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River Avon, Bath

Bath is a city in the county of Somerset in the south west of England. The city became a spa when the Romans built the baths in AD60. Bath has a population of around 100,000 people. Its incumbent suppliers are EDF Energy for electricity and British Gas for gas.

DistributionDistribution Network Operator (DNO) - Western Power Distribution Gas Distributor - Wales and West Utilities

Western Power Distribution

Emergency Number - 0800 6783 105

Non-emergency - 0800 096 3080

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Wales & West Utilities

Emergency Gas Number - 0800 100 999

Emergency Number - 0800 912 29 99

Wales & West Utilities Bath

Don't forget, if you have a power cut in your area, you should call your Distribution Network Operator, Western Power Distribution, not your energy supplier. You can check power cuts in your area via the link below:

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Average Energy Usage by City

Electrcity - 889 kWh = £150

Gas - 5021 kWh = £254

Source: Over three month period, via British Gas's UK Energy Consumption Checker.

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Even though people have the ability to purchase their energy from whichever energy company they so please, there still exists a pattern that shows history is still having an effect on which energy companies people favour. The most popular supplier in the Bath area is EDF Energy.

Bath Energy Offices

Just 15 minutes away from the centre of Bath is the office for 'Good Energy' in Chippenham. If you would like to work for Good Energy click here to visit their careers page.

Good Energy office in Bath

Good Energy
Monkton Hill
Monkton Reach
SN15 1EE



Bath's electricity connection used to come from 'South Western Electricity Board'; however, after privatisation and various takeovers thereafter, EDF acquired the company in 2003, who discontinued the name. EDF sold the company on to 'PPL' who rebranded the company to become the company we know today as 'Western Power Distribution', Bath's current DNO.


Between 1948-1973, all gas in Bath came from 'South Western Gas Board'. After 1973, it became a region of the British Gas Corporation.

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