BT TV Packages

Remember those days of having to look through a TV Guide to see what time your favourite show was on, and then having to take this into consideration when making plans and/or go through the hassle of recording it? Remember coming back only to realise that your favourite show was not recorded properly? Well, those days are long gone with the growing availability of on demand TV.

On demand TV is a service which you can pay for and it allows you to have access to your favourite TV shows, movies and other content on demand, when you want. You also have options to pause, record, stop and rewind when you’re watching any kind of TV programme.

BT TV Packages

TV and Sound System

There are many companies that offer on demand TV and one of them is BT. BT is a provider of on demand content through its subscription service BT TV.

With this service you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows whenever it suits you instead of having to restrict yourself to the time and day the show is being run like the good old days.

To get BT TV you will unsurprisingly need a TV and also, an aerial with the right cabling to plug into your BT TV Box.

You will also need to have BT Broadband - either their Standard or SuperFast Fibre broadband although it is recommended to be used in conjunction with their Superfast Fibre Broadband.

We also recommend you check if you live in an area where this is available as some areas might be excluded from the option to have Superfast Fibre Broadband.

Why is SuperFast Fibre Broadband recommended?

TV, Wifi and Broadband

It may seem complicated when companies talk about their TV or Broadband packages in terms of “standard” or “fibre optic” broadband but it's not as difficult as you think!

Standard broadband uses the older copper wires to transmit data which is slower than the newer fibre-optic cables that are more efficient in delivering data with high quality and very high speed.

Using SuperFast Fibre Broadband from BT TV allows you to do your favourite things online like watch movies, stream videos and listen to music with little to no waiting time for the content to load.

If you live in a busy household where people like to all use the internet at the same time, this will not be a problem with fibre optic broadband whereas with standard broadband you might have some issues.

There are many different BT TV packages available and it can be very confusing trying to understand them all. At Selectra, we have analysed all the BT TV Packages available to give you as much information as possible to help you choose. Costs and charges vary depending on which package you choose, check with BT at the time of making your TV subscription for the final cost but in saying that, let's have a closer look at some of the BT TV Packages and some average prices to get an idea.

BT Sport TV Guide

You can actually watch BT Sport for free online if you are a BT broadband customer and you can see what's coming up and when by accessing the BT Sport TV Guide.

The Sport Guide is a very useful feature of BT Sport as you can clearly can see what´s on, which day, what time and how long everything goes for.

The channels available on BT Sport are ESPN, BT Sport 1 HD, BT Sport 2 HD and ESPN HD. You can see what is available on each channel with the same BT Sport Guide.

BT Live Chat and Customer Service

Customer Service Agents

According to surveys and customer reviews, BT´s customer service has declined in recent years with customers mainly complaining about the wait time to speak to someone. Although in saying this, you can contact BT Customer Service by phone, email or their live chat and if you want to make a complaint you can also do so using their Complaint Forms on their website.

BT TV YouView Box: What is it and do I need one?

A YouView box is the set top box you will need to use the BT TV packages. Depending on which TV package you choose, you can pause, rewind and record your favourite programmes using your YouView box. Let's take a look at the three types of YouView boxes.

Types of YouView Boxes
Standard Mini YouView Box
Can record 300 hrs of TV. Comes with the Entertainment package.
Standard Mini YouView Box
YouView+ Box
Can record 300 hrs of TV. Comes with the Entertainment package.
Standard Mini YouView Box
YouView Ultra HD Box
With 4K quality (necessary to have a high-quality, sharp 4K TV to enjoy). Can record 600 hours of SD content. Comes with the Max Package.
Standard Mini YouView Box

BT TV Packages: with BT SuperFast Broadband

BT offers three different packages for existing customers who have their SuperFast Broadband: the Starter Package, the Entertainment Package or the Max Package. You can choose the one that's right for you depending on whether you’re looking for the best entertainment or you prefer to keep it simple.

You can also pay more to have extra channels like Netflix, BT Sport and Sky Cinema. Let's go through the packages first and then the extras.

BT TV Package Prices
Starter Package
Entertainment Package
Max Package
Access 80 Freeview channels (15 of them in HD) BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Hub, Channel 5 Sky Sports Main Event Add-on: Sky Sports Extra AMC (a drama show channel)
All channels of the Started Package PLUS: Access to 20 premium channels.
Includes everything that the entertainment package does, plus some extras. 62 premium channels (21 of those in HD) 10 kids channels BT Sport in Ultra HD.
YouView Box
Standard Mini YouView Box
YouView+ Box
YouView Ultra HD Box with 4K quality
Prices (first 18 months)
Prices (after 18 months)
Upfront Fee

Remember that the prices of the packages can vary depending on which package you choose and when (they might have deals for a limited time). Some other factors that the final price may be affected by is whether you have chosen a broadband bundle or not, the type of broadband you have chosen, whether you need a new aerial and what extras you have added on. Keeping all of this in mind, let's take a look at some of the price information that is available to us.

For the most accurate and up to date prices, we recommend you contact BT and chat with one of their agents. You can find more information and contact BT here.

BT TV and Broadband Deals: Most Popular

If you would like to get the faster fibre-optic broadband, BT has a couple of packages which are doing well with customers in terms of popularity. With, unsurprisingly, a few fancy freebies thrown in. Here at Selectra, we have been in contact with BT to find out which of their packages are the most popular with their customers. See them below.

Most Popular BT TV Broadband Deals
SuperFast Fibre Essential Unlimited
SuperFast Fibre Unlimited
£29.99 a month including line rental £20 activation fee £9.99 delivery charge added to your first bill
£35.99 a month including line rental £9.99 delivery charge added to your first bill Currently with no activation fee
Amazon Echo voice control speaker for playing music and answering questions Fit Bit and Samsung Tablet Free Weekend Calls
Amazon Echo voice control speaker for playing music and answering questions Fit Bit and Samsung Tablet £80 BT Reward Card
Average download speed of 36Mb Free Weekend Calls
Average download speed of 50Mb

BT TV Packages: with Standard Broadband

Although it is recommended that BT TV’s packages are used in conjunction with BT SuperFast Fibre for better results, you still have some choices if you prefer to stick with standard broadband.

BT TV Packages with Standard Broadband
TV Starter + BT Sport + Broadband
TV Essential + BT Sport + Broadband
£79.99 upfront fee £30.99 for 18 months, then £38.99.
£39.99 upfront fee £35.99 for 18 months then £43.99
Download Speed
10Mb average Unlimited broadband
10Mb average Unlimited broadband
Average download speed of 36Mb Free Weekend Calls
Average download speed of 50Mb

With these two packages, you may have access to fewer channels because of slower broadband speeds. Depending on your area, you may be able to add BT Sports in SD to your TV.

The main difference between the two packages is related to the YouView Box that you receive with each package. With the Starter Package you only receive a normal YouView box. With the Essential Package you get a YouView+ box which means you can record TV, but you can’t pause and rewind live TV (like you can with the YouView Ultra HD Box). You would also be able to add Sky Cinema, kids channels and music to the YouView Ultra HD Box.

What can my YouView Box do?
YouView Ultra HD

Extra Channels - Netflix, BT & Sky Sport, Sky Cinema, Music

Girl relaxing on couch

Some channels like BT Sport 1, 2 and 3, ESPN on BT Sport, BT Sport Extra and Box Nation used to be free for ALL BT TV, broadband or mobile customers but now they are only available to customers who have a Max TV Package or to customers who pay a fee of £3.50 per month.

You can also add Sky Sports Event and Extra in Standard (£27.50 per month) or High Definition (£33.50 per month).

Netflix is available as an add on for all customers on any package. Prices start at £5.99 a month for a Standard Definition package, which allows you to to view one screen at a time. If you upgrade to £7.99 a month - for the HD package, you watch TV on four screens at the same time.

Sky Cinema is a premium subscription service which gives you access to movie channels in Standard Definition or High Definition. There are 11 movie channels included and every 24 hours, a new movie is added ... impressive!

For music lovers, there is another extra which gives you access to music videos, concerts recordings and albums. These are available from £4 per month.

BT TV Channels: Which ones do you get?

The channels you get with BT TV depend, of course, on the package you choose and whether you get any extra channels or not. Note that the Starter Package includes all four BT Sport Channels whereas the Entertainment Package does not. You can add it for a small monthly fee.

The top package from BT TV, the Entertainment Package, gives you BT Sport for free and on top of that in HD.

Which channels do you get?
Starter Package
Entertainment Package
Max Package
80 Freeview channels (15 in HD), BT Sport Pack, AMC
20 premium channels, BT Sport Pack, AMC
62 premium channels (21 in HD), 10 kids’ channels.
Extra Channels
The Starter Package does not come with any extra nor premium channels.
Alibi, Animal Planet, Crime + Investigation, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, E!, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Gold, History, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime, MTV, National Geographic, National Geographic Wild, Syfy, TLC, TLC, Universal Channel, W.
All channels of the Entertainment Package but in HD.

BT TV Aerial or Broadband?

Although anyone can get BT TV broadband, it is highly recommended to use BT TV with their SuperFast fibre broadband service for better performance.

This is because the content is run over the broadband connection so it makes sense that the better the broadband service, the better the service and the higher the quality.

BT TV will also work without an aerial but it is recommended to use a Freeview aerial so you don’t miss out on any channels.

Due to poor signal strength and fewer channels, it is not recommended to use portable aerials or satellite dishes with BT TV. If your aerial is more than 10 years old, it might be a good idea to upgrade to enjoy the best possible results for your BT TV experience.