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Netflix to start ranking shows in bid for transparency

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The old Netflix ‘what to watch’ decision is now even simpler in the UK. Finally, Netflix is going to rank series and films by popularity. If you’re an avid Netflix viewer and spend hours trying to decide which Netflix series or films to watch, this is for you. If you’ve not used Netflix before, we will share how to get a Netflix 30 day free trial so stay tuned too.

We’ll also look at which shows are due to be released in 2020. Trust us, this year is set to be another bumper year on Netflix. You might want to start cancelling weekend plans now or at least preparing your excuses.

Netflix’s most popular shows are now ranked in a top 10 format. This comes after a successful six month trial in the UK and Mexico. Members involved in the trial loved this new feature, so now the rest of us get to enjoy it. Thank you!

There will be an overall top 10 list (series and films) or you can choose to see the top 10 most popular series or top 10 films. The lists will be updated on a daily basis, based on viewing popularity. The films and series in the list will be marked with a ‘badge’ so they are easy to spot wherever you are searching in Netflix.

At any one time, Netflix has at least 5,000 shows and films available. Incredible or a nightmare? While this might pose great value for money it does nothing for your sanity flicking through the endless lists for hours. The top 10 is a great way to see what you may have missed and ease that searching tension.

While there is no guarantee you’ll like all the top 10, the chances are that something will grab your attention. Besides, it has to better than the Netflix roulette game we all face at times.

"When you watch a great movie or TV show, you share it with family and friends, or talk about it at work, so other people can enjoy it too. We hope these top 10 lists will help create more of these shared moments, while also helping all of us find something to watch more quickly and easily." - Cameron Johnson, Product Innovation (Netflix)

How many Netflix users are out there?

There are slightly varying figures available on how many Netflix users there are. However, in January this year, multiple sources reported that Netflix had 167 million subscribers worldwide.

Either way, we know the number is huge and increasing all the time.

If you haven’t been wowed by all the Netflix series and films to watch, there are plenty of other TV packages on the market. If you choose to mix these with your broadband deal you can save a bundle.

With so many awesome options available, the only real concern is making sure you have broadband that is fast enough to keep up.

Netflix series to watch in 2020

Want to know which Netflix series to watch this year? Many of our favourite series will be coming back with the latest season. However, most of these won’t be released for another couple of months (with a few exceptions). What on earth to do in the meantime?

Well, there are some great new series coming out so we suggest checking these out. If you don’t want to be the first to test them out, you now have the top 10 list so you can see which shows are most popular and go from there.

Here’s our list to help you decide which Netflix series to watch first:

Series Season Release date What’s it about?
Better Call Saul Season 5 Out now This is a spin-off of the wildly popular Breaking Bad series. It’s out now so get stuck in and embrace the last of winter on your sofa.
I Am Not OK with This Season 1 Out now A new comedy/drama about a teenage girl trying to cope with the loss of her father. Then she finds out she has superpowers.
The English Game 6-part mini series 20 March Written by Downton Abbey creator, the story follows the history of football and how it became the most popular sport.
Money Heist Season 4 3 April The Spanish crime drama (called La Casa de Papel in Spanish) has taken the world by storm.
You Season 3 9 April This disturbing show that starts off innocently enough in a bookstore soon takes a dark turn, leaving you on the edge of your seat.
After Life Season 2 24 April This comedy/drama by Ricky Gervais is both heartwarming and dark simultaneously, as you might expect from him.

That is just the tip of a very large iceberg but should keep you busy for a while.

Netflix films to watch 2020

As well as binge-watching Netflix series, there are many Netflix films to watch this year too.

Here is a list of Netflix films to watch that are out now:

  • To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (Romance)
  • All the Bright Places (Romance)
  • Horse Girl (Drama)
  • The Last Thing He Wanted (Drama)

With so many new films due to be released this year, we recommend keeping an eye on the top 10 Netflix films to watch.

Netflix UK login and 30 day free trial

If you don’t have an account yet, you can get a Netflix UK login and 30 day free trial. That means there is no risk if you don’t enjoy using the platform or can’t find any Netflix series or films to watch.

As we have shown above though, there are a plethora of shows to watch. Usually, the most difficult aspect of Netflix is sifting through all the options. Why not just head to the new top 10 to start? With so many Netflix members, the high-ranking shows must have something extra special about them.

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