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It's fair to say that offered a comprehensive communications service to its users. Read on to discover what happened to and learn more about what the website offered its users.


Tiscali is an Italian telecommunications company offering TV, phone and internet services. Tiscali is based in Sardinia and previously operated in the UK (as well as several other international locations). In 2009, the company's UK wing was acquired by Carphone Warehouse and Tiscali no longer operates in the UK.

So what happened to Tiscali’s UK customers? In January 2010, Tiscali customers became TalkTalk customers and (the provider’s user hub) was shut down.

What did offer its users?

Tiscali UK’s site,, offered a hub to its users for email, news, entertainment, sports, technology and travel content, TV information and music (among other things).

The website was a hub for a wide array of content, with the main home page housing the latest news from Reuters, a search bar to search the web, access to chat and email functions, as well as loads of links to different sections of the site. Check out the types of content channels that were featured on below:

  • Shopping: The shopping section offered shopping services and offers as well as housing a search function that allowed users to find the products they were looking for.
  • Sport: The sport section housed loads of information like sports news, match reports, stats and highlights.
  • Technology: The technology section featured the latest updates in technology.
  • Travel: The travel section had a search function so that users could plan their trip as well as boasting travel guides, special deals and city events.
  • Business: The business section featured useful tips and professional advice.
  • Christmas: The Christmas section was made up of gift guides and holiday inspiration.
  • Community: The community section had a noticeboard for events, a daily vote section for people to voice their opinions, greeting cards, a discussion group and a section on software secrets.
  • Entertainment: A round-up of celebrity content, a what's on section and a film of the week review.
  • Games: The games section boasted the latest news in games and access to the games shop.
  • Jobs: A search bar to look for new jobs as well as a section for handy job seeking advice. The jobs section also had a Career Selector function where you could match your job skills and preferences to discover your ideal career.
  • Jobs: The lifestyle section featured a family health encyclopedia as well as an agony aunt section and information on pets and personal health.
  • Money: The Money section featured share prices, money management tips and recent money news.
  • Motoring: The motoring section featured a car of the week, top motoring stories, model news and road test information.
  • Music: The music section provided users with the latest music news.
  • News: The news section kept users informed on the latest international news.

Membership benefits of

Unfortunately it's no longer possible to become a Tiscali UK customer or user. Here are just a few of the benefits you could get from being a member or user:

  • Instant messenger: Allowed users to send instant messages online to multiple friends, family or colleagues at once
  • Chat function: Access to lots of different chat rooms on an array of different topics that allowed users to chat to like minded people.
  • Free SMS messaging: Members of could send free SMS messages from any internet-ready PC to mobile phones.
  • High quality email service: For more information on Tiscali mail keep reading.

Tiscali Mail

Tiscali Mail offered customers the capability for users to hold up to six email addresses. Those with a Tiscali email address enjoyed similar features to that of most high-quality email services. Tiscali Mail also featured a handy online address book where users could store all of their email contacts.

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