smart meters might lose those smart functionality if you switch to a different energy supplier. The meter would still function — it would just operate as a traditional meter and you would be required to submit meter readings manually. If you’re worried about your smart meter losing its smart functionality, contact the provider you want to switch to and ask. The new supplier may even be able to install a new smart meter for you for free or update your existing one to make it compatible.

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