Gas and Electricity Overview - Selby, North Yorkshire

Selby is a town and civil parish in North Yorkshire. In its past, it was a large player in the ship building industry. Its most notable attraction is Selby Abbey which in recent years has brought a fair amount of international attention due to the wedding of a taiwanese singer and model. The Selby District area has a population of around 85,000 people. Its incumbent suppliers are Npower for electricity and British Gas for gas.

DistributionDistribution Network Operator (DNO) - Northern Power Grid Gas Distributor - Northern Gas Networks

Northern Power Grid Logo

Northern Power Grid

Emergency number - 0800 375 675 (Yorkshire)

Non-emergency number - 0800 011 3332

Northern Gas Networks Logo

Northern Gas Networks

Emergency gas number - 0800 111 999

Non-emergency number - 0800 640 7766

Average energy usage by city

Electricity - 891 kWh = £150

Gas - 4852 kWh = £246

Source: Over three month period, via British Gas's UK Energy Consumption Checker.

Selby Energy Offices

Selby District is home to Drax Power Station, which has the highest generating capacity of any power station in the UK. If you would like to learn more about how you could work at Drax Power Station click here to visit their careers page.

Drax power station Selby


Drax Power Station, New Road, Drax, Selby, YO8 8PH



Before privatisation in 1990, liberating the market, the electricity supply in Selby was provided by 'Yorkshire Electricity Board'; however, the company thereafter became a plc and was purchased by 'American Electric Power' (AEP) and 'Public Service Company of Colorado' (part of Excel Energy). A few years later in 2001, 'Innogy plc' acquired the 'Yorkshire Electricity Group plc' for a 94.75% stake, eventually becoming a part of Npower.


The gas supply in Selby, like the rest of Yorkshire, was supplied by 'North Eastern Gas Board' between 1948-1972. It thereafter became a region of the British Gas Corporation.

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