Shell Energy confirms price hike for broadband customers

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Around 112,000 Shell Energy Broadband customers are to see their broadband and landline phone costs increase by up to £36 a year in January.

The price hike is set to impact all customers who signed up with Shell Energy Broadband before 2 September 2020, though you are free to cancel your contract with no early termination fees if you have been affected. The price increases do not apply to anyone who joined after this date.

While price rises are never welcome, Shell Energy has also announced it will provide free upgrades from copper ADSL lines to fibre where available, which should mean faster broadband speeds for around 42,000 customers.

What are the Shell Energy price changes?

The price increases are set to come into effect on 11 January 2021 and are as follows:

  • Fast and First Broadband to increase by £2 a month, with free upgrade to Fibre where available.
  • Fibre Broadband to increase by £1 a month for non-energy customers.
  • All call plans to increase by £1 a month.
  • Call connection charges to increase from 20p to 23p.
  • Call rates to UK landlines, UK mobiles and service to will increase from 13p a minute to 15p a minute.
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Why is Shell Energy increasing its broadband and landline pricing?

Shell Energy has said of the price increase: ‘Before now, we’ve never increased pricing for existing customers. We’re committed to ensuring that our prices are still competitive and offer great value for money. Our costs have increased and network usage has increased by 51% this past year. We’re confident that our new prices are still competitive and still offer great value for money.’

How can I avoid the Shell Energy price increase?

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If you’re unhappy with the Shell Energy price increase, you are free to cancel your contract with no early termination fees - provided its done within 30 days of receiving official confirmation of the changes.

If you do decide to leave Shell Energy broadband, here at Selectra we can help you make an informed choice when choosing an alternative provider. Speak to one of our friendly expert advisors to find the best cheap deals in your area by calling us on 01704 468 005 or get a free callback now.

If you’re happy with the broadband service Shell Energy provides and see no reason to switch away, you may also be able to haggle for a better deal by contacting Shell Energy directly. Lines are open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Will Shell Energy increase its prices in the future?

Although the provider has restated its commitment to honouring its ‘no end-of-contract price rises’ promise, the same doesn’t apply to Shell Energy customers who are mid-contract. In addition to its upcoming January 2021 price increase, Shell Energy has also announced it will automatically raise its charges by the rate of inflation in April 2022.

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