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Curious about Origin Broadband? You should be. What are the best Origin Broadband deals in 2020? You can access them in this article! Is Origin down? We'll teach you how to find out. Read on for everything you need to know about Origin Broadband below.

Origin Broadband was set up in Yorkshire in 2011 with the simple goal of offering a better standard of broadband nationwide. Since then, several awards attests to their success in this, and they have maintained an ethos of giving customers the best possible support along with great value for money. Another part of their ethos has been to avoid outsourcing any of their operations overseas, so you know when you call them up you’ll be speaking to someone who understands you.

Origin keeps things simple, offering an easy process for switching - all you need to do is tell them you’re switching and they do the rest! - and a good, straightforward set of broadband packages to choose from.

Origin UK Broadband Reviews

Origin score well on review site Trustpilot - consistently better, in fact, than most major providers -, with more than half of reviewers scoring them Excellent or Great. Customers often point to the ISP’s excellent broadband service and effective customer service as the source of their satisfaction. Fast speeds and very few connection drops are reported, and when they need to be called customer service agents are regularly said to be friendly and helpful:

This is my second year with Origin. When faults have occured I have been struck with how good the customer service now is. People work as a team and are very competent and pleasant. In additiona, they don't treat you like you are a fool! - Nyla

As with any service that accumulates a bigger and bigger client base, the inevitable negative reviews have of course started to come in. Many of the poor reviews they receive centre on frustration with wait times, which can stretch during busy periods even for a large customer service team. As one reviewer (who gave a 5 star rating) pointed out, however, those who prefer not to wait over the phone can access Origin’s excellent online chat service:

Excellent service, just upgraded to Fibre Max in new property as we've been on standard broadband for [the] last 3 years. I can count on one hand any issues we've had in connection drops and once called [they are] put right in max 24 hours. Looking forward to getting on lightning fast speeds with excellent ISP. - Laura

Origin Broadband Packages

All of Origin’s packages come with line rental, unlimited downloads and their powerful All-In-One Hub. For just a pound extra per month on any deal they also offer a 30-month price freeze guarantee. In our business we don’t see this sort of thing particularly often, and on deals as cheap as Origin’s it really does seem too good to refuse.


The good news doesn't stop there! Here at Selectra we have some excellent Origin broadband deals you can take advantage of that you won't find on their website. Give us a call on 020 3966 4709 or take a look at the deals listed below:

  • Origin Broadband Deals
  • Origin Fibre Boost: 35mbps - 12 Month Contract - £18.99 a month for the first 3 months, £23.99 for the remaining 9 months.
  • Origin Fibre Boost: 35mbps - 18 Month Contract - £17.99 a month for the first 3 months, £23.99 for the remaining 15 months.
  • Origin Fibre Max Boost: 63mbps - 18 Month Contract - £23.99 a month for the first 3 months, £27.99 for the remaining 15 months.

The regular offer from Origin broadband is simple, split into three easily distinguished packages:

Origin Broadband & Line Rental
Origin Superfast + Line Rental
Origin Max Fibre + Line Rental
£18.99/m 11 Mbps download speed 1 Mbps upload speed 12 month min. term
£23.99/m 35 Mbps download speed 9 Mbps upload speed 18 month min. term
£27.99/m 67 Mbps download speed 17 Mbps upload speed 18 month min. term

These deals cover all types of broadband needs, from the most basic for a one or two person household with low usage to a large internet-hungry family. And if you don’t know already what deal is best for you, Origin’s online tool will calculate it for you on their website! All their speeds are in line with ASA guidelines, so you know you’re getting the speeds you’re paying for.

To us, it seems like Origin offer you the best deals if you’re on either end of the spectrum. Both their low usage package and high usage package are among the very cheapest per month on the market, and cost nothing to set up.

If you prefer to pay your contract off in one, Origin offer Supersaver deals that can save customers a bit depending on their deal. If you want to customise your deal, they offer a range of additions such as upgraded routers, call packages and extras (like voicemail), as well as static IP addresses.

What’s more, if you’re convinced but are wondering how to go about switching - Origin take care of it for you. Once you’ve chosen your package, their transfer team arranges things with your previous supplier, sends you a new router (if you want one), and keep you up to date with any changes.

Origin Hubs

You have three hubs to choose from when you sign up to an Origin deal. You can also keep your old device, but it’s always better to go with one that’s tried and tested with their service. Either way, Origin’s ASUS DSL-N16 is included as standard and works well for everyday usage and serves several devices.

If you don’t mind paying for an even better service, you might want to consider one of their other catchily-named options explained below.

Origin Hub options

  • ASUS DSL-AC56: Designed for larger homes, this hub is next-generation wireless and fantastic for streaming. It will set you back £89.99 (inc. delivery)
  • ASUS DSL-AC68: This is their fastest hub with the best range, top specification and will let you do all the gaming and streaming you want with no disruption. This one will set you back £129.99 (inc. delivery).

Origin Calls Packages

As we’ve said, all Origin’s broadband deals come with line rental as standard, and they have a set of calls packages you can add to your deal. They seem to be of the school of thought that all good things come in threes:

Evening & Weekend Calls £3.49/pm
On calls of up to 1hr. After 7pm or before 7am. 01, 02, 03 numbers.
Anytime Calls £5.99/pm
For calls of up to 1hr. Freedom to call 24/7/365 and certainty about your bill. 01, 02, 03 numbers.
Anytime & Int. Calls £7.49/pm
All anytime benefits. Calls to 36 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Spain, Japan and the US. First 500 mins (8+ hours) of calls to these countries included monthly.

You can add any one of these packages to any Origin broadband deal. You can even just get Origin line rental without broadband and add these packages if you want, but at £20 per month (£3.50 more than their basic broadband + line rental) we don’t see why you would.

If you decide to chance your arm and stomach the charges (brave) or you go over your monthly allowance (foolish), you might be interested in what the damage will be. A look at their pay-as-you-go rates will perhaps make you more careful (at least they’re not hiding it):

Standard UK Landline
Standard UK Mobile
20p setup - 13p per minute
20p setup - 15p per minute

Origin call details

Interested in more details on Origin phone lines? International rates vary both by country and landline/mobile from 30p per minute for some countries to 210p to call a landline in Suriname… Go easy on calls to Antarctic landline, they’ll set you back a cool £3.70 per minute.

All packages feature 1471, 1571 and caller display. You can also add on the following features for a price:

  • Anonymous call reject (to filter out unknown numbers) - £5.79
  • Call barring (a code to limit who uses your phone) - £2.50
  • Call Diversion (to forward calls to a number of your choice) - £2.50
  • Static IP address (for advanced users with special requirements) - £1.49

Service Status: Is Origin Down?

So, you're experiencing issues with your Origin broadband connection, but is Origin down?

Most of us rely pretty heavily on our home broadband connections these days so if you're broadband status is at all questionable then it's best to check it out ASAP.

Unfortunately Origin broadband don't have an offical internet status checker on their website, but there are external website that will show if Origin broadband is down or not.

To check if Origin is down, or whether the issue stems from your broadband alone, you can always get in touch with the Origin UK customer service team. If you'd like to chat to someone about your Origin broadband you can also give Selectra a call on 020 3966 4709 and we will help you out.

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How do I contact Origin?

You can contact Origin Broadband through various channels. You can just call 03300 241777 and select:

  • Option 1 - for Sales Inquiries
  • Option 2 - for Order Updates
  • Option 3 - for Technical Support
  • Option 4 - for Customer Service and Billing

For contract renewals just stay on the line - you don’t have to press anything!

Opening hours

Opening hours for all these lines are:

  • 8:30am - 8:30pm, Monday - Friday
  • 9:00am - 6:00pm, Saturdays
  • 10:00am - 4:00pm, Sunday
  • 9:00am - 6:00pm, Bank Holidays

Alternatively, you can get in touch via Live Chat through their website, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Origin Broadband Login

Like many providers, Origin have an online portal which allows for order tracking, viewing your invoices, make changes to your billing preferences and payment information, change your address, etc. You simply enter your details into their login page to sign in and access your account.

Origin Broadband Cancellation

Origin allow you to cancel your deal free of charge fourteen days after ordering or one day before your service starts - whichever comes first. If you decide to cancel after this but before your contract is up, you will be charged a cancellation fee. You’ll also have to return any equipment - like the free router you received - to Origin via post within 14 days.

All cancellations are handled by their customer service team on 03300 24 17 77. Unfortunately they won’t be able to process your cancellation over social media or by other means online because of data protection laws.

Origin Broadband: The Verdict

There are a few very minor drawbacks, but we believe Origin should be high up on the list of providers to consider no matter what your needs. When you mix cheap deals, good customer service and an easy switching process what you get is called a no brainer. Do yourself a favour - call us today and we’ll help you switch.

  • Some of the UK’s cheapest deals.
  • Customer service scores consistently better than major providers.
  • Option to fix your price for 30 months.
  • Easy to switch.
  • Your phone bill could run up with them if you don’t sign up to a calls package or find yourself going over.
  • Long minimum term with their faster packages.

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