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Leeds Town Hall

Leeds is the third biggest city in the UK, situated in the north of England in West Yorkshire. With around 757,500 inhabitants, Leeds is one of the fastest growing commerical and business areas in the UK. Leeds's incumbent energy providers are Npower for its electricity and British Gas for its gas.

DistributionDistribution Network Operator (DNO) - Northern Power Grid Gas Distributor - Northern Gas Networks

Northern Powergrid Leeds

Northern Power Grid

Emergency number - 0800 375 675 (Yorkshire)

Non-emergency number - 0800 011 3332

Northern Gas Networks Leeds

Northern Gas Networks

Emergency gas number - 0800 111 999

Non-emergency number - 0800 640 7766

Power cut in your home? Give your DNO, Northern Powergrid a call using the contact details above.

Average Energy Usage by City

Electricity - 744 kWh = £125

Gas - 2640 kWh = £134

Source: Over three month period, via British Gas's UK Energy Consumption Checker.

For a number of reasons, people in many areas of Great Britain have stuck with their incumbent and historically linked suppliers, despite having the choice to switch. In Leeds, the most popular supplier is Npower.

Npower, the most popular provider in Leeds

Leeds Energy Offices

Leeds is home to two of Npower's corporate offices, together employing over 1,200 people. If you are interested in a career working for Npower, visit Npower jobs in Leeds.

Npower office in Leeds

Address Npower Limewood Approach Leeds LS14 1NG UK



Yorkshire Electricity Board was founded in 1948 and was responsible for the electricity supply in the majority of Yorkshire. After Thatcher's Government privatised the electricity industry in 1990, the company became Yorkshire Electricity Group plc. The new public limited company, however, was acquired by American Electric Power (AEP) and Public Service Company of Colorado (part of XCel Energy). In 2001, Innogy plc, once again acquired Yorkshire Electricity Group plc for a 94.75% ownership, eventually becoming part of Npower.


The gas in Yorkshire used to be supplied by North Eastern Gas Board as of 1948; however, in 1972 became part of the British Gas Corporation.

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