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Sky price increase sees bills rise for thousands

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Tens of thousands of Sky TV and broadband customers could see their subscription costs increase by up to £72 a year, the telecoms giant has confirmed.

While Sky TV viewers get ready to enjoy the return of live sport such as the football Premier League this week, many will do so in the knowledge that their monthly subscription fee could be on the rise soon.

The latest Sky price increase comes in at the beginning of August and applies to around 130,000 customers who were not affected by its previous price hike in April. Many could, however, avoid the latest increase by switching TV and broadband provider without paying early termination charges, even if their contract still has time to run.

Sky price changes August 2020

The Sky subscription changes are as follows:

  • Sky Broadband Essential to increase by £2 a month from £20 to £22.
  • Sky Entertainment to increase by £2 a month from £22 to £24.
  • Sky TV Multiscreen to increase by £1 a month from £13 to £14.
  • Sky HDTV to increase by £1 a month from £5 to £6.

Meanwhile, customers on the following packages will remain unaffected by the latest Sky price increase:

  • Sky Cinema (£11)
  • Sky Kids (£5)
  • Sky Sports (£23)
  • Sky Broadband Superfast (£27)

Customers who are signed up to more than one package will see the Sky price increase affect all of these, which could mean paying up to £72 a year more for their services, although Sky sources claim that the average increase will be closer to £36 a year.

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A spokesperson for Sky said: “This is not an additional price increase – a small number of our customers did not receive notification of their price increase earlier this year and they are now being notified.

“We know price increases are never welcome, so we try to keep prices down while continuing to bring customers the best entertainment all in one place, leading customer service and even more flexibility to choose the package that best suits them”

Those affected by the Sky price increase are being contacted over the next month and will see the change apply to their bills from August onwards.

Switch provider without paying exit fees

TV and broadband package

If you’re unhappy with the latest Sky price increase, it may be possible to end your contract without paying any exit fees and switch to a new TV and broadband provider.

Customers on the Broadband Essential package can cancel their contract penalty-free once they receive official notification from Sky of the price increase. On receiving this you should contact Sky within 30 days to cancel your package without paying any termination fees.

Unfortunately, customers on Sky TV packages aren’t as lucky, as potential price hikes are included in their terms and conditions. Therefore, if you’re still under contract and want to switch provider, you’ll have to pay a penalty fee to switch away.

Both Sky TV and broadband customers who are already out-of-contract are free to cancel their package with 30 days notice at any time. Customers on rolling contracts rarely get the best value for their TV or broadband, so if you find yourself in this situation, we’d recommend doing some research and finding a better deal elsewhere.

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