Which provider has the best TV packages?

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There are many great TV companies, and these companies offer a wide range of TV packages with local channels and premium channels. It can be a complicated task to choose a TV provider and TV package that is right for you given that there are many things to consider.

Prices, channel lineup, bundles, special offers and more. Some offer services through subscriptions and others through monthly plans. Here at Selectra, we have made your life easier by bringing you the best of the best in this TV package guide.

Now TV Box and TV Offers

Now TVNow TV is a division of telecommunications company Sky. Like all the companies we will discover today, Now TV offers a subscription service for internet,TV shows and movies.

Specifically, Now TV is focused on customers who are not looking to sign long-term contracts but instead prefer to pay for their desired services on a pay-as-you-go basis. So if this sounds like you, a Now TV Package could be the best for you. Let's find out more.

With a TV Package from Now TV you can contract services to watch movies, sports channels, entertainment channels and kids’ channels.

What is a Now TV Box?


Apart from an internet connection, you will need a Now TV Box to allow you access to Now TV’s services. You can get the Smart Box plus one month of Entertainment, Sky Cinema and Kids for just £49.99. If you just want a Smart Box it will be £45.99. With this box and a 4K TV, you can now watch Netflix in HD.

What is a Now TV Stick?

NOW TV Stick

The other device available with Now TV is a small, portable device called a Now TV Stick that allows you access to Now TV at home or while on the go.

Through this, you can access the Now TV Passes (TV Packages). The price of the stick will depend on which TV package you choose. Find out more about the Stick and Now TV Passes below.

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NOW TV Offers

At Selectra, we have investigated NOW, their TV & Broadband deals and the different TV packages available. As well as how many channels are available with each one and the prices. If you woud like to see the full list of channels available you can have a look at NOW TV's website.

NOW TV Packages
NOW Sky Cinema
NOW Sports Day + Mobile Month Membership
NOW Sky Sports Month Pass
NOW Kids
NOW Entertainment
11 TV Channels.
HD not included.
5 TV Channels.
HD not included.
11 TV Channels.
HD not included.
6 TV Channels.
HD not included.
11 TV Channels.
HD not included.
£11.99 per month
£9.98 per day
£33.99 per month
3.99 per month
£9.99 per month

Prices and Details last updated on 23/04/2021. The prices and details in this table are provided for illustrative purposes only.

My Sky TV Packages

At Selectra, we have previously looked into Sky TV Packages in more detail so below we have just outlined them.

You’ve probably already heard of Sky - Sky is a British television and broadband services provider.

Sky is the largest pay-TV provider in the UK, with more than 11 million customers.

Sky TV works a little bit differently from Now TV and it is also more expensive. Some good things about Sky are that they often have different kinds of deals and special offers so make sure you look into this before signing up for something at full price. They also have deals for new and existing customers.

How it works

You get the most basic package which is the “Sky Entertainment” package. This will give you the following channels: Sky One, Sky Two, Sky Arts, Sky Witness, and Sky Atlantic. You will also need to get a Sky TV Box and choose between the three available options: a standard Sky Q Box, 2TB Sky Q Box or the Sky MiniBox.

Then customers can choose as many add-ons as they like from the following: Sky BoxSets, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, Sky Kids or Sky HD. You can read all about these Sky TV Packages in our detailed guide.

For Sky services, you will need a Sky Q Box and a satellite dish. If you don't have one and don't plan on getting a satellite disc, you could hold out until later on this year, when Sky will upgrade their TV services, the need for a satellite dish. Considering the simplicity of Sky TV packages, the choice that‘s available and the prices, we think that all sports, TV shows and entertainment lovers should consider a package from Sky.

Virgin TV anywhere

The well-known company Virgin also has its own TV division, providing subscription, premium subscription and pay-per-view services to millions of customers.

They have a great range of packages for everyone whether you're into sports, movies, documentaries or music. Let's explore these below.

Note that with all packages there will be a price increase after the first 12 months.

Virgin TV Packages
Broadband and TV only package
Big Bundle + Drama Pick
Bigger bundle
Bigger bundle + Sports & Movies
Ultimate Oomph bundle
Over 190 channels.
Average download speeds of 108 Mbps.
Over 135 channels.
Average download speed of 108 Mbps.
Weekend calls to selected numbers.
Over 190 channels.
Average download speed of 362 Mbps.
Weekend calls to selected numbers.
Over 210 channels.
Sky Sports & Sky Cinema.
Average speed 362 Mbps.
Over 230 channels, Sky Cinema HD, Sky Sports HD, BT Sport in 4K ultra HD.
Average download speed 630 Mbps.
Talk More Anytime. Unlimited Data SIM
£75 a month (18 month contract) £35 setup fee.
£39 a month for 18 months then £69 a month. £35 setup fee.
£49 a month for 18 months then £94 a month. £35 setup fee.
£79 a month for 18 months then £117 a month. £35 setup fee.
£89 a month for 18 months then £139 a month. £35 set-up fee.

Prices and Details last updated on 23/04/2021. The prices and details in this table are provided for illustrative purposes only.

All packages come with a Virgin TV V6 box (the set-top box required for content access, just like with Now and Sky). This box is 4K compatible to view Youtube, Netflix and BBC iPlayer content in 4K.

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My BT TV Packages

BT is another company that offers a television service through BT TV. BT TV Packages are another topic we have gone into detail about here at Selectra and you can read our full comprehensive guide.

Meanwhile here, we will give more of a summary of BTs TV Packages. BT is another provider of on-demand content through its subscription service BT TV. BT offers TV packages depending on whether you have standard or fibre optic broadband (high speed internet).

Like TalkTalks services, these services will also need a YouView box, there are three options to choose from: the Standard Mini YouView Box, YouView+ Box and YouView Ultra HD Box.

BT has TV Packages exclusively for those who have standard broadband and for those who have fibre-optic broadband too. Here are the packages available if you have standard broadband. For all other BT TV Packages, consult our detailed guide.

BT TV Packages with Standard Broadband
Package Names
Big Sport
Big Entertainment
Classic Entertainment
£12 a month for 24 months. £20 upfront
£15 a month for 24 months. £20 upfront
£40 a month for 24 months. £20 upfront
£22 a month for 24 months. £20 upfront
£65 a month for 24 months. £20 upfront
£10 a month for 24 months. £20 upfront
Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Discovery, Comedy Central and more with the NOW Entertainment Membership
All four BT Sport channels and BoxNation
BT Sport, Sky Sports and Eurosport
NOW Entertainment and Cinema Packages
Everything from the Big Sport and Big Entertainment packages
Comedy Central, Discovery, Gold and more premium entertainment channels

Prices and Details last updated on 23/04/2021. The prices and details in this table are provided for illustrative purposes only.


Choosing between all these TV service providers is no easy task and there are many things to think about. The prices, TV channels, internet and phone deals and the actual TV services available are just some items we should take into consideration.

At Selectra we recommend you start by thinking about your budget and the channels and features that are important to you, before choosing a TV provider and TV package. Also, decide on the channels and features that are not important to you. This will make it easier to rule out some packages.

From the packages listed, none are better than the others - it just depends on what you are looking for and your budget.

All the companies listed here have some great options for all interests - whether you are into organising big movie nights with friends to watching the latest blockbuster, leaving the kids on their own with a kids show or binge-watching your favourite TV series, there is a perfect TV Package for you.

Don't forget to pay attention to important details such as whether the set-top boxes are included in the package or not, and whether or not prices will be increasing after a certain amount of time. Find out exactly what is included in the plan you want and what isn't, so that there are no surprises.

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