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Compare Eon Prices: Gas & Electricity + Unit Rate

Eon prices
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Eon is the sixth most popular energy supplier in the United Kingdom, with around 5.5 million household and business customers nationwide. The company now employs around 9,400 people for its UK operations, the biggest part of which work in Coventry. They are one of the biggest generators of renewable energy in the country, averaging at around 37.2% renewables in all electricity supplies. From all UK supply business they reportedly made a total £6,114.6 million revenue, which is the lowest of all Big Six companies.

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Compare prices in your region

The price that you pay for your gas and electricity will depend on where your property is located. There are currently 13 different pricing zones throughout England, Wales & Scotland, each with different unit rates and standing charges. This is because of static charges that are imposed onto suppliers by the local distribution networks. As such, to get an accurate reading, make sure you choose your local area from the options listed below.

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Cheapest Eon Tariff

Prices across the board, not just with Eon, change constantly, which means it's pretty hard to keep up with them. The best way to get an up to date price would be to give us a call, but for now, here's a price estimate for Eon's cheapest current tariff. Prices are all related to the UK average usage for the 13 price regions across the country. This estimate was last updated on 24th November 2017. The usage details are, again, as follows:

Electricity - 3,100 kWh

Gas - 12,500 kWh


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Region key
1. Northern Scotland
2. Southern Scotland
3. North East
4. North West
5. Yorkshire
6. Merseyside & North Wales
7. East Midlands
8. West Midlands
9. Eastern England
10. South Wales
11. Greater London
12. South East
13. South West

Eon price increases

Having just heard about the recent price increases from British Gas, it's defintely worth revisiting the not-so-covered price hikes implemented by Eon in March 2017. The company announced earlier this year that they would be rising their average prices by around 8.8%. This would result in about 2.5 million customers paying an extra £97 on average, according to The Guardian. Eon are rather erratic with their pricing: at times they can be the cheapest on the market, and at others, they are by far the most expensive.

This increase results in a 13.8% increase for electricity prices and 3.8% for gas. For those who have just their electricity supplied by Eon, this was a huge hit, seeing their bill rise dramatically.

This, however, has not been the biggest price increase of the year from the Big Six. Npower announced at the beginning of the year that as of 16 March 2017, their prices would be raised by an average of 9.8%, a massive 15% rise for electricity. This could perhaps explain the 1% drop in electricity market share between Q1 and Q2 of this year; however, it seems to be a general trend as more and more people head towards smaller, independent suppliers that are offering cheaper prices and better customer service.

Price tariff information

As mentioned above, the best way to get an updated price comparison is by giving us a call. However, below you will find an example of the tariff label information for one of Eon's most popular tariffs.

E·ON EnergyPlan TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 18.018p £603.57 19.47p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,181.24
Southern Scotland 16.254p £548.70 17.70p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,126.55
North East EN 16.632p £560.48 18.08p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,138.27
North West EN 16.527p £557.38 17.98p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,135.02
Yorkshire 16.128p £544.98 17.58p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,122.65
Merseyside & N Wales 17.945p £601.09 19.39p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,178.96
East Midlands 16.181p £546.53 17.63p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,124.28
West Midlands 16.496p £556.45 17.95p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,134.04
East EN 16.527p £557.38 17.98p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,135.02
South Wales 17.157p £576.91 18.61p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,154.55
London 15.845p £535.99 17.29p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,113.86
South East EN 17.052p £573.50 18.50p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,151.29
South West EN 18.092p £605.74p 19.54p 4.102p £577.50 4.62p £1,183.52

Last updated: March 2017

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