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Flow Energy Tariff Prices - Gas and Electricity

Flow Energy Prices

Use the list or map tool below to choose the region for which you'd like to see Flow Energy prices. You will also see below a quick overview of prices across each region to give you a general idea of how it varies.

Cheapest Tariff Currently Available

Here you have the estimated yearly costs for each Great British region for Flow Energy's cheapest available tariff (as of 5th April 2017), the 'Flow Variable' standard deal. The average annual usage is as stated below:

Electricity - 3,100 kWh

Gas - 12,500 kWh


(Above chart can be slow to load)

Region key
1. Northern Scotland
2. Southern Scotland
3. North East
4. North West
5. Yorkshire
6. Merseyside & North Wales
7. East Midlands
8. West Midlands
9. Eastern England
10. South Wales
11. Greater London
12. South East
13. South West

Choose Your Region

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