Free Kids TV: Virgin Media TV offers UK families a break

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Free Kids TV is now at your fingertips if you are a Virgin Media UK Pay TV customer. Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Nick Jr Too, Cartoonito, Cartoon Network, Nick Toons and Boomerang are all free until March 2nd, 2021. Let's take a look at how to keep the tiny ones entertained with this free access.

How to get free Virgin Media Kids TV channels

No action is required from Virgin Media customers in order to benefit from these free TV channels. Just like the last time, Virgin Media is making 7 Kids Pay TV channels available for free without requiring customers to jump through any hoops. This means that there are no changes to your contract or free trial periods that expire without warning, leaving you with surprise monthly charges.

However, free access to Kids TV isn't forever. Virgin Media customers will have until March 2nd to enjoy these complementary channels. After that date, the paywall will go back up and customers will be required to sign up for a premium Kids TV option. That is only if they want to continue having access to the same Kids TV channels than they did during the goodwill period. Enjoying the free Kids TV channels does not mean committing to a contract.

What Kids TV channels are free?

Let's take a closer look at what channels are being offered for free by Virgin Media until the start of March. Whether you have tiny tots or wannabe Gen Z teens, there's something for everyone - and for you too if you're young at heart.


A household name when it comes to Kids TV, Nickelodeon offers cartoons, live-action and TV movies aimed at children of all ages. Whether your children love SpongeBob, LEGO City Adventures or game shows like the Crystal Maze, they sure to find something that will keep them entertained.


Just like it says on the tin, the Nicktoons Kids TV channel has all the animated shows and movies produced by Nickelodeon, in one place. Without a doubt, it's perfect for cold rainy days when there's nothing to do.

Nick Jr. and Nick Jr. Too

Here's where you find all the TV shows for nursery age children (3-5 years old). From Peppa Pig to Paw Patrol, your tiny ones are bound to squeal with glee at all the fun on offer. Just remember that a little Kids TV goes a long way to keep your child entertained.


If your preschool-age child is more into Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam and Curious George, then this is where they'll be able to find the latest episodes. Between Nick Jr. and Cartoonito, your tiny tot will be all set when it comes to TV entertainment.

Cartoon Network

Not content with just one household Kids TV name, Virgin Media is also putting Cartoon Network into the list of free channels available throughout February. Cartoon Network is home to fan faves like Teen Titans Go, DC Super Hero Girls and Adventure Time.


Boomerang got its start airing reruns of old cartoons from Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. studios. Here you can find Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo alongside Puss In Boots and a remake of Inspector Gadget.

What about streaming Kids TV?It's worth noting that in addition to these channels, Virgin Media TV households will have access to a veritable king's ransom of streaming educational videos and kids series all from the convenience of a mobile or tablet. All this Kids TV is accessible through the Virgin TV Go app. Additionally, if you want to get free access for longer, Virgin Media is making Hopster, a kids app, available for free until the end of March.

If that's not enough to keep the rowdy ones entertained, then we don't know what will.

Why is Virgin Media making Kids TV free?

According to Virgin Media's Head of TV & Entertainment, Virgin Media is hoping that facilitating access to Kids TV will provide some relief for families. While households are contending with the impact of lockdown regulations, initiatives like this one make it easier to "educate and entertain the kids at home".

David Bouchier goes on to say that Virgin Media has seen "a surge in popularity in kids programmes and apps". With schools having to rely on hybrid remote learning, the idea is to "make things a little easier for parents navigating homeschooling and half term in lockdown".

It has to be said that this is a brilliant PR move on Virgin Media's part. Making Kids TV free, even if only for a month, puts the competition on notice and allows Virgin Media to live rent-free in many a parent's mind. Those families who give free Kids TV a try may consider paying for it in the future.

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