What's new on Netflix UK in 2021?

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The shops are hawking Christmas decorations and Santa-covered selection boxes, summer’s over already. Winter is coming! It’s time to get the duvet out, pour a cup of hot chocolate and catch up on your Netflix queue! Ok, so maybe the duvet is an over-reaction, but Netflix has plenty of new shows out in September to ease us into the autumn.

So, what’s on offer?

Check out our best picks below.


It’s back-to-school time when the Spanish thriller Elite returns for a second season. Three working-class teenagers found themselves in the middle of a murder mystery when they were sent to the country’s most elite school, where the children of the rich and powerful get the best education money can buy. At the end of season a suspect had been revealed, but is he or she really the killer? Find out on 6th September.


The Spy

Ali G gets pretty serious this year with a venture into geopolitics. Sacha Baron Cohen stars in The Spy, a new series about legendary Mossad spy Eli Cohen. The real-life spook infiltrated the Syrian government at the highest levels in the 60s, manipulating the country to serve Israeli national interest. The first season of The Spy comes to Netflix UK on 6th September.


Travels with My Father

English comedian Jack Whitehall and his grumpy dad are returning for a third season of Travels with My Father. The dynamic duo continue Jack’s quest to fill the hole left by his missed university gap-year adventure hitting the road in the USA. Expect japes and mugging to the camera aplenty. Travels with My Father is back on 6th September.


Terrace House

Described as "the reality show for people who hate reality shows", Japan’s Terrace House returns on 10th September. This fly-on-the-wall style show follows the lives and loves of six young Japanese people going about their normal lives while living together in a house kitted out with cameras.

Don’t expect outrageous behaviour, gauche C-list celebrities or tabloid-level scandals here. This is the thinking-person’s version of Big Brother and the conflicts and drama are much more subtle. This show is fast-developing a cult following.


The I-Land

Remember Lost? A show about a motley bunch of strangers who find themselves trapped on a hostile island where nothing is as it seems? Well, it’s back, but this time it’s called The I-Land and Kate Bosworth is in it. Ok, this isn’t Lost season seven, but the I-Land trailer definitely has a Lost-y kind of vibe about it, with a dose of Fire Festival thrown into the mix.

This thriller follows 10 people who wake up on the I-Land with no memory of how they got there and no way to get home. Let’s hope, unlike Lost, the makers of this show actually know where their story is going. The I-Land is out on 12th September.


The Mind, Explained

Also on 12th September, Emma Stone’s Oscar-winning dulcet tones will lead you through an up-to-date tour of cognitive science in The Mind, Explained.

Find out what scientists think is actually going on inside your head, what causes disorders like anxiety and what the experts think dreams really are.


Top Boy

Channel 4’s eight-year-old drama, Top Boy, gets the Netflix resurrection treatment in September. Dushane and Sully are finally back for a third season of this convincing drama about drug deals and street gangs in Hackney.

Original series writer Ronan Bennett has scripted ten new episodes for Netflix which will drop on 13th September.


Surviving R. Kelly

The high-profile and headline-grabbing documentary Surviving R. Kelly arrives on Netflix UK on 15th September.

The six-part series explores the allegations of abuse against the singer through interviews with alleged victims and an investigation into the so-called King of R&B’s alleged sex-cult.



The Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening has developed another comedy show featuring squishy cartoon people with larger-than-life personalities. Disenchantment is an adult medieval fantasy featuring princesses, elves and demons.

Part one of the first season was released in August, part two comes out on 20th September. Netflix has already ordered a second season so the ratings for this show must be pretty good already.


The Good Place

Dead detective Veronica Mars and dead bar-owner Sam Malone return for The Good Place on 27th September. Kirsten Bell stars as a deceased self-centred saleswoman who finds herself in a heavenly afterlife, presumably due to a clerical error. Ted Danson gives an outstanding performance as Michael, the Architect who designed the afterlife community. The critically-acclaimed comedy’s fourth season will also sadly be its last.


The Politician

Turning to more Earthly matters, American Horror Story writer Ryan Murphy brings us The Politician on 27th September. The show follows the quest of rich-kid California high schooler Payton Hobart to one day become president of the United States. On his path to the White House Hobart, played by Ben Platt, must convince his peers to elect him as student president, as well as get admitted to Harvard. Pitched as a satire, the series features the high-profile talents of goop saleswoman Gwyneth Paltrow and the venerable Jessica Lange.



Criminal is an ambitious Netflix original crime drama made up of 12 stories in four different European countries. Spanning the UK, Germany, France and Spain, Criminal is an intense drama following suspects and detectives as they pit their wits against each other.

Doctor Who star David Tenant and Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell feature in the UK storyline. Season one of Criminal will be released on 20th September.


So, what are you waiting for? Fire up your Netflix and settle down for some binge-watching! Oh, and make sure your broadband is up to giving you the best possible Netflix experience with our guide to the fastest broadband.

Netflix UK complete September release dates

Netflix release dates
1st September Dirty Dancing

Shameless US: Season 8

Fastest Car: Season 2

Brampton’s Own


Jonah Hex

Moving Art: Season 3

The Pianist

Uncle Naji in UAE

4th September Submergence
6th September The Spy: Season 1


Elite: Season 2


Hip-Hop Evolution: Season 3


Travels with My Father: Season 3


Archibald’s Next Big Thing: Season 1

Hell Fest

Modest Heroes: Ponoc Short Films Theatre

10th September Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020: Part 1

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger

12th September The I-Land

The Mind, Explained

13th September Top Boy

Unbelievable: Season 1

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato: Season 1

The Ranch: Part 7

The Chef Show: Season 1, Volume 2

Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea

Tall Girl

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

15th September Surviving R. Kelly: Season 1

17th September

The Last Kids on Earth: Book 1

20th September Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Between Two Ferns: The Movie


Criminal: Season 1

24th September Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself
25th September Glitch: Season 3

Abstract: The Art of Design: Season 2

26th September Call Me By Your Name

In the Shadow of the Moon

Explained: Season 2

27th September The Good Place: Season 4


Bard of Blood

The Politician: Season 1

30th September Mo Gilligan: Momentum

New on Netflix UK in May 2019

2019 is going to be a huge year for Netflix with the return of popular series such as Black Mirror Season 5 and Stranger Things Season 3. Although May doesn’t bring as many new releases in April, there’s still plenty to start getting excited about Netflix in May. Prepare yourselves for the return of our favourite on-screen devil and the return of another fantastic international series. To add to the mix, we also get to enjoy a brand new story about a provocative female protagonist.

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Lucifer season 4 - 8th May


Fans of Lucifer can rejoice because although Fox said they will not be showing the next season, Netflix had other plans. Thanks to dedicated fans who started a #SaveLucifer campaign and a commission from Netflix, this series will be returning.

Returning on May 8th 2019, fans can expect some new and exciting dynamics between their favourite characters. Season 3 wrapped up with investigations into Charlotte ́s death, detective Dan trying to convince Lucifer and Chloe that Pierce is the Sinnerman and Choe vowing to take down Pierce.

Season 4 brings with it many questions for returning viewers - who is the mysterious new character? Meleos? Morpheus? What will Chloe do professionally and personally with the fact that she knows Lucifer is the devil … literally. How will detective Dan deal with Charlotte's death?

Tweet from Twitter

So many questions … will season 4 have all the answers?

If you are not already a fan, you will be soon as who can resist a sexy devil(literally) who is up to no good on Earth?

Apart from watching Lucifer wreaking havoc on planet earth, you can delight in watching this devil enjoying some human guilty pleasures.

Will he leave it at indulging in guilty pleasures and causing problems or will some serious human traits like feelings and emotions starts creeping up on him?

Note that Netflix has also permitted an increase in violence so this is definitely not one for the kids.

The Rain Season 2 - 17th May


Is it just us or are international series really good these days? With the screening of Season 2 of another international series, this time from Denmark, Netflix seems to think so too.

Season 1 saw the people of Vordinborg, a town in Denmark, start to experience strange allergic reactions and respiratory problems after a heavy rainfall event.

As always, someone has to go out and find a solution while everyone else stays in hiding and also as always, there is someone immune to the symptoms who must be protected. We feel like we have heard this plot before …

After 5 years without the return of their father, Rasmus and Ellen decide it’s time to leave the safety of the bunker - surely, it’s safe to go out now.

The mixture of emotions from finally seeing trees and blue sky again as well as dead bodies everywhere might make you think twice.

With the combination of everything-proof suits and questionable natural phenomenons, this seems like a great choice for lovers of the Mist and Annihilation.

She’s Gotta Have It Season 2 - 24th May


May will also see the return of Spike Lee’s comedy, She’s Gotta Have it. This series follows Nola as she juggles her artwork, friends and three lovers at the same time while exploring female sexuality and non-monogamy.

Set in Brooklyn, this series also offers an insight into life in Brooklyn.This could be heart-warming for Brooklyn lovers or eye-opening for people who don’t know anything about it.

Nola, living her life in her fancy Brooklyn apartment will make you wonder how she affords it (and why you don’t have an apartment yet). This girl really seems like she has it all figured out and you might start feeling as if you might need some tips from her.

Does she really have it all figured out though? When Opal shows up at her door at the end of season one, you and Nola both might not be so sure.

Fans of the series after Season 1 will already know this but if you are looking for something bold and colourful with a provocative female protagonist and maybe a little bit cringeworthy, get your popcorn out for She’s Gotta Have It.

Best Films on Netflix UK

With May being a less busy month for new releases on Netflix in the UK, we won't get to enjoy as many films as series but these two completely new films should be enough to get your blockbuster fix. Interestingly, both of these new films are about teenagers but they're not exactly your typical good feel teenage stories.

The Society - 10th May


Another teenage drama .. or is it? While The Society is indeed about teenagers, it’s not your average teenage drama …

This thrilling story follows of a group of teenagers who get transported to a simulation of their town without their parents.

Sounds like a teenagers dream right!? That’s exactly what they thought at the beginning too, drinking and partying with no rules until things start getting scary and dangerous.

Thanks to the scarcity of information available about The Society, we have had to fill in the blanks ourselves but we still have so many questions.

How did the teenagers get there? What are they going to do? And why aren’t their parents answering?

We are expecting a spine-chilling mixture of something we have never seen before and The Purge.

When They See Us - 31st May


As if we hadn't had our fill of teenagers on screens in May, Netflix adds "When they See us" this month. Allow yourself to be taken back to the 1989 real life case of the Central Park Five where five teenage boys were accused of a serious crime.

If you thought you can have a rest from the current political scene of the world you thought wrong as this drama will make you feel a bit like you are in the midst of the hot political topics in real life.

This one is brought to us by award-winning director Ava Marie DuVernay and stars an impressive cast including Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives anyone?). Vera Farmiga, John Leguizamo and Michael K Williams.

Actually, we changed our minds - maybe May will be just as exciting as April on Netflix.

Netflix UK New Releases - Summary

Release date
IMDb rating
Lucifer season 4
May 8th
The Rain season 2
May 17th
She’s Gotta Have It season 2
May 24th
The Society
May 10th
Not Available
When They See Us
May 31st
Not Available

A look back on May: did it live up to the hype?

Man thinking

So was it really worth saving Lucifer by the fans? Was the return of their favourite on-screen devil everything they expected? Does Fox regret cancelling the show after season 3? There are so many questions and we bet you’re dying to know the answers.

We won’t be able to tell how this series, or anything else released on Netflix for that matter, is doing in terms of viewer numbers as the platform likes to keep viewer numbers to itself. However, fans love to talk about their favourite shows on social media, and their least favourite, so with a little bit of investigating it’s not hard to tell how people are feeling about it.

We think that when people are demanding a season 5 as soon as they’ve devoured season 4 in one day to say the series was a hit is an understatement. Fans of Lucifer didn’t just ‘like’ season 4, they can’t wait to sink their teeth into more, swiftly taking to Twitter to proclaim their love for the series, the season and demand a season 5.

While there’s no official announcement about a season 5, fans are more than certain the series will be picked up again by Netflix and they can’t wait. We are definitely curious to see who this show gets picked up by. Will it be Netflix again or a full-of-regret Fox?

Speech bubble

What about the new releases? Did She’s Gotta Have It All live up to the hype? In the eyes of some viewers, it most certainly did not. In a harsh review from some, they were very unimpressed about how bipolar the main characater was.

They were confused and annoyed about all the contradictions. We can’t really blame them, if you’re expecting to see a story about a competent, independent woman but get something completely different, we might end up a bit annoyed and confused too.

If you thought that was bad, prepare for what we’re about to tell you. It turns out that various viewers were SKIPPING past some of the scenes because they were either too cringe-worthy or just plain confusing. Sorry Netflix, but that doesn’t sound good.

Selectra tick

Something that really stands out for the new releases in May is that IMDb score for The Society jumped from Not Available all the way up to 8.8/10. Impressive, especially for a series that "wants to be smarter than it actually is" according to some review sites. One big positive point about the series is that it touches on some important themes that many people can relate to; power dynamics, class dynamics, leadership and teamwork.

We can't help to think that this is one of the reasons this series quickly grew in popularity; people can identify and relate to these themes. It also touches on the dangers of not having any rules and not having a hierarchy. Viewers aren’t exactly calling it a cautionary tale because of this, but something along those lines and this is pretty good news considering the target viewer, the average carefree, misbehaving teenagar in 2019.

What’s new on Netflix UK in April 2019?

Are you a Netflix addict? Wondering what’s coming up in April? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Selectra we have done some investigating into what's coming up this month on the popular streaming network and put together a list of upcoming shows just for you. So get your movie planning calendar out and start putting in those dates (and getting the popcorn of course).

2018 was a big year with the release of many popular shows on Netflix. In Netflix Original Series we had the Dogs of Berlin, Bad Blood and The Protector. In Weekly Series, The Memories of Alhambra and in the Films categories Battle, DUMPLIN’ and Crossroads to name a few. 2019 will be no different with many great releases on the cards. At Selectra, we have compiled a list of what you can look forward to in April.

New on Netflix UK - April 2019

Girl relaxing on couch

April 2019 will see the return of some of your favourite series. We know some have been waiting in anticipation for the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and will not have to wait much longer with the release of Part 2 in April. Other series lovers will be happy with the return of their favourite shows for a second season. Let’s find out what’s happening on Netflix UK in April 2019.

The return of series

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 – April 5

Sabrina from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Source: Facebook

Lovers of Sabrina the young witch can definitely celebrate with the return of more adventures for a second season. This series was such a hit that it’s return is being anticipated by many. Season 1 saw Sabrina Spellman with an internal conflict due to her attending The Academy of Unseen Arts as well as Baxter High.

The season wrapped up with the Christmas special where Zelda gave baby Leticia to the witch Dezmelda for safe-keeping and Mrs Wardwell revealed her true identity as Lilith.

Samantha!: Season 2 - April 19

Character from Samantha

The Brazilian comedy is back for a second season! This series follows Samantha, who used to be a child star in her younger years and is trying to re-enter the world of fame in her adult years.

Let’s see what she schemes up in season two to launch herself back into stardom, despite some friends telling her she is now “outdated”. This is just one of the opportunities this month to get to know an international series.

The Protector: Season 2 - April 26

The Protector Series

Fans of this action fantasy can again follow Hakan, the protector, as he fights dark forces in Istanbul. Season one began with Hakans search for a new business idea and him coming across a talismanic shirt which could potentially be useful for him and ends with Hakan beginning to forget about his duties and training as he becomes blinded by love.

New factual content on Netflix

Our Planet - April 5

Penguins in Antarctica

If you are a documentary fan and want to learn about our changing planet, you will definitely be happy in April with the release of a new documentary, Our Planet. Perfect for nature and animal lovers.

With beautiful high quality picture, you can get up close and personal with our planet and the animals that live on it while learning about how climate change is affecting us.

You vs. Wild - April 10

Character from You vs Wild

A very exciting interactive documentary featuring the one and only Bear Grylls. Help Bear Grylls find his way back to civilisation by choosing what happens next out of the options you are given. If you are into survival shows and interactive content (or maybe you have never tried it before) this is a great one for your April to watch list.

New drama on Netflix

Quicksand - April 5

Character from Quicksand
Express UK

If drama, young people and murder are your thing, this is the series for you. This series follows a group of young people in Stockholm and the events that occur following a tragedy at their school.

Based on a Swedish novel, this series has done well in Sweden and features some of the biggest stars in Scandinavia right now - a great opporunity to get to know some international actors and enjoy a foreign series.

Black Summer - April 11

Girl and zombies

A mix of drama, action and horror, this one is definitely for fans of zombie apocalypses. Black Summer follows the story of a mother and daughter who get separated in the madness of the zombie outbreak and their journey to find each other again. Let’s see how they go with this mission and the tough decisions that they will have to make.

No Good Nick - April 15

Family from TV series

The misadventures of a 13 year old girl who infiltrates her way into a family with the intention of ruining their lives like they unknowingly ruined hers. This funny series follows the mischievous young girl as she pretends to be a relative of the family. Let’s see how things unwind as she unexpectedly starts forming a genuine bond with the family.

New comedy on Netflix

War Dogs - April 8

Actors from War Dogs

A true dark-comedy about two friends and partners working together as international arms dealers. Starting small, they exploit the government with their business and soon start making big money and living large. With the landing of a $300 million dollar contract to supply arms to Afgan forces, they are put in a tricky situation with some questionable people.

Huge in France - April 12

Actor from Huge in France
TV Series Final

Gad is a very famous comedian in France … let’s see what happens when he goes to the USA to see his son. He soon realises his son is interested in other things and had found himself a different role model to follow.

Will Gad be able to find another way to relate to his son?

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason - April 17

Actors from Bridget Jones Diary

More hilarious adventures from the one and only Bridget Jones as she fumbles her way through her love life and questions if she really has everything she has ever wanted. At first things finally seem to be going well for Bridget and she is very happy with her current relationship. What could possibly go wrong? If you have enjoyed the previous Briget Jones films, you will definitely love this one.

For the children on Netflix

Trolls: The Beat Goes On! - 9 April

Characters from Trolls

April is full of so many great new releases and Netflix haven’t forgotten about the kids either! Keep them entertained with more from the Trolls. Based on parent and kids reviews it seems like a great show that the entire family can watch together. There are just a few comments saying it could be a little bit scary for younger children.

This show is a continuation of the blockbuster hit Trolls that children probably already know and love. This series is perfect for them to see their favourite characters again or if they are new to Trolls, meet new characters altogether.

Super Monsters Furever Friends - 16 April

Characters from Super Monsters Furever Friends

Another one for the kids! A friendly mixture of monsters and pets that they will love. This animated children's show is all about a group of super monsters who do different activities together as well as with their cute pets.

With this one and Trolls, we are certain the kids won't get bored this April.

Best films on Netflix UK

Movie tickets

Although not new for April, we have done some research and there are a couple of movies that everyone is talking about and planning to watch in April if they hadn't seen them already.

If you want to be part of the conversation, make sure you add these two fantastic movies to your calendar for this month (or any month).

Bird Box

Characters from Bird Box

Starring Sandra Bullock, this suspenseful sci-fi number follows her and her two children on a dangerous journey to find sanctuary after a mysterious mass suicide wipes out the population.

If you like sci-fi and you enjoyed movies like A Quiet Place, we highly recommend that you add this one to your calendar.


Characters from Okja

From South Korean director Bong Joon-ho, we are graced with his fantastic movie Okja about a young girl and her best friend, a giant animal and an evil CEO (played by Tilda Swinton) who wants to take Okja (and not for nice reasons). This movie about friendship, evil and determination will have you researching other movies directed by Joon-ho.

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Recap of Netflix April 2019

As you can see April is a very busy month for Netflix releasing lots of great content for you. If you already have Netflix, you already know what to do. If you don't have Netflix but would like to look into getting it, we recommend you check out some different TV packages and see what else you can get.

We do like the option you get with Virgin to watch Netflix but there are many to consider. We believe you are going to have a very busy month trying to keep up with all these great new releases, documentaries and returns of your favourite shows as well a pick a TV package so we will leave you to it.

Happy viewing!

Summary Netflix Releases April 2019
Release date
IMDb rating
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2
April 5th
Samantha! season 2
April 19th
The Protector season 2
April 26th
Our Planet
April 5th
You vs. Wild
April 10th
April 5th
Black Summer
April 11th
No Good Nick
April 10th
Not Available
War Dogs
April 8th
Huge in France
April 12th
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
April 17th
Trolls: The Beat Goes On!
April 9th
Super Monsters Furever Friends
April 16th
Not Available

A look back on April: was it worth the hype?

April on Netflix stood out for various reasons: we saw the return of many favourites, brand new shows, goodies from the international scene and even something for the kids but was April really worth the hype?

For Sabrina fans, unfortunately not. After a successful season 1, fans had high expectations for season 2 but it looks like they had set their expectations set too high. The way Sabrina part 2 has been described by viewers is not exactly what we would want to hear if we were the producer. Imagine that someone says that your show about a young witch has “lost some of its magic”. That's definitely not what you want to hear.

Other criticisms of Sabrina included that the characters just looked exhausted, and although things start getting a little more interesting later on in part 2, the uphill battle to get there was just not worth it. This time around, it seems that Sabrina didn’t strike any emotional fibres in her fans.

Bear Grylls from You vs Wild
The Verge

Things aren’t looking too good in the factual content department either, with not-so-positive reviews about the interactive version of You vs. Wild. Although viewers ,or maybe participants is a better word in this case, had enjoyed the novelty of getting to choose Bear Grylls destiny, they were somewhat confused about the whole thing.

Even though participants are able to choose whether Bear Grylls army crawls over a frozen lake or not, it seems like whenever things get too tricky for Bear Grylls, he can call a helicopter to come and save him. It’s a weird mixture of reality and fiction that left participants confused.

So far, April sounds like a disappointing month on Netflix but have no fear, comedy has saved the day - or has it? Viewers are quite pleased with War Dogs in that it was definitely entertaining. If that’s what director, Todd Phillips was going for, he was undeniably successful although, the same people who said it was entertaining, are the same people who said that it was everything far from original. Not only that, they also said it could have been more sophisticated and a little less ‘grown men behaving badly.’

Huge in France has been called Netflixs' fish-out-of-water comedy and at this rate it’s unsurprising that viewers had a few not-so-positive things to say about it. Some calling it “almost great” and others saying it was a “strange kind of failure” as it introduced some interesting topics but never really elaborated on them nor answered any questions it had proposed. Although it’s not a comedy that makes you cry from laughter, it is a pleasant mixture of laughs and genuine emotions.

Character from Trolls

At least the kids were happy in April with both of the children's new releases getting positive reviews from all parents. A show that’s “fun for everyone” is some great feedback for a show targeting children and the parents seemed very pleased. Most of them anyway, with only some parents saying parts of Trolls could be a little scary for younger children.

Parents were happy with the positive messages in Furever friends but said that the show has nothing to offer anyone who is older. Um, parents seem to forget that the show is for kids and not for them.

It’s quite difficult to say whether April was a disappointing month for Netflix or viewers are just plain harsh but you can see for yourself that some of these criticisms are reasonable and quite helpful. This feedback could be taken on board by Netflix to not receive the same comments next time. After this interesting mixture of feedback, we are even more curious to see what viewers will have to say about May.

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