What's new on Netflix UK in June 2019?

It’s almost June already!? It must be true what they say - time flies when you’re having fun and we have definitely been having fun binge-watching all the goodies Netflix has given us in April and May. The good news is that every month, Netflix brings us even more great content and the even better news is that June will be no different. Get excited about the following new stuff on Netflix in June!

New on Netflix UK - June 2019

We hope you made the most of Netflix in May with the return of some long-awaited favourites such as Lucifer, The Rain, and She’s Gotta Have It, as well as some great new shows. We feel like we say this every month, and June’s no different: Each month just gets better with Netflix adding more and better content as the year goes on.

In June prepare for the return of fantastic series such as Designated Survivor, Dark, and Tales of the city. A little birdie told us that Glow is also returning for Season 3 although no one can be sure that it will happen this month, only time will tell. Even though we love when our favourite series return, we also love new stuff and this month we can get excited for season one of Leila, 7 Seeds, Malibu Rescue and Mr Iglesias.

Designated Survivor Season 3 - 7th June


Finally something a bit more serious! We like fun but sometimes we like to be serious too so we are glad to see this political drama returning to our screens in June. After ABC cancelled Designated Survivor, we are glad to see it on Netflix and we know that dedicated fans also are. If you like a mix of classic political drama like the West Wing with some robust action in the vein of 24, then this show is for you.

Follow Kiefer Sutherland's character Tom Kirkman as an unlikely US President who has to rise the occasion following a national tragedy. Sutherland conveys the struggle to juggle everything it means to be in this position very convincingly. Trying to keep a polarised country together, fending off internal and external threats all while looking after your family and trying not to get killed is probably not a job we would apply for. We prefer someone else handle it from our couches and we think Tom Kirkman does a pretty good job.

In season two we saw lots of action as the President has to use Authorisation for the Use of Military Force to aid survivors of a tsunami ordeal, look after his family and navigate an unsteady political climate. We also saw him get persuaded that he should run for President in spite of having sworn off re-election when he took office. His staff seemed pleased, but what about his country? We’re not sure about you but we are certainly curious to see what else this thriller will bring us in season 3.

Murder Mystery - 14th June

Murder Mystery Show

Adam Sandler, Jennifer Anniston ... do we really need to say more? Two of our celebrity favourites meeting up on screen as a married couple to cause some mischief on a fancy yacht, we are already sold! “What does murder have to do with it?” you must be asking.

Well, the couple is invited to a fancy trip on a yacht and while this seemed like a good idea at the time, it quickly turns out to be the opposite when both protagonists are accused of a murder they didn’t commit, or did they?

With Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston teaming up as a couple to prove their innocence in a murder mystery, we can’t help it - we want to know more! What the showrunners have teased so far is that the series will have a dark and serious undertone, however with Adam Sandler at the helm anything is possible - dark comedy or dramedy? We know it’ll blow our socks off!

Glow Season 3 - TBC


The release date for this one is still to be confirmed but if it’s anything like the previous two seasons we might be in luck this June. Current Glow fans have a few reasons to be fans: it’s hilarious, it’s out there and at times, a little bit dramatic. We are certain that these are the reasons that fans will be returning for a third season and that these will be the reasons that newcomers will love it.

Actresses, wrestling, and the 80’s - sounds binge-worthy to us. Binge-worthy, fun and at times, relatable. Not only that, season 3 follows the Glow girls to Vegas and we all know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We are curious as to what the gang will get up to there as well as how their issues from the end of season 2 are going.

How is married life going for Rhonda and Bash? Did Bash go ahead with the marriage just to help Rhonda stay in the country or to run away from who he really is? Apart from these questions, we have a lot more to be curious about since the main plot for season three has been on the down-low.

Leila Season 1 - 16th June

Leila Series

So, the twenty-second trailer keeps its cards close to its chest, which makes us even more curious. It’s not a pleasant 20 seconds though as a dystopian world is teased. We can thank the international scene for this mysterious show as this one comes to us from Indian journalist Prayaag Akbar and based on his book, also titled Leila. We want to know more - who on earth is Leila, what happened to her and/or what did she do?

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Tales Of The City Season 4 - 7th June


We feel like we have heard this all before: middle-aged woman leaves her husband and child behind as her middle life crisis propels her to run away from her family to build her career. Don’t forget the inevitable return back home 20 years later to reconcile with her husband and daughter (Ellen Page, anyone remember Juno?).

This mini-series follows a group of friends and acquaintances and their lives during San Francisco’s gay, drug and disco awakening in the mid-seventies and does so through the eyes middle-aged Mary Ann. A compelling story about shaking up your life and letting the different people you meet change and form you as a person.

This actually isn’t a new story, it’s adapted from Armistead Maupin’s american LGBT classic novels from 1978. This isn’t its first TV adaption either with Channel 4 in the UK and PBS in the USA having brought it to life before. Now it’s back again in an exclusive Netflix adaptation, let’s see how this version stacks up against the others.

7 Seeds Season 1 - 28th June

7 Seeds Series

An anime! Interesting. We weren’t expecting that. This month we will see a Japanese manga mystery by Yumi Tamura brought to life on-screen in an adaptation by Netflix. This is definitely great news for lovers of Japanese anime.

Current fans of manga and of 7 Seeds are curious to see how this will work as they often don't trust adaptations of long manga comics as many details are usually skipped or rushed. Non-anime lovers (for now) might be tempted by the official synopsis:

“In the immediate future, a giant meteorite has collided with earth. All living organisms, including mankind, have been wiped off the face of the planet. The government, who had foreseen this outcome, took measures to counter the worst-case scenario. In particular was Project “7SEEDS,” in which five sets of seven young men and women were carefully selected and placed into teams (Spring, Summer A, Summer B, Autumn and Winter). Each participant was then put under cryogenic sleep in hopes of preserving the continued existence of mankind.”

Malibu Rescue Season 1 - 3rd June


Just like May, June will not be short on teenage dramas either. This one is set on Malibu Beach and follows a group of wanna-be lifeguards and their ruthless coach as they go through tough training and compete against some stuck-up local kids for the right to be part of the beach’s official lifeguards.

Unlike some of the mysterious, unexplainable shows Netflix has to offer us this month, this one seems more fun and relaxed with a touch of friendly competition. It’s not the fun day at the beach they thought they would have …

Dark Season 2 - 21st June

Dark Series

Another treat from the international scene and the second this month (for now). This time it’s from Germany with the return of apocalyptic sci-fi series Dark. The first season aired all the way back in 2017 and some have been on their toes waiting for its return.

The trailer for Dark is another one that gives us the creeps but also leaves us wanting more as we must know what on earth is happening! It looks like a mixture of horror, sci-fi and some time travelling.e are positively intrigued.

According to the creators, the question is not where, the question is not who nor is it why, but WHEN. We can’t help but feel like something bad is inevitably going to happen. Here at Selectra, we fully support Netflix bringing international shows to wider audiences.

Netflix UK New Releases - Summary

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Designated Survivor
7th June
Murder Mystery
14th June
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16th June
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Tales Of The City
7th June
7 Seeds
28th June
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Malibu Rescue
21st June
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21st June
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