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Travel Insurance Providers: Who Can You Trust?

travel insurance provider overview

Your holidays are one of the most important times of the year and travel insurance is one of those pesky but necessary expenses when you go away. Selectra provides you with the information you need to choose the right travel insurance in a matter of minutes and prevent accidents or emergencies from ruining your hard earned break.

Top UK insurance companies

At Selectra, we aim to give you the necessary information that will help you choose the right travel insurance no matter what kind of traveller you are. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top home insurance companies and see how they compare.


Aviva accepted 87.8% of the 107,000 claims they received last year. Their travel insurance policy is one of the simplest on the market.

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Axa is French in its origins but is now active across 60 countries. Axa is one of the biggest contenders for travel insurance in the UK.

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Allianz's is another well known insurer whose levels of cover may not be as high but they are attractive for those on a budget.

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The AA may be more well known for rescuing stranded motorists on the motorway but they also provide comprehensive travel insurance cover with special benefits if you are already a member.

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Asda are not only for your weekly shop! They now provide a range of financial products including travel insurance.

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Boots are the king of the high street insurers when it comes to covering preexisting medical conditions.

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Cover for You

Cover For You are an online only insurance provider with some great rates and good levels of coverage.

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Which type of travel insurance policy should I get?

There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to sorting out your travel insurance.The range of different policies on offer and their coverage varies widely and it can leave you I really need £10 million worth of medical cover?

However, bills can quickly mount up and you’ll soon be regretting not spending a bit more to protect yourself should the worst happen.

Travel insurance can cost as little as a few pints in the bar and can take just a few minutes to set up with the right know how. Whether you are a backpacker on the way to a world trip or an all inclusive holiday star, take a few seconds to read our comprehensive guide and take the headache out of choosing.

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Insurance providers, administrators and underwriters

Legal Jargon doesn't help when it comes to choosing the right insurance provider but a little knowledge goes a long way and we would always recommend getting clued up before you choose your travel insurance policy.

It's important to know exactly what you will be getting and in our guides to the best insurance providers we have tried to make as clear as possible who will be dealing with at each stage - when you buy your policy, when you make a claim and who actually pays out your money.

The underwriter: is the company whose money pays the cost of your hospital stay or loss or damage to belongings. An insurance company will define the types of things that the underwriter is willing to cover in the policy wording that comes with the products they sell.

The administrator: is the company that handles claims on behalf of insurers and provides general customer service.

The insurance provider: is the agent who sells the policy, probably with their logo - for example Asda or Boots.

insurance reselling

What about brand name insurance?Everyone from supermarkets to high street pharmacies are getting into the insurance craze, so what’s the deal? How does a supermarket go from stacking their shelves to selling travel insurance? Simple: they are actually reselling someone else’s insurance product. This practice is known as white-labelling and it it isn’t unique to insurance. Essentially, it involves slapping a brand onto an underwriter's policy. While the established insurer does all the heavy-lifting, managing policies and providing customer support, the high-street brand gets the attention.

How can I tell if a travel insurance policy is worth my money?

These are our top tips when comparing travel insurance policies like for like.

  1. Check the company and the insurance policy on Selectra or on Defaqto, an independent insurance rating service that is recognised industry-wide. Having a good Defaqto rating (even if it isn’t the full five stars) means that companies and policies will meet certain requirements for overall coverage and customer service.
  2. Ensure you will be covered for the items you take with you and then decide what category they fall under. Some policies don't cover electronic items so this is something to watch out for!
  3. Think about what kind of holiday you are going on. Travel insurance is far from being a one size fits all affair. Different travellers will have different needs and it is up to you to double and triple check your insurance policy wording to make sure you are covered.
  4. Make sure you are comfortable with the excess amounts because you will be fully liable for them. This means that you’ve chosen to take on part of the cost relating to a claim.