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New on Netflix UK - May 2019.

So far this year on Netflix, we have witnessed the release of some amazing new series and shows as well as the return of some of our favourites. There's no denying it - 2019 is going to be a huge year for Netflix. We are certain we're not the only ones hanging out for the return of some favourites such as Black Mirror Season 5 and Stranger Things Season 3! Before we get too excited, let's see what's in store for Netflix in May.

We hope you had a blast watching your favourite shows and series in April - maybe you even have a new favourite. Although May doesn’t bring as many new releases as April, they are just as good and you can start getting excited about what’s coming up. This May brings us a mixture of series and shows. Here at Selectra, we have high standards so we are expecting a lot from these new releases.


  1. Netflix UK New Releases - Series
  2. Best Films on Netflix UK
  3. Netflix UK New Releases - Summary

Netflix UK New Releases - Series

For those addicted to series, Netflix sure brings some binge-worthy series to screen in May. Get excited for the return of our favourite on-screen devil and the return of another great international series. To add to the mix, we also get to enjoy a brand new story about a provocative female protagonist.

Lucifer season 4 - 8th May

Fans of Lucifer can rejoice because although Fox said they will not be showing the next season, Netflix had other plans. Thanks to dedicated fans who started a #SaveLucifer campaign and a commission from Netflix, this series will be returning.

Returning on May 8th 2019, fans can expect some new and exciting dynamics between their favourite characters. Season 3 wrapped up with investigations into Charlotte ́s death, detective Dan trying to convince Lucifer and Chloe that Pierce is the Sinnerman and Choe vowing to take down Pierce.

Season 4 brings with it many questions for returning viewers - who is the mysterious new character? Meleos? Morpheus? What will Chloe do professionally and personally with the fact that she knows Lucifer is the devil … literally. How will detective Dan deal with Charlotte's death?

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So many questions … will season 4 have all the answers?

If you are not already a fan, you will be soon as who can resist a sexy devil(literally) who is up to no good on Earth?

Apart from watching Lucifer wreaking havoc on planet earth, you can delight in watching this devil enjoying some human guilty pleasures.

Will he leave it at indulging in guilty pleasures and causing problems or will some serious human traits like feelings and emotions starts creeping up on him?

Note that Netflix has also permitted an increase in violence so this is definitely not one for the kids.

The Rain Season 2 - 17th May

Is it just us or are international series really good these days? With the screening of Season 2 of another international series, this time from Denmark, Netflix seems to think so too.

Season 1 saw the people of Vordinborg, a town in Denmark, start to experience strange allergic reactions and respiratory problems after a heavy rainfall event.

As always, someone has to go out and find a solution while everyone else stays in hiding and also as always, there is someone immune to the symptoms who must be protected. We feel like we have heard this plot before …

After 5 years without the return of their father, Rasmus and Ellen decide it’s time to leave the safety of the bunker - surely, it’s safe to go out now.

The mixture of emotions from finally seeing trees and blue sky again as well as dead bodies everywhere might make you think twice.

With the combination of everything-proof suits and questionable natural phenomenons, this seems like a great choice for lovers of the Mist and Annihilation.

She’s Gotta Have It Season 2 - 24th May

May will also see the return of Spike Lee’s comedy, She’s Gotta Have it. This series follows Nola as she juggles her artwork, friends and three lovers at the same time while exploring female sexuality and non-monogamy.

Set in Brooklyn, this series also offers an insight into life in Brooklyn.This could be heart-warming for Brooklyn lovers or eye-opening for people who don’t know anything about it.

Nola, living her life in her fancy Brooklyn apartment will make you wonder how she affords it (and why you don’t have an apartment yet). This girl really seems like she has it all figured out and you might start feeling as if you might need some tips from her.

Does she really have it all figured out though? When Opal shows up at her door at the end of season one, you and Nola both might not be so sure.

Fans of the series after Season 1 will already know this but if you are looking for something bold and colourful with a provocative female protagonist and maybe a little bit cringeworthy, get your popcorn out for She’s Gotta Have It.

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Best Films on Netflix UK

With May being a less busy month for new releases on Netflix in the UK, we won't get to enjoy as many films as series but these two completely new films should be enough to get your blockbuster fix. Interestingly, both of these new films are about teenagers but they're not exactly your typical good feel teenage stories.

The Society - 10th May

Another teenage drama .. or is it? While The Society is indeed about teenagers, it’s not your average teenage drama …

This thrilling story follows of a group of teenagers who get transported to a simulation of their town without their parents.

Sounds like a teenagers dream right!? That’s exactly what they thought at the beginning too, drinking and partying with no rules until things start getting scary and dangerous.

Thanks to the scarcity of information available about The Society, we have had to fill in the blanks ourselves but we still have so many questions.

How did the teenagers get there? What are they going to do? And why aren’t their parents answering?

We are expecting a spine-chilling mixture of something we have never seen before and The Purge.

When They See Us - 31st May

As if we hadn't had our fill of teenagers on screens in May, Netflix adds "When they See us" this month. Allow yourself to be taken back to the 1989 real life case of the Central Park Five where five teenage boys were accused of a serious crime.

If you thought you can have a rest from the current political scene of the world you thought wrong as this drama will make you feel a bit like you are in the midst of the hot political topics in real life.

This one is brought to us by award-winning director Ava Marie DuVernay and stars an impressive cast including Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives anyone?). Vera Farmiga, John Leguizamo and Michael K Williams.

Actually, we changed our minds - maybe May will be just as exciting as April on Netflix.

Netflix UK New Releases - Summary

Release date
IMDb rating
Lucifer season 4
May 8th
The Rain season 2
May 17th
She’s Gotta Have It season 2
May 24th
The Society
May 10th
Not Available
When They See Us
May 31st
Not Available