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Onestream Broadband Review: Are Customers Happy?

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Are you considering switching your internet to Onestream Broadband? Read our Onestream Broadband review before you make a decision and find out what real customers think about Onestream Broadband.

Onestream Broadband Review

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In our Onestream Broadband review, we’ve looked high and low for the best and worst Onestream Broadband reviews from real customers to give you an insight into this Broadband Provider. From our in-depth analysis we’ve found that most customers have given a positive Onestream Broadband review for its customer service live chat but are unhappy in their Onestream Broadband reviews for almost everything else.

When we look at Onestream Broadband Reviews, Trustpilot gives us the most accurate picture of how its customers are feeling and overall the provider has a Great rating with 4.2 out of 5. In fact, 78% of customers have left an Excellent or Great Onestream Broadband review. But, before you Contact Onestream Broadband to Switch Broadband Providers, make sure you read these Onstream Broadband reviews and be sure to Compare Broadband Providers first.

Trustpilot Rating for Onestream Broadband
Excellent Great Average Poor Bad Overall Rating
69% 9% 2% 2% 18% 4.2/5

Out of 6,508 Onstream Broadband reviews

Last updated: 18/07/2022

In the table below, you can see how Onestream Broadband is rated against other broadband providers in the UK.

Trustpilot Ratings for UK Broadband Providers
Broadband Provider Trustpilot Score
Community Fibre 4.9/5
Hyperoptic 4.7/5
italk 4.7/5
POP Telecom 4.7/5
bOnline 4.5/5
Onestream 4.3/5
Cuckoo Broadband 4.2/5
Gigaclear 4.1/5
Direct Save Telecom 4/5
Origin Broadband 3.8/5
KCOM 3.2/5
TalkTalk 2.7/5
EE 2.4/5
Virgin Media Broadband 2/5
Plusnet 1.9/5
BT Broadband 1.6/5
John Lewis Broadband 1.5/5
Sky Broadband 1.5/5
Three Broadband 1.5/5
NOW TV 1.4/5
Vodafone Broadband 1.3/5

Last updated: 11/07/2022

Is Onestream Broadband Any Good? The provider has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Trustpilot. However, the majority of positive Onestream Broadband reviews are in relation to its live chat service, for the rest of its service, this broadband provider has terrible reviews.

  Positive Onestream Broadband Review

The majority of customers who’ve left a positive Onestream Broadband review are overwhelmingly satisfied with the Onestream Broadband live chat when seeking help with problems, despite there being a long queue to speak to someone via the live chat service. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only good thing about Onestream Broadband.

I needed to change our start date and Molly on chat was very helpful. She answered my questions and booked a new start date in an efficient and friendly manner. Thank you very much!!

Thank you CRIS T! Issue resolved! The wait to get to you was a long one, but we got there! Cheers m'dear!

There was a long waiting period about 20 mins before I got my chance. Once the agent connected, the issue was resolved quickly.

  Negative Onestream Broadband Review

At the other end of the spectrum, customers who chose to leave a negative Onestream Broadband review have commented that the provider has given them a lot of billing problems and the speeds are nowhere near what they were promised when signing-up.

Hidden charges is another common theme amongst these negative Onstream reviews, specifically the Kaspersky antivirus charge which is given as a free trial when joining the provider and is charged later unless cancelled.

Avoid this provider. They do not provide the service you pay for. Transparency is non-existent and it is almost impossible to get hold of anyone. Once I finally lost patience and cancelled the service (after two years when I was out of contract and had established I was free to leave without penalties) they slapped a 20% charge on my bill which they could not or would not break down. The upload and download speeds are nothing like what they say they are. Avoid!

My overall view is the Internet and chat line are good but dismally let down by accounting systems. I have had many issues that have wasted my time to get some resolve. There are hidden price changes lost in small print in their appalling invoice system. No other provider hides these or makes accounting mistakes like these people do. I was with them for 2.5 years. I personally visited them to return equipment and found them friendly so my conclusion is think twice before you give yourself an ongoing headache.

I just noticed on my bank account that I was charged £29.99 by Kaspersky/One stream. I am not even a customer!!! I contact customer service and they promise me that they open some case. That's it. No one contacted me. And never returned my money back. How it's possible the company use my card without my permission for any charges !!!!!

Onestream Fibre 55 Review

Let’s take a look at the Onestream Broadband 55 review. Again, most customers are quick to praise the provider in their Onestream Fibre 55 review for the customer service aspect, but seem disappointed when it comes to download speeds, billing, and hidden charges.

I signed up for line rental and broadband 55 at 19.95 a month to find out 6 days after going live they had not giving me line rental only broadband and cut off my phone. I spoken to them and said it was me when I signed up but they have lied because I received my bill yesterday which says line rental on it but not only they have charge me 49.16 for 6 weeks service when I should some where near 30.00 at the most..just ripping me off and do not get the truth from the adivers. So I have sent 2 emails of complaint because you have lost my land line number I have had for 30 years and also deceiving me with over charging me on my contract I sign up for. Still waiting for a reply to complaint after 7 days when said they reply after 3 days.

Spoke with is adviser last week and said they would get my old number back but need to sigh up for a new deal at 22.95 a month... This is deception to get my old number back but I agreed but still waiting for confirmation by email about this now...this company just lies to you not to be trusted and I will wait for to 8 weeks till I can take it to the Ombudsman and file a case of fraud and deception.

Avoid this company at all costs because they will rip you off and lie to you. All I what is what I signed up to in my first contract One steam broadband and to be deceived out of my money losing my phone number but let the Ombudsman decide that now.

Coming up to 2 months after signing up for their fibre 55 I checked my bank statements to see that £75 had been taken out in just 12 days including a card debit of £29.99 for Kaspersky. So I cancelled my direct debit as I thought I d been hacked. This turned out to be a virus protection yearly subscription. As I never signed on for this or the other add on of £3.95 to protect me against needing a service man to come out I eventually got Chloe on chat to answer. She promised to cancel those two unsolicitored add ons. She did finish on a bad note which probably means I m not getting any refund on the two add ons. I never activated Kaspersky, (which retails at around £10 for the year). I await to see if that £30 gets refunded. She did say the trial period (its not mentioned in the welcome pack how long this is) starts the date you took up the service, not the date you went live.

If its not I will proceed to complain on illegal customer service practice under the unfair trading regulations 2008.To be fair I have had so far very good service. My speed is around 45 mb which is good for me, prob fastest I ve ever had. In the past with Plusnet, Virgin etc They have throttled me back to less than 5 mb. But even that speed allowed Netflix to work. Take away these two dodgy add ons, where there is no opt out clause

Molly was very helpful today. She dealt with my query very quickly. So far, I’m glad I made the switch to Onestream from EE. My broadband is definitely faster since I changed to Onestream Fibre 55. My first bill has arrived and it looks correct apart from two add-ons that shouldn’t be on the account.

Onestream Fibre 80 Review

When it comes to the Onestream Fibre 80 review, customers are once again dissatisfied with the service they’ve received from Onestream Broadband. Sudden increases in the price and difficulties around setup seem to be prevalent, as is the lack of transparency around download speed with many customers having been promised higher speeds than they can actually get.

Incorrect billing amount! I purchased the Fibre 80 package through topcashback at the rate of £19.95. I have checked my latest invoice and I am being charged £28! This is more than my previous supplier, if this was the case i would not have moved. I have checked the website and i don't see an offering of £28 anywhere so not sure where this has come from. also to add insult to injury I was still charged £10 set up fee. This is my 3 complaint and sub par review in the last 2 months!! i want this rectified soonest or i want to cancel at no charge or penalty

As a newly customer using Onestream broadband service, my experiences was frustrated and disappointed. First, the broadband service did not provided on the date as informed by Onestream. Unfortunately, the service was cut by the previous service provider caused to me experienced no internet service for using. In view of the take over communication was handled by Onestream, obviously, there is a miscommunication.

Second, I wan informed the router provided by Onestream was pre-configurated and I only need to do simple connection. However, it does not happen as presented and I need to do all configurations with guidance available on online chat only. During the course of online chats, the agent had ended the communications without my consent twice. Not to say the time I have spent to elaborate the situation with another chats, the online support was dissatisfied and unprofessional.

Third, the Fibre 80 broadband should have provided an average 75Mbps download speed while I am having an average below 50Mbps now. Last but not least, there is no response about my complaint sent to Onestream on 18 May 2022 up till now. Based on the about mentioned, I would not recommend Onestream broadband service till their investigation on this instance with a satisfactory response to me.

I'm on Onestream Fibre 80 plan. The company guarantees 62 Mbps minimum download speed which I never received. I'm just getting 40Mbps Average Download since the start of my connection on both Wifi and LAN. I have Standard Router and it does not provide the guaranteed speed at all. The one which can provide better speed is their Superstream Router for which company charges extra £65. Safely cancelled unwanted Kaspersky Subscription which would have costed me extra on my bill. Still on Service Satisfaction Trial period of 14 days. Lil bit skeptical about staying with the operator.

Onestream WiFi Review

Looking at Onestream WiFi reviews, customers are complaining about the quality of service that Onestream provides but agree that the customer service team are pleasant, professional, and helpful.

Broadband price did not change for 15 months of 18 months contract at a ‘bargain’ £19p/m. Never achieved internet speeds on wifi, only on hardwired devices. The modem and router was old and shoddy. Had an email sent to spam from OneStream offering ‘Assured’ safety package trial, never signed up and then started to receive charges of about £4p/m on top of £5p/m rate change after April - way above RPI. Every call to the call centre takes 30 minutes out of your day and the call centre staff laugh before giving you early cancellation charges which exceed the entire contract cost somehow. Creatively obsequious terms and conditions. Would avoid like the plague and have never written a bad review until this company. Truly dreadful.

Terrible service. Their staff are very pleasant to deal with, but completely ineffective. We have a guaranteed minimum download speed of 45mb - I've been with Onestream for 18 months and rarely get more than 10mb. My bill started off at £27.50 per month; my latest bill has skyrocketed to £54. I've asked 4 times to have a voice package removed from my contract (including one as an escalation to the CEO office) and I'm always told that it's been done, but they continue to charge anyway. Complaints are not acknowledged, the download speeds are terrible, the router was so poor that I had to buy a new one on Amazon just to receive WiFi coverage around the house (something I'd never needed to do with BT, EE or Plusnet).Avoid this company like the plague - you'll regret nothing more than signing up to them.

Very annoyed to find that I was being charged for extras which I didn't sign up for, that I am supposed to cancel in the first 2 months after PLACING the order, not even at the point of starting the wifi contract! And the wifi has been rubbish. Only reason this isn't 1 start is because after some complaining I was offered a credit off my next bill to account for this random service I've been charged for.

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