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As the name suggests, NOW TV started life as a TV provider. In their words, they’re “all about making things extra easy.” They've tried to apply this philosophy in their more recently launched broadband service by offering customers no contract deals. This flexibility has won them favour - according to Reevoo 80% of them would buy again.

So let’s take a look at what NOW TV have to offer...

NOW TV deals

NOW TV very much sells itself on offering a great service “on your terms.” What does this mean? Well, for starters they’re not looking to tie you down to a contract. You also don’t have to go through any sort of installation process - getting a deal is as simple as signing up through one of their apps or getting a NOW TV smart device. Their service is available on over 60 devices ranging from a smart Samsung TV to an iPhone. You can also get yourself a NOW TV Smart Stick and start watching from any compatible device wherever you want…

NOW TV Stick

USB stick

The size of a good old-fashioned USB stick, the NOW TV Smart Stick is a handy little device you can carry around and plug in anywhere to connect to your WiFi and watch your favourite shows. You can get one for as little as 15 quid and they let you stream series, films, live sport and more. It also gives you access to on-demand TV through iPlayer, YouTube etc. You can even voice search through your remote! You just need your NOW TV Smart Stick, remote, and a compatible TV.

You can get NOW TV through a number of ‘TV Passes’ that will cater to your every need. If series are your thing, on the ‘Entertainment Pass’ you can watch everything from Westworld to The Handmaid’s Tale, from Sex and the City to The Wire. If you’re more about films there are over 1,000 to choose from on the Sky Cinema pass, with a new premiere every day. They also have a Sky Sports Pass, a Kids Pass, and yet more you can check out on their website.

What’s more, if you just want a taste of what you can get from their TV Passes, NOW TV will give you a 14-day free trial of any one of them.

NOW TV Broadband

If you like how they do TV and you want the same from your broadband package, you’ll be pleased to hear you can add broadband to your deal. It could even turn out better for you - you can get 37% off the Entertainment Pass if you get it alongside the NOW TV Brilliant Broadband package, which comes with line rental and Anytime Calls included!

NOW TV’s splits its broadband offer into three simple packages:

NOW TV Broadband Deals
Brilliant Broadband
Fab Fibre
Super Fibre
11Mbps £18pm
36Mbps £25pm
63Mbps £30pm

These are the deals you’ll get without NOW TV, each on a 12 month contract that includes line rental. There’s no activation fee, but you will be charged £9.99 for delivery. If you prefer one of their no contract deals you will have to pay a setup fee but, of course, you can cancel any time you like!

But how are NOW TV Broadband’s reviews?

They give a fairly good account of themselves on Trustpilot, with almost a third of reviewers scoring them Excellent and negative reviews making up just 27% of their scores. Their broadband service generally receives good attention from reviewers, especially for the cheap price they provide at:

NOW TV review 1

A running theme throughout many reviews, however, is for their reportedly excellent customer service from both their Live Chat function and call centre staff. NOW TV manage to prove that even an unsatisfactory customer experience is an opportunity to come out well:

NOW TV review 2

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