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In their own words: There’s no other broadband like it. Hyperoptic are unique on the UK broadband scene in that they never use old-fashioned copper phone wires. Their network is fully fibre optic all the way to the building and provides the fastest speeds available on the market. The team behind Hyperoptic is the same one that set records in superfast broadband with the Be Unlimited in 2005.

In 2011, this same team launched Hyperoptic’s first installment in Prices Court in London, giving the residents of its 133 units huge 1Gbps speeds. Hyperoptic now offer similar service to residents in 28 UK towns and cities, and to see if their hyperfast fibre optic broadband is available to you they have a simple postcode checker on their website to let you know. If you’re lucky enough and it’s available, there are several packages available to you, be they just for broadband or with line rental included.

Do Hyperoptic’s reviews back up their claim?

In short: yes, they really do. Hyperoptic boasts a five star rating on the review site Trustpilot, with 78% of reviewers rating them “Excellent” - the highest score.

With immensely high speeds and quality service seemingly a given, it is the setup that seems to impress reviewers the most. The time between purchase and installation is often no more than a couple of days, and satisfaction with this quick and effective service is a running theme throughout most of the reviews:

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Hyperoptic’s customer service team have also come in for a lot of praise from reviewers. Their expertise and helpfulness being cited as a big reason for the widespread satisfaction among Hyperoptic broadband customers.

Hyperoptic Robert

Hyperoptic Broadband Deals

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Hyperoptic’s most famous 1Gbps deal will bring you up to hyperspeed, which is great for big households with a lot of usage or for gamers who need a perfect connection which doesn’t drop. But small households? For those who just use the internet to browse and shop? For couples who just want to stream a bit of Netflix and don’t want to pay for top end broadband?

Hyperoptic can offer all types of user an excellent deals, having a variety of packages starting at £20 per month for 30Mb of broadband. You don’t have to pay top dollar for a superfast broadband deal to get Hyperoptic’s top end service and customer care. Here you can see the range of speeds they offer and the initial price for a broadband-only deal:

Hyperoptic's Average Download Speeds
30Mb Fibre
150Mb Fibre
1Gb Fibre

The 150Mb and 1Gb deals, apart from their immense speeds, are unique in providing “symmetrical service.” This means that subscribers receive exactly the same download and upload speeds.

Hyperoptic Router

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All Hyperoptic packages come with their specially selected Hyperhub router, which is hand delivered and installed by their engineers as part of the deal. It is designed to handle their 1Gbps speeds and their engineers are trained on the Hyperhub’s operation, so it’s recommended you use it, but they do allow you to use another if you prefer. That said - why would you want to? It’s all done for you, it’s under warranty, and Hyperoptic customers are saying it’s the best they’ve ever used!