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TalkTalk Customers Receive Late Fees 'By Mistake'

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Couple receiving TalkTalk late payment fees

TalkTalk has promised refunds but says it will not offer compensation to the affected customers.

Thousands of TalkTalk customers across the country have been left out-of-pocket after receiving demands for late payment fees - despite previously being offered a 30-day ‘payment holiday’ due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of many companies to offer payment extensions to customers financially affected by months of lockdown restrictions, TalkTalk erroneously charged around 2,000 of its users a £12.50 late fee.

No compensation for those affected

Although it is not clear why these customers received the charges, TalkTalk has apologised and said that those affected would be reimbursed - though has not offered compensation for its faux pas. It has, however, promised that customers would continue to be able to request payment extensions with no interruption to its service.

If you feel you have been mistakenly charged a late payment fee or to find out if you have been reimbursed yet, you should contact TalkTalk as soon as possible to correct this.

A spokesperson for TalkTalk said: "We made a clear commitment during the recent pandemic to treat our customers with compassion and kindness. At the time, we agreed to offer a 30-day payment extension for customers who informed us they were struggling to pay due to Covid-19.

"A small number of customers were charged a late payment fee in error, for which we sincerely apologise. These customers will all be reimbursed and we have put additional controls in place to ensure this does not happen again."

TalkTalk has also said that its error will not affect customers’ credit scores. However, we recommend keeping an eye on your credit rating to see if any missed payments do show up, as this could remain on record for six years and affect your access to credit and loans.

More bad news for TalkTalk customers

This latest TalkTalk follows a string of bad press for the telecoms titan. Just last year, it was named as the worst broadband provider for customer service by Ofcom. The industry watchdog’s research found that its customers are less likely than average to be satisfied with the service provided, have more reason to complain and are less likely to have their issue resolved on first contact.

BT and Virgin Media also placed poorly in Ofcom’s customer satisfaction survey, demonstrating that big isn’t always necessarily better. In fact, some of the highest-ranking broadband suppliers for both price and customer service are smaller, independent providers, such as Origin Broadband and POP Telecom.

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