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EE claims to be a leader in Broadband, TV and Mobile deals for UK customers. Below you will be able to see if EE Broadband and TV deals live up to that claim. You will most likely be familiar with EE mobile deals, but we’re going to focus more on EE Broadband and TV. Additionally, you can find out more about My EE accounts, EE Contact methods and the fairly unique EE Add To Plan options.

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EE Broadband

Despite not being a specialist broadband provider, EE broadband actually has among the widest range of speeds of any ISP in the UK at the moment. Its offer consists of four or five speeds, depending on which part of the country you live in. Let’s take a look at the EE broadband speeds on offer:

EE Broadband Speeds Compared
Standard Broadband Fibre Fibre Plus Fibre Max 145 Fibre Max 300
Average speed of 10Mb/s Average speed of 36Mb/s Average speed of 67Mb/s Average speed of 145Mb/s Average speed of 300Mb/s

As EE Broadband points out, if yours is a small household with only one or two people connected at a time for basic browsing and streaming, you may not need anything faster than its slowest speed. For any busy, internet-hungry household EE Broadband at 67 Mbps should be more like it, but for those with especially demanding usage habits, EE Broadband also offers the superfast Fibre Max 145 and 300 options. To get a better idea of what speed you need, see our broadband speed guide.

It’s worth pointing out that not all of these speeds are available to everyone - what’s on offer to you largely depends on where you live. EE Broadband offers a postcode checker on its website which you can use to see what speeds are available to you.

EE Broadband tries to make it easy for you to switch to its broadband service. You don’t have to notify your current provider if it uses the BT Openreach network. EE also says that if you leave your current contract early, you’ll receive £50 credit from them. For a more comprehensive look, head over to our EE broadband page.

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EE Broadband Deals & Packages

Starting with EE Broadband packages here’s a rundown of all key EE deals and how much each of the packages will set you back.

With an offer wider than that of your average internet provider, the range of EE Broadband deals has something for every need and budget. Here’s how much each of their deals will cost you:

EE Broadband Pricing
EE Standard broadband
EE Fibre
EE Fibre Plus
EE Fibre Max 145
EE Fibre Max 300
£10 set-up fee
Free set-up
Free set-up
£25 set-up fee
£25 set-up fee
18-month contract
18-month contract
18-month contract
18-month contract
18-month contract

EE Broadband customers have extra incentives included in these prices if they also get EE Mobile: on Standard, Fibre, and Fibre Plus broadband contracts they receive an extra 5GB of mobile data on their monthly plans; and Fibre Max 145 and 300 customers receive an extra 20GB of data every month.

As we mentioned, not all speeds will be available to all customers, so head to EE’s website and use the postcode checker to see what’s available in your area.

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Do I Need a Landline for EE Broadband?

EE Standard Broadband requires you to have a landline as part of the deal. However, if your EE Broadband works over an Openreach connection due to its Fibre Broadband speeds, then you will no longer need to have a landline to get EE Broadband. If you have FTTP broadband, you are exempt from needing to have a landline for your EE broadband.

EE TV Closed Down

EE Broadband, just like Plusnet, has stopped its bespoke EE TV deals. This decision leaves the bingeworthy TV Packages to more established names like Sky TV or BT. Instead of standard TV plans, EE is banking on attracting streaming TV buffs and cord-cutters with its exclusive Apple TV 4K and BT Sport deals.

If you’re already an EE phone or mobile customer, you can call 150 to ask EE any questions you have regarding EE TV offers that expired at the end of March 2021. EE Customer Service will give you upgrade options. The line is open from 8 am to 9 pm during the week and 8 am to 8 pm at the weekend.

EE Home Phone

EE customers have the option to add one of three calls packages to their EE Broadband deal. Here’s a rundown of the three deals:

EE Broadband Home Phone Add Ons
Anytime calls to landlines Anytime calls to landlines and mobiles Anytime UK and international calls
 Calls to UK landlines included.  Calls to UK landlines included.
 1,500 minutes to UK mobiles included.
 Calls to UK landlines included.
 1,500 minutes to UK mobiles included.
 Calls to landlines in 50 countries.*
 30% discounts on calls to landlines in the rest of the world.

*For the full list, see EE’s website. This deal also included calls to standard mobiles in Canada and the USA.

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It’s important to remember a policy that most companies, including EE, have in place when thinking about your calls package - the one-hour call limit. Any free call is only inclusive up to one hour, and for every minute over an hour you’re on the phone you’ll be charged the standard rate. If you want to go on talking for over an hour, be sure to hang up and redial. The standard rates are listed later in the pricing section.

Don't go over the 1 hour time limitWhether you are with EE or another provider that touts its all inclusive calls deal, make sure you set a timer for 50 minutes so you never go over and have to pay for your calls.

Once you’ve chosen your calls package, you also have the option to add Call Plus to your deal. This add-on comes with seven features that EE hope to tempt you with:

  1. Call divert - Divert incoming calls to another phone, which could be your mobile.
  2. Choose to refuse - Block up to 10 numbers to put a stop to nuisance or unwanted calls.
  3. 3-way calling - Quick and easy conference calling for three people with no need to make multiple calls.
  4. Call waiting - Lets you know another call is coming through while you’re on the phone and choose whether to take it.
  5. Reminder call - Set up a one-off reminder from your handset that you can schedule for the same time every day.
  6. Ring back - Avoid redialling an engaged number by dialling 5 and ‘ring back’ will call you when the number becomes free.
  7. Anonymous call rejection - If a caller withholds their number, they won’t be able to get through to you.

For further information on EE’s calls packages and any terms and conditions you’re unclear on, see EE’s website.

EE Mobile

Of course, EE Mobile deals are the provider's bread and butter, but we won’t go into them here. For this, our mobile section has its own EE mobile page with all the information you will need. If it’s mobile packages you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to head over there.

EE Broadband Mobile Add Ons

The prices to add EE’s calls packages to your broadband deal are as follows:

  1. Weekend calls to UK landlines: £2 per month
  2. Anytime calls to UK landlines: £5 per month
  3. Anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles: £8 per month
  4. Anytime UK and international calls: £12 per month

Remember you can also add Call Plus, which EE calls your own personal receptionist, and this will cost you an extra £5 per month as well. This, plus all other calls add-ons, have to be kept on your plan for at least 30 days.

For full terms and conditions on all EE’s calls packages (and there are plenty), go to its website where you’ll find all the relevant information. Most importantly, remember what we said about calls only being inclusive up to an hour or you’ll be charged the following rates (including an access charge of 11p on all calls):

EE Mobile Standard Rate Charges
Connection Charge (per call, anytime) Duration per minute: Day Duration per minute: Evening Duration per minute: Weekend
UK landline (01, 02 and 03 numbers) 23p/cal 15.5p/min 15.5p/min 15.5p/min
UK mobiles 23p/cal 18p/min 18p/min 18p/min
0800, 0808 n/a Free Free Free

This is something customers have to take care with no matter which provider they’re with, so be sure to hang up and redial before you hit 60 minutes on the phone!

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EE Add To Plan

This is a unique service that EE Broadband offers. The goal of the EE Add To Plan is for UK households to be able to spread the cost of expensive new technology and gadgets. This is something that no other Broadband provider is really addressing and EE is really pioneering access to latest tech without customers having to resort to loans or credit cards.

With EE Add To Plan you can bundle the latest games console, 4K TV or mobile phone handset into your monthly EE Broadband or Mobile bill. Here are some examples from the range of products and brands that you can add to your EE Broadband or Mobile Plan.

  1. Headphones: Wireless Headphones, Gaming Headphones
  2. Smart Speakers: Bluetooth Speakers, Amazon Echo Speakers, Sonos Networked Speakers
  3. Smart Home: Google Nest, Smart Doorbells, Baby Cameras, Amazon Echo Show, Smart Lightbulbs
  4. Gaming: Xbox, Nintendo, Game Controllers, Accessories and Titles
  5. Apple Products: iPhone, Homepod, Chargers, Airpods
  6. Google Products: Stadia, Chromecast, Daydream VR,
  7. Samsung Products: 4K TVs, Headphones, Quick Chargers, Smart Watches
  8. Sony Products: Playstation consoles, 4K TVs, Controllers, Headphones

Instead of having to pay for expensive tech upfront, you can pay for it along with your EE Broadband bill making the cost more manageable for many households. Even the most expensive products only have a small upfront cost followed by the rest of spread over the period of a year.

EE Contact

There are many ways to contact EE depending on what type of customer you are and what your issue is. But if you’re just looking to call them to discuss signing up to any of its services, you can call them on this number 0800 956 6000, Monday to Friday: 8am-9pm; Saturday and Sunday: 8am-8pm. Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.

Want to Cancel Your EE Contract? Read our How to Cancel EE Contract guide to find out how you can cancel EE hassle-free.

EE Broadband Support for customers

Apart from calling them up, which could eat up a lot your time, EE has a few ways customers could resolve any issue that may come up with their account or service. Here are a couple of handy places to turn to when you need help but dread the waiting music on the customer service team’s line.

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My EE app

EE customers can access their My EE account either online or via the mobile app, which allows them to manage their mobile or broadband account easily and on the go. Here’s everything you can do with the app:

  1. Manage your mobile devices.
  2. Manage your home broadband.
  3. Check your usage and pay bills.
  4. Get a better price in the EE shop.
  5. See your upgrade options.
  6. Join the conversation in the EE Community.

All you need to do is register for My EE and download the app in either the Apple or Google Play stores.

EE Community

The EE Community acts as both a forum and bank of information for queries relating to your account and service. When you’re having trouble with anything, you should go there and see if anyone’s had the problem before or if there’s an article you can consult to resolve it. It could be that your question has a simple solution and you don’t need to go to the hassle of calling someone up.

EE Broadband Reviews

What do EE Broadband customers think of its service? Here's a summary of the EE broadband customer concerns most often encountered. Be aware that some of these concerns also apply to EE Mobile.

Is EE any good for broadband?

Unfortunately, EE Broadband reviews don’t make for great reading. EE Broadband scores a measly 1.8/5 stars on Trustpilot, with 79% of 3,934 reviewers giving it the worst rating of Bad. It is true that these reviews tend to focus on EE Mobile issues, with the majority of the company’s customers being on mobile contracts, but it does seem that the terrible customer service that most poor reviews mention carries over from mobile to EE Broadband.

Thursday someone was supposed to come and my broadband activated... NEVER WORKED. They told me that they will come the next day (today, Friday). I had to take my half-day at work and no one came…

There are few positive EE Broadband reviews, which is somewhat concerning. EE Broadband customers also point to drops in service, which are not exclusive to EE, but the main issue always comes back to customer service quality:

Woke up to no broadband, have tried endlessly to get it back on. No way of contacting EE I get a feeble "we will respond within 48 hours…

Our verdict on EE Broadband reviews is that while you get a wide range of Broadband deals, the customer care once you've signed up could leave you high and dry when issues do arise. This is especially crucial if you are working from home or have high expectations when it comes to customer service in general.

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Connect Up to 100 Devices With Ultra-Fast Speeds

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EE Broadband Pros and cons

EE Broadband Verdict: Pros and Cons
 EE Broadband priced below the market average.  EE Broadband no longer offers TV add-ons.
 EE Broadband offers a range of speeds to suit any customer.  EE Broadband provides poor customer service based on customer reviews.

Is EE better than BT?

EE Broadband seems to have inherited BT Broadband customer service woes. In terms of customer service, EE is no better than BT in any noticeable way. The one area where EE is better than BT is in the variety of Broadband speeds it offers and its more modern streaming TV options. EE can cater to streaming TV fans who don't want to have to pay extra for TV packages that don't include Apple TV+ or Netflix.

EE Limited Details

This section will give you a bit of background into EE Limited, starting with a look at who owns EE and then going further into details about the company today. Let’s start from the beginning:

Who Owns EE?

Internet things surrounding a router

EE Limited is currently owned BT. However this was not always the case. EE started life as a joint venture between Orange UK and T-Mobile UK. Themselves the UK subsidiaries of France Télécom and Deutsche Telekom, Orange and T-Mobile were two major competitors in the UK mobile market when they announced their decision to merge in September 2009. It took less than a year to complete the deal, but the brands were maintained separately for 18 months, during which period subscribers to both were allowed to roam between networks at no extra charge.

EE was originally known by its formerly full name Everything Everywhere until September 2012, it was announced at this point that, while Everything Everywhere would remain the company’s legal name, EE would be used to identify its network on all devices (EE, Orange and T-Mobile). There are, following the unification of these brands, 553 EE stores across the UK.

Orange’s broadband service, which had been inherited by Everything Everywhere, followed suit and fell under the EE brand in October of the same year. In November 2013, EE began testing LTE Advanced (LTE-A), which when it was rolled out in late 2014 offered customers speeds of up to 300 Mbps. As of 2015, EE boasted over 900,000 broadband customers.

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In February 2015, BT confirmed reports that it would be purchasing EE Limited for £12.5 billion. The deal was approved about a year later, and EE became a consumer division of the wider BT Group. In November 2016, EE began to move operations from its Paddington offices to BT Centre as part of BT’s plans to save £360 million a year, as the new owners of EE.

EE Telecoms Timeline

  • 2009 - Merger announced between Orange UK and T-Mobile.
  • 2010 - Joint venture completed, Everything Everywhere formed.
  • 2012 - EE rebrand.
  • 2014 - LTE-A network rolled out, reaching broadband speeds of up to 300 Mbps.
  • 2016 - Acquisition by BT Group.

Present Day

EE and its 553 stores still mainly serve its mobile customers, which form the largest part of its client base of 31 million connections. Broadband and TV do represent a significant part of its business, however, with almost a million customers signed up to EE Broadband - making it one of the country’s major ISPs.

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