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Basingstoke is a large town in Hampshire in the south central England. It has become an important economic centre and is now the host for the UK headquarters of large companies such as Motorola, GAME and BNP Paribas. Basingstoke has a population of around 113,200 people. Its incumbent suppliers are SSE for electricity and British Gas for gas.

DistributionDistribution Network Operator (DNO) - SSE Gas Distributor - SGN

SSE Basingstoke

Scottish & Southern Energy Networks (SSE)

Emergency number - 0800 072 7282 (England)

Non-emergency number - 0800 980 1395

SGN Basingstoke


Emergency gas number - 0800 111 999

Non-emergency number - 0800 912 1700

If you are experiencing a power cut in your postcode don't hesitate to contact your Distribution Network Operator, SSE using the number above. However, do remember that your energy supplier can't do anything about your electricity connection.

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Average Energy Usage by City

Electricity - 921 kWh = £155

Gas - 4924 kWh = £249

Source: Over three month period, via British Gas's UK Energy Consumption Checker.

Although the energy markets are well and truly open to competition we can still see signs of history having an effect in Basingstoke's energy choices. Here, the most popular energy supplier is SSE.

SSE, the most popular supplier in Basingstoke

Basingstoke Energy Offices

Just 25 minutes away from the centre of Basingstoke is one of the offices for 'Utilita Energy'. If you are interested in working for Utilita click here to contact them.

Utilita Energy office in Basingstoke

Utilita Energy Limited
Secure House
Moorside Road
SO23 7RX



In 1990, when privatisation was implemented, Basingstoke's electricity stopped being provided by 'Southern Electricity Board', as it had been since 1948. The company then became 'Southern Electric' and continued as a plc company. It joined with 'Scottish Hydro Electric' to make 'Scottish & Southern Energy plc', which is the company that we now know as 'SSE'.


The gas supply in Basingstoke used to be managed by 'Southern Gas Board'; however, this stopped after it became an area of the British Gas Corporation.

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