Where To Get the Best Moving Boxes in 2022

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Moving boxes might be the last thing you think about when moving house but actually getting the best moving boxes is are essential for getting organised and making your move go as smoothly as possible. Read on to find out the best places to get your moving boxes!

Why Get Moving Boxes?

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Moving boxes are great for organising all your belongings in preparation for your move. Cardboard packing boxes for moving can be labelled and are light so you can transport everything quickly. Also since they’re cubed, they can save space when loaded into the back of a van or car. Up there with sorting out your utilities, getting moving boxes is vital for a smooth move.

When Should I Get My Moving Boxes?

According to our moving house checklist, you should look to order your moving boxes at least two weeks before you change your address. This will give you time to organise your belongings and also make sure you have enough removal boxes well before your move.

What To Look for When Buying Moving Boxes

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Since some of the items that you’ll be putting in your moving boxes will likely be valuable, you should assess the quality of your moving boxes to make sure they will protect your possessions as well as possible.

When looking for moving boxes, you should consider:

  1. Size
    You should generally avoid buying moving boxes that are large or extra large since they can be hard to manage and take up too much space. Try and aim for standard 45cm x 45cm x 51.5cm boxes that are big enough to fit everything in but are the right size to be carried and packed efficiently. For clothes, you should consider a wardrobe box.
  2. Strength
    You’ll need to make sure you're getting strong moving boxes that adequately protect your possession as you move. The standard is using double wall boxes where there is twice the padding. You can even get boxes with extra strength if you are worried about fragile items getting damaged.
  3. Price
    How much you should pay for moving boxes is important when packing for your move. Quite often moving is costly and you should look to make savings where you can. Usually, you’ll be able to get a lot of your boxes for free, but you might need to get some that are new for your most precious belongings. For 2022, you should expect to pay from around £1.50 to £2.95 per box for a standard one.
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Where Are the Best Moving Boxes From?

There are many places you can find cheap moving boxes to help you with your move. You might be thinking that it’s not important where you get your boxes from since they’re all made from cardboard anyway, but having sturdy and durable boxes will reduce the risk of your belongings getting broken while in transit.

Should I get moving boxes from my removal company? If you have a lot of items you need to transport, you might be using a removal company to help get you organised and all your belongings transported safe and sound. Usually, removal companies will also offer moving boxes that you can have as an extra service. Although these are sturdy and will protect your things, they can be costly!

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Where Should I Buy My Moving Boxes?

Where to get your moving boxes can get confusing since there are a few options out there for you to choose from. Take a look at the table below to see what the top five companies have to offer and how much they charge for their moving boxes:

Company Details Average Cost
Amazon Amazon is a simple place to go to when buying your moving box. You can search and find exactly what Amazon moving boxes you're looking for and get them delivered quickly. If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll even get them delivered to you the next day! Standard: £2 per box
Large: £5.25 per box
Argos Though slightly more expensive, Argos moving boxes are offered in complete packs with markers, duck tape and even bubble wrap all in one! Moving Pack: £58
IKEA IKEA moving boxes are generally a safe option for moving supplies. They are cheap and durable enough to get the job done. You can also explore other options such as a moving bag to help you carry your things. Standard: £1.50 per box
Sadlers Sadlers provide reused cardboard boxes for people moving. Its main advantage is that they use waste cardboard to sell onto moving customers, and have fairly competitive prices! Standard: £0.44 per box
Wardrobe: £4.69 per box
Wilko Wilko moving boxes are a great option for both price and the variety of boxes you can get. You can even get special boxes for your glasses and glass bottles to make sure they’re safely transported. Standard: £4 per box
Large: £5.40

Last Updated: 15/07/2022.
Prices will vary on purchase size. You will likely get a cheaper price if you buy in bulk.

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Where Can I Get Moving Boxes for Free?

The vast majority of your moving boxes you will be able to get for free. Getting used moving boxes is a great way to save on costs and it’s also a great way to help the environment. Since using a moving box is normally a one-time thing, tracking down ones for free isn’t a problem.

How Do I Ask for Free Moving Boxes?

Asking for free removal boxes is quite simple and you shouldn’t be embarrassed. For the most part, people have them lying around and are looking for an excuse to get rid of them so you'll be doing most people a favour!

The most common places you’ll be able to find moving boxes are:

  • Friends and neighbours
  • Online in Facebook groups
  • At work
  • Supermarkets
  • Recycling centres
  • Restaurants and chains
  • Schools

What Are the Advantages of Free Moving Boxes?

Using free moving boxes has a lot of advantages for keeping both your costs and carbon footprint low, but there are some disadvantages as well which you should try and avoid.

Advantages Disadvantages
Quick to get Poorer quality
Good for the environment Mouldy or dirty
Variety of sizes More effort to collect
Save money Weak

Checking Free Moving Boxes for Damage

Whenever you get a reused moving box, you should check for damages to make sure it's good to go. Sometimes a perfectly good removal box might need a little bit of strengthening for it to be safe for your things but this is easily done!

  • Inspect your boxes for damages
  • Tape the bottom to reinforce them
  • Add layers of card or paper
  • Don’t overfill them
  • Make sure they don’t smell stale

How Do I Start Packing To Move?

Moving boxes can really help get your move organised and take away a lot of the stress and worry over your entire move. Plain cardboard boxes are really useful since you can label them and know exactly what is in what when you load and unload the moving van!

Labelling Your Moving Boxes

The most efficient way to label your packing boxes is by room. If you know which room the contents of each box belongs to, unloading and unpacking will become a lot easier and a lot more confusing. You should try and do this at least a week before your move!

Label your boxes by:

  • Bedroom(s)
  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Miscellaneous

You should also set some aside for fragile items or antiques you have so they’re not packed up with the rest of your less delicate possessions.

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Loading the Moving Van

If you’ve hired a van to help you transport your things from your old property to your new one, you’ll want to make sure that everything has been packed in carefully and stably so it doesn’t move about too much while you’re driving.

The order in which you load the moving van is extremely important to ensure everything stays safe:

  1. Heavy Items
    Wardrobes, fridges, freezers, sofas and ovens should be loaded up first. Make sure they’re well balanced so they don’t fall down during transit.
  2. Delicate Objects
    Mirrors, televisions, and picture frames should be safely stored away after the heavier items have gone in. You should wrap these up with bubble wrap to prevent them smashing if they’re any problems.
  3. Longer Furniture
    Any mattresses or disassembled furniture you have that are longer should be stored along the sides so you leave space on the floor of the van.
  4. Heavy Boxes
    Your heavy packing boxes should go in next, taking up the rest of the floor. You should try and store them in any gaps so they don’t rock about on the journey.
  5. Lighter Boxes
    Your lighter moving boxes can then be packed into the van. Try to get them in as tightly as possible to avoid them shifting about. Use up all the available space!

Unpacking Your Belongings

After you’ve reached your new home, unpacking should be easy if you’ve labelled all your boxes. As you’re unloading the boxes, you can simply take each box to their designated room and set them down ready to unpack!

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