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Electric and gas connection in your new build home

New build house and piggy bank

In this guide you will find out how to set up a new gas and electricity connection for your new-build property. If your new home is being built through a contractor, it is likely that they will handle the organisation and correspondence with the gas distributor or Distribution Network Operator (DNO). If, however, your contractor is not handling this process, follow this guide as if you were building a self-build property and you won't have a problem.

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Do It Yourself Gas and Electricity

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Getting Started

In order to have a new gas connection fitted you will first need to contact one of the eight licenced gas distributors that service your locality. Because the distributors don’t actually own, meter or sell any gas, this should be followed by finding a supplier that best meets your gas requirements.

To receive your new electricity connection you need to first establish a connection by contacting your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and then signing up for your supply with an energy utility company. If you are also in the process of buying a plot of land or you have not started building yet, we can also explain how to get a temporary connection installed.

Be one step ahead

What you need to know before calling the gas distributor: Find out how far away the gas mains are. This price could change dramatically the further away your house is to the mains because they might have to add extra piping, or re-route the pipes to connect you to the main gas supply. The distributors ideally want it 20 meters from your house, but the requirements can change depending on your location in the UK. Some can go up to 100 meters away, so it is vital to know where the mains are.

When constructing a new-build property, timing is everything and minor mistakes can take weeks to get right again. Make sure to call the gas distributor and DNO 10 weeks before you are wanting the installation. If you don’t hit any problems, then this should be more then enough time, but if you do hit a few snags, 10 weeks will give you some room to rectify anything.

New build property connection
Contact your gas or electricity distributer sooner rather than later.

What can go wrong?

Complications can occur when setting up a gas or electricity connection in your new home. You need to be aware that if the mains are on a neighbouring property, you will need an access permit to carry out any works. The possibility of making a connection on a busy road and any resulting road closures can be very costly and time consuming.

Once the mains have been found, the contractor will have to determine the condition of the piping or wiring. If they are dangerous and not safety viable, the payment could fall on to you to deal with and cause setbacks.

If you’re building the property through your own means, it would be advisable to think about having a temporary electric supply for your equipment, tools or if you are living on-site during the construction process. If this is something you are interested in, you should apply through your local distributor (details of which can be found a little further down) for a temporary connection within the boundaries of your construction site.

Word of adviceMake sure that your gas pipes and appliances are installed by a ‘gas safe’ registered engineer.

Once you have completed your build, this connection can also be re-routed into your house as a domestic connection. After your connection has been established you need to contact an energy supplier in order to arrange a meter installation.

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Don't accept the first price

After everything has been confirmed, you will receive an acceptance form from your distributor. If when receiving your gas or electricity acceptance form, you think it is too high and you want a second opinion, ask the DNO or distributor for a breakdown of the quote. Parts of the quote could be more expensive, due to extra work needing to be carried out by contractors. This is called ‘contestable work’, which means exactly what it says: you can contest it. Review the work that is needed and search for your own quote to reduce the price. If you have found a cheaper price, the work will need to be inspected by the distributor to verify the labour done.

If you want a built-in meter cabinet in your new property, this will need to be purchased by yourself. It will also have to be integrated into your external wall in accordance with the specifications provided by your gas distributor.

  • Check list
  • Call the DNO
  • Find the mains
  • Finalize the process
  • Contact a supplier
  • You are connected

The final steps

In order to begin the process of installing your new property with a domestic electricity connection, you need to request a ‘New Domestic Connection Application/Quotation’ from your local DNO. Alternatively, this can be filled out online. Below are the application links and contact numbers for each DNO.

DNO information
Area Company Website Download Application
North Scotland SSE Power Distribution Download Here
Central and Southern Scotland SP Energy Networks Download Here
North East England Northern Power Grid Download Here
North West England Electricity North West Download Here
Yorkshire Northern Power Grid Download Here
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales & North Shropshire SP Energy Networks Download Here
East Midlands, West Midlands, South Wales & South West England Western Power Distribution Download Here
Eastern England UK Power Networks Download Here
Southern England SSE Power Distribution Download Here
London UK Power Networks Download Here
South East England UK Power Networks Download Here
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Electricity Download Here

Below are the website links and links to beginning the application process for the gas distributors according to your region. Click on the relevant link in order to start the connection process:

Gas Distributor information
Area Company Website Download Application
North West, West Midlands, East Midlands, East Anglia & North London National grid Start here
Scotland, South England & South London SGN Start here
Wales & South-West England Wales and West Utilities Start here
Northern England Northern Gas Networks Start here

Once your gas and electricity is connected to your new home, you will be supplied with a gas and electricity number to identify your individual supply point. The meter point administration number or MPAN, is for your electricity, and for your gas, it is the Meter point reference number; MPR for short.

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