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To put it plainly, NOW TV is THE no-commitment provider. As its name suggests, it began life as a TV provider offering no-contract deals in 2012. It has since branched out into broadband and phone services, though not taking with it its contractless ethos.

If you want to take out TV services but don’t want to be tied down to a contract for a year or more, NOW TV could be the provider for you. It also offers users much more flexibility than traditional providers, allowing them to watch on several devices and not tie their deal to one TV in one home.


More recently, it has begun to offer broadband and phone services, though not with as much focus on innovation. Its broadband and calls packages are straightforward and reasonably priced, though, and worth looking at.

In this page, we’re going to take you through its offer and help you decide whether NOW TV makes the juicy freedom you get from not being tied down worth the squeeze. Let’s begin where it all started, with its TV offer:


To start, we’re going to look at what you can watch on NOW TV. Its offer is split into different Passes, so you can customise your package depending on your taste.

TV Passes

Freedom and flexibility are all well and good but, when it comes to TV, content is king. If there’s nothing to watch, you’re not going to be interested. So let’s go through the NOW TV passes and see what they have to offer:

  • Entertainment Pass: Over 300 box-sets available on-demand, including Sky Originals and the latest HBO drama, all in HD.
  • Sky Cinema Pass: Thousands of brand new and classic films available on-demand, plus live Sky Cinema channels, with a new premiere every day.
  • Sky Sports Pass: All 11 live Sky Sports channels, including Sky Sports Premier League, Main Event, and channels for golf, F1, and more.
  • Kids Pass: Thousands of episodes of kids’ shows available on-demand and without ads, including six TV channels that aren’t available on Freeview.
  • hayu Pass: Includes lots of US reality shows to binge on, including Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
  • NOW TV Boost: add this to any of the above to stream in 1080p HD with Dolby 5.1 surround sound and let three people in your home watch at any given time.

All the above passes can be got with a seven-day free trial period to begin with, allowing you to see whether or not it’s for you before you start paying for it. Once this period is over, you begin your first month with the pass - this then keeps rolling over until you decide to cancel it, which you can do whenever you like!

The passes are supported by over 60 devices and, in certain instances, you can combine packs to save money rather than purchase them separately.

We’ll now take you through how much each pass would set you back:

Entertainment Pass

As with all NOW TV passes, how much you pay for your Entertainment pass will depend on the term you sign up for. Here are the terms available to you:

Entertainment Pass rolling plan Entertainment Pass saver plan
£5.49 per month for 4 months 6 months for £31.99
Auto-renews at £8.99 per month thereafter Auto-renews at £8.99 per month thereafter
Cancel anytime Cancel anytime

As you can see, even after your free seven-day trial (which still applies here), you’re eased into your Entertainment Pass experience and given time to decide if it’s worth the £8.99 a month you’ll eventually pay. If you decide it’s not, make sure you cancel your pass before your offer period ends!

If you ask us, though, the pass represents excellent value - Sky’s equivalent package will set you back well over £20 a month and doesn’t give you the luxury of cancelling when you please.

Sky Cinema Pass

Once your free seven-day trial is over, your pass will automatically renew and you’ll be charged £11.99 a month until you decide to cancel, which you can do any time you like.

Sky Sports Pass

The Sky Sports Pass offers you a little more freedom in the way to sign up, which will suit the way some of us like to watch sport. Here are your options when taking out the pass:

Day Pass Week Pass Month Pass Mobile Month Pass
£9.98 one-off payment £14.98 one-off payment £33.99 per month (auto-renews) £5.99 per month (auto-renews)
11 channels + 5 on the go 11 channels + 5 on the go 11 channels 5 channels

The variety of ways you can add a Sky Sports Pass means that you can be selective during the sports season, paying only for what you watch. If there’s a particularly important game on one day, you can pay just for that day and not fork out for a whole month when really it’s only that game you want to see.

We’re big fans of this sort of flexibility, and while it may be slightly more expensive to sign up to Sky Sports with NOW TV in the long term, an increasing number of people are drawn to NOW TV because not everyone has to see every game throughout the year. We also like the cheap alternative for those who just want to watch on their smartphones.

Kids Pass

Once your free seven-day trial is over, you’ll be charged £3.99 per month for the Kids Pass. With this, you’ll get the following live channels (which aren’t on Freeview):

  • Boomerang
  • Cartoonito
  • Cartoon Network
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nick Jr
  • Nick Toons

You’ll also get a shed-load of episodes on-demand with no ads for the little ones to sit through. As is always the case, your pass will automatically renew each month, but you can cancel any time you like.

hayu Pass

Once your free seven-day trial of hayu has finished, you’ll be charged £3.99 a month until you decide to cancel. The pass includes over 5,000 episodes of US reality TV which, apart from KUWTK, includes:

  • Family Karma
  • Don’t Be Tardy
  • Meet the Frasers
  • The Radkes

It’s the perfect pass for those of you who love to cringe, and if you can’t take it anymore you are, as always, free to cancel whenever.

For more information on NOW TV passes, see its website.

How to cancel a NOW TV pass

To cancel any NOW TV pass you have activated, you’ll need to sign in to your account on the NOW TV website and click through to the My Passes section. There you will see all your active passes which are automatically renewing every month.

From here, all you need to do is click the ‘Cancel Pass’ button next to the pass you want to cancel and you’re done. If you have any other questions about your NOW TV account, go to the Community section of its website, which has plenty of handy entries to make life easier for you.

You can also read our How to Cancel NOW TV Step-by-Step Guide that explains in detail the process of cancelling your NOW TV subscription.

NOW TV stick

The NOW TV Smart Stick is a device the size of a USB stick which allows users to plug into any compatible TV they like and stream the content available in their passes and on-demand TV services such as iPlayer and All 4.

There are a few ways you can buy a NOW TV stick. Let’s take a look at them:

NOW TV Stick only NOW TV Stick + 2-month Entertainment Pass NOW TV Stick + 1-month Sky Cinema Pass
£24.99 £26.99 £26.99

Whichever way you purchase your NOW TV stick, you’ll be able to enjoy the following features available to all users:

  • The option to add any NOW TV pass you like to your stick.
  • Catch-up TV such as BBC iPlayer and All 4 and apps including YouTube, Sky Store, Vevo, and UKTV Play. You can also use it to watch Netflix (but only if you have a subscription!)
  • Voice search, which allows you to tell your NOW TV remote which NOW TV programme you want to watch.
  • No installation process - just sign up, plug the stick into a compatible TV, and start watching.

For more details on the NOW TV stick, including information on how to activate the stick when you receive it, head over to its website.

NOW TV box

While there no longer seems to be a NOW TV box available with the service - at least not one that we can find -, you are able to stream your NOW TV passes through a number of supported devices, which include:

  • Selected Samsung Smart TVs
  • Selected LG Smart TVs
  • YouView boxes
  • Roku
  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Apple TV
  • EE TV
  • Chromecast
  • iOS devices
  • Android devices
  • Macs and PCs

To find out more about NOW TV supported devices, go to the Help Centre on its website.


Unlike its TV offer, NOW TV Broadband doesn’t seem to offer no-contract broadband deals. It does, however, offer contracts to those who don’t mind signing up for a year. Here are the contracts available with NOW TV:

Brilliant Broadband Fab Fibre Super Fibre
£18 per month £25 per month £30 per month
11 Mbps avg. download speed 36 Mbps avg. download speed 63 Mbps avg. download speed
12-month contract 12-month contract 12-month contract
Includes line rental Includes line rental Includes line rental

For the speeds on offer here these prices represent pretty good value, and NOW TV charges no activation fee, which many providers do - you’ll only be charged a £5 delivery fee when you sign up.

Beware of potential price rises!NOW TV starts off quite reasonably in terms of price but says on its website that “prices may change” (read: go up) during your contract. This is a bit of a red flag, as it gives them carte blanche to hike the price of your contract as and when they see fit.

For the full rundown on NOW TV Broadband (coming soon), including information on its no-contract deals and more complete market comparison, head over to our dedicated page.

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When you take out NOW TV Broadband, you get line rental as standard. With this, you can either do nothing (which you’re entirely free to do) or you can get yourself a landline phone to make calls with.

Here are the calls options NOW TV has to offer you if you choose the second option:

Pay as you use Evenings and weekends Anytime calls
£0 per month £4 per month £8 per month
15.5p per minute on weekdays during the day 15.5p per minute on weekdays during the day Free on weekdays during the day
15.5p per minute at evenings and weekends Free at evenings and weekends Free at evenings and weekends
International landlines charged at standard rates International landlines charged at standard rates 2p per minute to selected international destinations*

*22 countries including France, New Zealand and the USA (also includes US mobile numbers).

In addition, there are a number of calls features you can add for a little extra. If calls are important to you, we wouldn’t say NOW TV represents the best value across the board, but the Anytime Calls pack is certainly the best option for those who love to chat.

Don’t get caught chatting for more than an hourAs with all providers in the UK, calls are only inclusive up to an hour. If you want to keep chatting for longer, hang up and redial or you’ll be charged the standard rate for every minute you go over.

For more information on NOW TV’s phone services, see its website, where you’ll find a complete tariff guide.


NOW TV customers are able to login to their account via the NOW TV website. The site’s My Account section allows users to consult the following:

  • Personal details
  • Bills and payments
  • Passes and vouchers
  • Devices
  • Broadband and calls
  • Settings and pins
  • Technical checks
  • Orders and appointments
  • Message centre

To sign in, just go to the NOW TV login page and enter your username and password. If neither comes to mind, just click the link below that says ‘I don’t know my password’ and you’ll be sent to the recovery page.

If you don’t think you’ve signed up for your account yet, click the link that says ‘Join now’ and you’ll get help creating your account.


How do past and existing customers rate NOW TV? It’s an important consideration, as you don’t want to sign up with a provider that leaves a trail of customer horror stories in its wake.

The answer, if the consumer review site Trustpilot is anything to go by, is that opinion is very mixed. More than 8,000 customers have registered their opinion on the site, with as many giving the best rating of Excellent (28%) as gave the worst rating of Bad (27%). What’s the reason for this?

When ringing NowTV with a query, it feels like they’re not interested, ask you the questions about what package you got etc instead of asking details to look it up.”

A general theme common to poor reviews is that NOW TV’s customer service leaves something to be desired. This is discouraging, as we find it difficult to recommend any provider with a bad track record in this regard.

It’s difficult to avoid having to contact customer services sometimes, no matter who your provider is, and there’s nothing worse than a provider that doesn’t come through for you when you need help with a service you’re paying them for.

Fortunately, this seems to be the only major issue. Customers who left five-star reviews did so because they felt the service worked well and represented much better value for money than its competitors.

We hope something can be done about NOW TV’s customer service because until then we can’t look beyond its two-star TrustScore.


Looking to get in touch with NOW TV? It’s made its number quite difficult to find, but we managed to track it down - give the company a call here:

Blue telephone

NOW TV Customer Service Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0330 332 3050
*Lines open from 8am and 11pm, Monday to Friday

Generally speaking, NOW TV prefers that you consult its website - particularly the NOW TV Community and its ‘Top Articles’ before you contact its support team. If you prefer to avoid talking over the phone, we suggest trying them using the live chat function on the website.

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