Top 10 Streaming Services with FREE Trials in the UK

Best UK Free Streaming

Being told to stay inside as the weather heats up isn’t easy. Chances are you’ve come to the end of your Netflix tether and need some fresh entertainment to get you through. We’ve got some good news - lots of streaming services in the UK offer free trials! Some have even extended their no-strings-attached, free trial periods to make staying home that little bit easier.

Here we list the top 10 TV and movie streaming services with free trials, including how long the trial lasts and the price of the service afterwards (just in case you get hooked).

1. Amazon Prime Video

How long is the free trial period? 30 days

Everyone knows they can get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime, but did you know that this includes Prime Video? Sign up for a free Prime trial and you automatically get free access to the thousands of movies and TV shows on Prime Video. This includes access to award-winning Amazon Originals, such as The Man in the High Castle and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - with 30 days, we are sure you binge-watch at least one!

After the 30 days, your membership will automatically renew at £7.99 a month, or you can opt for a year membership at £79. As well as Prime Video, this price includes all the other benefits that come with Amazon Prime, such as free shipping, fast delivery, and access to other Prime services e.g. Prime Music and the Kindle Lending Library. If you want the video streaming service without the added benefits of Prime, you can subscribe to just Prime Video for £5.99 a month.

You can cancel your free trial before it ends and still access the services until the end of the 30 days, e.g. cancel it on day 15 and you still have access to the benefits until day 30! Cancellations are managed in your Amazon account under Manage your Prime Membership.

2. Disney+

How long is the free trial period? 7 days

Launched on March 24th 2020 in the UK and Ireland, the new streaming service offered by Disney is packed full of great entertainment. From old-school classics to new, original content, there is something for everyone, including the complete Star Wars and Marvel collections, live-action remakes of popular animated films, documentaries, Disney TV series and more.


Create a Disney Plus account to get your 7 day free trial. After this, you can opt for a monthly subscription at £5.99 a month, or pay £59.99 for a full year’s access. The service can be watched on up to four devices at the same time, so no arguing about what to watch next!


How long is the free trial period? 7 days

A streaming platform offered by Sky, NOW TV gives you access to live TV, movies and on-demand box sets, including Sky original content and US shows. With 4 main subscriptions to choose from, you can mix and match to create a plan that best suits your TV tastes.

Customers get a 7 day free trial of three of the main TV Passes (Entertainment Pass, Cinema Pass, Kids Pass), and the extra reality TV Pass (hayu Pass), before committing to a monthly subscription. The trials can be taken out all at once or one Pass at a time.

After the free trial, the plan(s) will automatically renew at £3.99 for the Kids and hayu Pass, £11.99 for the Cinema Pass and £8.99 for the Entertainment Pass. Cancellations are managed in the Passes & Vouchers section of your NOW TV account. You will need to set up an account to access the trials.

All free trials are also available to existing customers who do not have the given pass e.g. customers on the Entertainment Pass can get a free trial of the Cinema and Kids Pass, and Sport Pass members can access the free trials for all other Passes.

4. Britbox

How long is the free trial period? 30 days

Britbox boasts the largest collection of British TV all in one place, so this is the place for fans of British drama, comedy and mystery series! The service is brought to life as a joint venture between the BBC and ITV, including programmes from both channels, as well as content from Channel 4 and Channel 5, and the aim to produce new programmes too.

New customers get a generous one-month free trial (30 days) before being charged £5.99 per month. If you don’t want to continue with your subscription, make sure you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of your free trial to ensure you don’t get charged.

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5. Mubi

How long is the free trial period? 7 days

Mubi is the closest thing to an online cinema: every day a new film becomes available and stays on the site for 30 days. This means it has a constant stream of new films so you can never run out of content to watch. The film serving is incredibly varied, including films from all over the world, indie films, cult classics and award-winning titles; every movie is carefully handpicked by the Mubi curators.

A 7 day free trial is offered to new customers, followed by a monthly subscription of £9.99. As well as watching films online, the service allows you to download films to watch on the go.

6. Apple TV+

How long is the free trial period? 7 days

As the name suggests, Apple TV+ is Apple’s contribution to worldwide streaming services. Unlike other popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ only shows original series and films. This does mean the choice is more limited right now, but it has partnered up with some big Hollywood names, such as Oprah Winfrey and Steven Speilberg, to ensure top-quality entertainment is created.

The service is available through the Apple TV app, smart TVs and Amazon Fire, as well as online at When you sign up, you get a 7 day free trial before the service costs £4.99 a month.

Apple TV+ comes free for a year when you purchase a new Apple device (e.g. Mac, iPhone, iPad), and comes free of charge with the Apple Student Music Plan.

7. TV player

How long is the free trial period? One month

TV player is slightly different to other streaming services as it gives you access to live TV across more than 40 different channels - including the BBC and ITV channels, Channel 4, Channel 5, E4, Film 4 and the Discovery channel - as well as exclusive on-demand and catch-up TV for certain channels.

The basic plan (which only allows you to watch live TV) is free, while the premium plan (which grants access to more live channels and on-demand options), starts with a one month free trial before costing £6.99 a month.

You will need to have a TV license to watch any of the live TV offered on TV Player, even if you are watching from a laptop, mobile or tablet.

8. National Theatre at Home

How long is the free trial period? Free on Youtube during the lockdown

This one is exclusive to the coronavirus lockdown; due to the closure of the country’s theatres, the National Theatre has decided to make some of its best productions available for free on YouTube! Every Thursday of the lockdown, a new production will be published on the theatre’s YouTube channel (National Theatre at Home) at 7pm. It will then be available for a week (until the next play is posted).

This an amazing opportunity to watch some of the UK’s best theatre without the price tag. The current schedule is as follows:

  • 2nd April (7pm) to 9th April - One Man, Two Govners
  • 9th April (7pm) to 16th April - Jayne Eyre
  • 16th April (7pm) to 23rd April - Treasure Island
  • 23rd April (7pm) to 30th April - Twelfth Night

9. Quibi

How long is the free trial period? 90 days (if register before 30th April)

Quibi is the latest streaming service on the market. Advertised as the rival to household name Netflix, it’s a mobile-only streaming service aimed at short viewing sessions; series are split into 7 to 10-minute episodes, and movies are broken down into similar length segments. Some of its original content features stars such as Reese Witherspoon, LeBron James, Will Smith and Bill Murray.

Quibi was officially launched in the US on the 6th April 2020 under two price plans: a cheaper subscription with ads, and an ad-free version. While no official release date for the UK was announced, the ad-free subscription is already available for £7.99 a month. Sign up before 30th April and you get a whopping 90 day free trial!

The Quibi app is compatible with all Android devices, and Apple devices with iOS 11.0 and above.

10. Acorn TV

How long is the free trial period? 30 days

Acorn TV is a popular streaming service in the USA that will be launching in the UK on the 29th April 2020. It includes a large array of British period drama, comedy, drama and mystery programmes, as well as popular Scandinavian, Australian and Irish shows all in one place. There is also the promise of some original series.

New shows will be added on a weekly basis so you will always have a new series to start. When the service comes to the UK (April 29th), customers will get a full 30 days of free streaming to test the waters. After this, it will cost £4.99 a month or £49.99 for a full year.

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Streaming Service Length of free trial Credit/debit
card details
Automatic renewal How do you cancel? Sign up now!
Amazon Prime Video 30 days     Manage Your Prime Membership → cancel/do not continue with subscription Get free trial!
Disney+ 7 days     Account → Billing Details → Cancel Subscription Get free trial!
NOW TV 7 days     My Account → My Passes → Cancel Pass on the appropriate Pass (each Pass needs to cancelled separately) Get free trial!
Britbox 30 days     Account → Subscription and Billing → Manage → Cancel Subscription Get free trial!
Apple TV+ 7 days
(connected to Apple ID)
  Users & Accounts → Account → Subscription → Manage Apple TV+ subscription → Cancel Get free trial!
Mubi 7 days     Account → Billing and Payment → Subscriptions → Cancel Subscription Get free trial!
TV Player One month     Account → Billing → Cancel Subscription Get free trial!
National Theatre at Home All of lockdown!     No need to - the service will stop when the lockdown ends Access it now
Quibi 90 days (before 30th April 2020)
(connected to Google Play
/App store account)
  Google Play/App Store → Subscriptions → Cancel your Quibi subscription Get free trial! (App store)

Get free trial! (Google Play)
Acorn TV 30 days     My Acorn TV → Manage Account → Cancel Get free trial! (available 29th April 2020)
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