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Starting as a dial-up internet provider in the 90s, Plusnet now offer everything from superfast fibre optic deals to dirt cheap standard broadband service. Despite being an internet service provider since the early days, most people were introduced to Plusnet by Joe, the face of their ‘Good Honest Broadband from Yorkshire’ campaign of the early 2010s. If a good, honest service with friendly call centre agents is what’s important to you, Plusnet would have you look no further.

Plusnet Mobile

Mobile and girl

As of 2016, you are able to sign up to Plusnet Mobile. Customers looking for friendly service at a fair price in their mobile contract can enjoy sim only deals with unlimited texts and minutes and a range of data allowances. Plusnet sim only packages are flexible and affordable and require no contract, with data packages of up to 4Gb available for less than £10 a month. Their network coverage reaches 99% of the UK, and you can find out on their website how well your area is covered, as well as for any more info on Plusnet mobile deals. This year Plusnet even picked up the Best Sim Only Network award at the uSwitch Broadband and Mobile Awards.

Plusnet Broadband

As far as broadband goes, what Plusnet are most proud of is a reputation trumpeted largely by themselves for excellent customer service. The industry awards they have received attest to this, with Plusnet taking away Most Recommended Provider, Most Reliable Provider and Best Customer Care (among other awards) at the 2018 Broadband Genie Survey Awards. This year, Plusnet took home the Best Broadband Provider award at the uSwitch Broadband and Mobile Awards, and was ‘highly commended’ by uSwitch in several other categories:

Plusnet uSwitch awards

Plusnet Reviews

Away from the awards ceremonies, however, Plusnet in fact get a pretty awful rap on review site Trustpilot. With a score of 1/5 stars and 82% of reviewers giving them the worst rating of Bad, we don’t see much correlation between the above accolades and actual public opinion. A common complaint among reviewers is that despite being initially satisfied and remaining loyal to the company, they have seen their service with Plusnet worsen over time.

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How do people rate their customer service?

While we know all of these views aren’t purely for broadband, with reviews for Plusnet Mobile mixed in, a theme common to many reviews of Plusnet in general is what one customer describes as their “very bad customer service.” This flies in the face of their own claims. Reviewers cite repeated phone calls to resolve simple issues such as a mistake on one of their bills and an engineer being sent to the wrong address. One reviewer sums up their problem in a cutting final sentence:

Spent well over 4 hours on the phone to very polite people who did nothing at all to resolve my issue.

This speaks volumes about Plusnet's policy with regard to customer service, which would appear to be far more concerned with keeping up a pleasant appearance and not quite concerned enough with really dealing with their customers' issues. Less than 10% of 4,239 reviewers recorded a positive experience, with 88% rating them as either Poor or Bad - not a great look.

It seems to be that with their emergence as a major provider, Plusnet has struggled to keep up with the increasing demands that come with a larger customer base. Our advice would be to watch this space - if they’re to stay near the top they’ll have to invest heavily in the service they provide and put out some tempting deals, and certain savvy customers could benefit from riding that wave.

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Plusnet not doing you proud?

Give one of our agents a call today and we'll find you a provider that will.

Plusnet Broadband Deals

Their standard and fibre broadband packages range between 10Mb speeds and Plusnet Fibre, which is 6x faster and in line with most providers' top packages. Don't quite know what to do with this information? Check out our guide on broadband speeds and we'll help you get your head round it.

All of their deals include unlimited broadband and a free router. They also offer flexible contract lengths, security features, and bonuses for recommending friends and family. This is all well and good, but what are the speeds offered under their packages and how much would you pay? Well, let’s take a look:

Unlimited Broadband
Unlimited Fibre
Unlimited Fibre Extra
£10 activation
£25 activation
£25 activation

Though, like many providers, they often feature special deals on their website, their standard packages as it stands are the above. Their prices are fixed for the length of your contract, which can be 12 or 18 months and include line rental. Their deals are all - as their names would suggest - unlimited in terms of usage, and include a safeguard for online parental control.

Their prices compare well with other major providers on the market, but come in slightly more expensive by the month than the cheapest out there - some other providers also allow you to avoid the activation fee Plusnet will charge you. For a complete guide on the best prices out there you can take a look at our guide to the cheapest broadband.

Does Plusnet offer TV deals?


Plusnet isn’t a TV provider as such, apparently instead deciding to concentrate on improving areas they know like broadband and phone deals. Sports fans, however, may be interested by Plusnet’s inclusion of BT Sport Lite for either Youview TV or via the Sky Digital Satellite Platform with all its broadband deals. You can also upgrade to the more comprehensive BT Sport packages from £5 extra a month.

Plusnet Router

All Plusnet Broadband deals come with a wireless router worth £40. If you sign up for one of their superfast fibre packages, however, you’ll receive their fastest router - the Plusnet Hub One. This one is worth £100 and has dual band Wi-Fi designed for a high speed connection, and Plusnet boast that it will have you browsing at hyper speed. It’s intended for large families wanting to get online all at once, gamers or those who work from home and can’t afford for their connection to drop regularly.

Joe from Plusnet
Credit: Plusnet

Plusnet Login

Your Plusnet Broadband account can be managed online through the ‘Member Centre’ on their website. To manage your account you can login through their website via the Plusnet Broadband login page. If you forget your details you can reset them and gain access again via the Forgotten your password? button.

Cancel Plusnet

If you want to cancel your deal, Plusnet say that the best way is to call their Customer Options team. We’ve put the number below for you. If you’re also a Plusnet Mobile customer, you can call 0800 328 4620 or 150 from your mobile.

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Plusnet Contact Number
Please check with the provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0800 432 0200 or 0345 140 0200
*Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturdays: 9am-7pm; Sundays: 9am-6pm

You’ll be able to see if you’re going to be charged for early termination of your contract on the Account Summary page in the Member Centre section of their website. In the cost column you’ll see “£XX.XX (upon cancellation)” and the amount shown is what you’ll be charged. Let’s hope it’s a big fat zero!

The Verdict

  • Fixed rates on flexible contract lengths
  • Cheap prices compared to other 'Big Six' providers
  • Free parental control safeguard
  • Very poor reviews, especially for customer service
  • Activation fees
  • Not quite as cheap as many some smaller providers

Sometimes you can take the bad with the good, and it's true that many providers will give you a decent service in some regards and lack in others. When it comes to the general opinion on Plusnet, however, we find it really difficult to look beyond. The fact is that they do seem to have a lot of improvements to make, particularly in the way they handle customer concerns. Until they do we would recommend you look elsewhere.