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Virgin Media to upgrade broadband service FREE

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Virgin Media upgrade

Many Virgin Media broadband and TV customers could see an upgrade in their cable broadband speeds without an increase in their monthly bill. Find out more about the planned Virgin Media upgrade below.

Rumours unconfirmed by Virgin Media suggest that the provider is set to upgrade the speed of the broadband in its fastest bundle, the Ultimate Oomph bundle, which also comes with comprehensive TV, home phone and mobile add-ons, by 100 Mbps.

Virgin Media upgrade in perspective

To put it into perspective, the average household broadband speed in the UK is 64 Mbps. This means that Ultimate Oomph customers will enjoy a speed upgrade equivalent to almost double the speed of the average household’s service, bringing their service up to almost ten times the speed of the average in total.

The Virgin Media upgrade will bring Ultimate Oomph customers’ speed up from its already impressive 500 Mbps to around 600 Mbps on average. It will add nothing to existing customers’ overall bill, which is great news for those already signed up to the most expensive Virgin Media bundle!

Don’t know what broadband speed you need?If you’re unsure about which broadband speed you need to get for your home, check out our page on broadband speeds. In it, you’ll be able to find out the difference between your average fibre speed and hyperfast broadband and work out what’s best for you.

More Virgin Media upgrades

Not only will Ultimate Oomph customers benefit from the upgrade, but those only looking for broadband from Virgin Media could get access to faster speeds as well. Previously capped at 350 Mbps, Virgin is expected to increase it’s fastest broadband-only speeds to 500 Mbps.

Interested in a broadband-only deal?Virgin Media’s broadband-only deals do not even require phone line installation, though it is available to you should you choose to have one. You can find out more about Virgin Media broadband on our dedicated page.

It is unclear at this stage whether existing M350 customers will have this upgrade offered to them for free or if a separate M500 package will be offered at a higher price. We would guess that the latter is more likely, though M350 customers will hope that they’ll end up getting lucky as Ultimate Oomph customers did.

According to a source speaking to ISPreview, M500 and the upgrade to Ultimate Oomph could come into effect as early as July, but Virgin is yet to comment on the rumours.

Will the upgrade work with my current router?

Yes. The speed boost will work with Virgin’s Hub 3.0 router, which is the router that comes with both the Ultimate Oomph bundle and M350 broadband. This is not, however, the fastest router available across Virgin Media’s whole broadband offer. Virgin recently also unveiled a new 1 Gbps broadband plan, which will come with its new Hub 4.0 router.

Hub 4.0 is built to run speeds that match the fastest on the UK market, with improved WiFi hardware that should give you a faster and more reliable connection throughout your home. It has more antennae than the Hub 3.0, meaning more devices can connect and share higher speeds, maintaining a strong connection throughout peak times.

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