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Holy Island, Berwick-upon-Tweed

Berwick-upon-Tweed, or Berwick as it is often referred to as, is the northernmost town in England. It resides in the county of Northumberland. It is located on the River Tweed, hence the name. Berwick's population is around 14,000. Its incumbent suppliers are Npower for electricity and British Gas for gas.

DistributionDistribution Network Operator (DNO) - Northern Power Grid Gas Distributor - Northern Gas Networks

Northern Power Grid, Berwick

Northern Power Grid

Emergency number - 0800 66 88 77 (North East)

Non-emergency number - 0800 011 3332

Northern Gas Networks, Berwick

Northern Gas Networks

Emergency gas number - 0800 111 999

Non-emergency number - 0800 640 7766

Average Energy Usage by City

Electricity - 833 kWh = £140

Gas - 4512 kWh = £229

Source: Over three month period, via British Gas's UK Energy Consumption Checker.

From looking at who supplies the most households in the Berwick area, we can see that geography and history are having a big affect on who people choose, even if it isn't the cheapest option. The most popular supplier here is Npower.
Npower, Berwick's most popular energy supplier

Berwick-upon-Tweed Energy Offices

Berwick is home to one of the SP Energy Networks offices. If you would like to work for SP Energy Networks click here to visit their careers page.

Scottish Power, Berwick
Address SP Energy Networks Kings Mount Ramparts Business Park Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1TQ



Berwick-upon-Tweed was supplied by 'North Eastern Electricity Board' until privatisation in 1990 for its electricity; however, it then became a plc company, which was acquired by 'CalEnergy' in 1996. This formed a subsiduary called 'CE Electricity' which acted as a managing company for 'Northern Electric'.


Before it became a region of the British Gas Corporation in 1973, Berwick was supplied by 'Northern Gas Board' for its gas.

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