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Plusnet Broadband: Deals and Reviews 2019

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Though it only emerged as one of the UK’s major providers in the last decade, Plusnet is one of the more experienced internet service providers on the market. It began life as a dial-up provider in the late 90s under the name Force9, but will only have become familiar to ordinary folk in the early 2010s, when Plusnet Joe began appearing in its TV advertisements. Joe has been ever-present in championing its “good, honest broadband” ever since.

But just how good and how honest is Plusnet’s service? We’re going to take you through its offer so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth switching.

Plusnet Broadband

In this section, we’ll take you through the different types of broadband deal available to you with Plusnet. We’ll start with its most basic packages:

Plusnet basic broadband

Nowadays, it seems as though you’re expected rely entirely on superfast internet. Adverts take for granted that you’re going to want to stream films and television, play games online, etc. What if this isn’t the case? If you’re not out of touch, you want access to the web but have no need to pay through the nose for a pointlessly quick package, Plusnet standard broadband should work for you.

The first thing to note is that there are a few ways you can get this package, as Plusnet offers a good deal of flexibility with its services. Here are your options for getting signed up to Plusnet broadband and line rental:

Ultd. (10 Mbps) Broadband
12-month contract 18-month contract No contract
£23.99 a month £18.99 a month £23.99 a month
£5 activation fee No activation fee £50 activation fee
Price fixed during your contract Price fixed during your contract Rises to £31.48 per month after a year
No download limits No download limits No download limits
Call plans from £4 a month Call plans from £4 a month Call plans from £4 a month

You’ll notice that the deal Plusnet has put it for its 18-month contract at the moment is especially tempting, offering a £5 per month saving on its 12-month deal. We think it’s a no brainer to go for this one here - you are tying yourself down for an extra six months, but bear in mind also that your price is fixed for this period as well. This is one of what Plusnet calls Plusnet Perks, which also include:

  • An annual account review to check you’re on the best deal.
  • Customer support available 365 days a year.
  • Plusnet Safeguard to keep your household safe online.
  • A free router worth £40.
  • An extra 2GB of data for Plusnet’s SIM-only mobile deals.
  • Referrals bonuses of up to £1.25 a month per referral.

If you’ve already got line rental sorted with another company and just want Plusnet to supply you with broadband, you have the option to take out any of the above options without line rental. Here’s how much each would cost:

Ultd. (10 Mbps) Broadband (without line rental)
12-month contract 18-month contract No contract
£13.49 a month £13.49 a month £14.99 a month
£35 activation fee £35 activation fee £60 activation fee
No download limits No download limits No download limits

These look like seriously cheap deals, with the only downside appearing to be the hefty activation fees - which at any rate are only one-off payments. You should, however, take into consideration that, whether or not it’s with Plusnet, you do need an active phone line to get set up with Plusnet broadband. Unless you can find line rental for a fiver from another provider, we’d say your best bet is to go for a deal which includes it.

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Plusnet fibre broadband

If your internet needs are a bit more demanding and standard broadband doesn’t cut it, you probably need to look at Plusnet Fibre deals. If, apart from general browsing and online shopping, you like to stream series and films, you might be fine with Unlimited Fibre. Here are your options:

Ultd. Fibre (36 Mbps)
12-month contract 18-month contract
£29.99 a month £22.99 a month
£10 activation fee No activation fee
No download limits No download limits
Call plans from £4 a month Call plans from £4 a month

You’ll have noticed that there’s no mention of a no-contract deal - this is because Plusnet does not offer no-contract fibre broadband. This is the major difference between standard and Fibre broadband with Plusnet, with all of the ‘Perks’ that Plusnet talks about being equally available to Fibre customers, along with one important addition: TV add-ons.

Plusnet Fibre customers (and only Fibre customers) have exclusive access to its two TV add-ons. Let’s take a look at them:

  • YouView TV from Plusnet: a choice between two YouView boxes, one of which lets you record, with Freeview and Premium channels (including BT Sport Lite) and add-on options.
  • BT Sport for Plusnet Customers: all four BT Sport channels plus BoxNation, giving you access to sporting action on your TV and via the BT Sport App.

Only want to see the football?You can either add just one of these or both, which would come to a £15 per month combined - pretty tempting if you ask us. Most of this goes on the BT Sport pack, the ‘Lite’ version of which you get on the YouView add-on anyway, and this comes with 42 exclusive Premier League matches per season. If you only want football, we wouldn’t even bother forking out the extra. To find out more about Plusnet’s TV add-ons, see our Plusnet TV page (link coming soon).

While you can’t get Unlimited Fibre on a no-contract deal, you are able to get it without line rental if you wish. Let us quickly run you through pricing on these deals:

Ultd. Fibre (36 Mbps) without line rental
12-month contract 18-month contract
£17.49 a month £17.49 a month
£50 activation fee £50 activation fee
No download limits No download limits
Customer service advisers

There’s not a huge amount of benefit in shackling yourself to an extra six months here, so if you plan on opting for Fibre without line rental we’d recommend taking the 12-month route. Both do guarantee a fixed price for the duration of the contract, so if you want assurance of paying the same rate for an extra six months you can get it. On each, you’ll also get a reminder towards the end of your contract and an adviser will see that you’re put onto the best deal available to you when it finishes.

Lastly, let’s take a look at Plusnet’s Unlimited Fibre Extra deals. These are its fastest speeds, allowing even a large and internet-hungry to browse, stream and game to its heart’s content without fear of the buffering icon. Here’s what these would set you back:

Ultd. Fibre Extra (66 Mbps)
With line rental Without line rental
12-month contract 18-month contract 12-month contract 18-month contract
£36.99 a month £26.99 a month £22.49 a month £22.49 a month
£10 activation fee No activation fee £50 activation fee £50 activation fee
Unlimited downloads Unlimited downloads Unlimited downloads Unlimited downloads

We see here an even more dramatic difference between the 12-month and 18-month contract with line rental - we wouldn’t be at all tempted to go for 12 months. Nor is the saving on going without line rental enough even to offset the cost of activation against the 18-month contract with a landline, let alone make up for the fact that you would have to pay for it elsewhere.

If you really want broadband without line rental, see our dedicated page, where we take you through your options in this regard. If you want superfast speeds with Plusnet, however, the best deal is certainly to be had with line rental included.

Plusnet Business broadband

Plusnet’s business broadband deals, as you might expect, are broken up slightly differently. There are only two different speeds to choose from, and rather than 12 and 18-month contracts you have a choice between signing up for 12 or 24-months. Here are all the details:

Ultd. Business Broadband (18Mb) Ultd. Business Fibre Broadband (76Mb)
12-month contract 24-month contract 12-month contract 24-month contract
£21.50 a month £16 a month £30 a month £23.50 a month
No activation fee No activation fee No activation fee No activation fee
Line rental included Line rental included Line rental included Line rental included

Similarly to Plusnet’s consumer deals, we see significant savings on its lengthy contracts. Another thing they have in common is that prices are fixed for the length of the contract, so as well as being cheaper, it makes sense to lock yourself in for the extra year. Here is the full set of business broadband perks Plusnet have to offer customers:

  • Fixed-price for the length of your contract.
  • End of contract reminder and account review.
  • Line rental included.
  • Call plans from £4 a month.
  • Free installation and one free premises move included.
  • 24/7 support based in the UK.
  • Plusnet SafeGuard security.
  • Plusnet Hub One included.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • A free Static IP address.

There seems to be plenty of reason to consider Plusnet broadband for your business. What it lacks in terms of the variety of packages it certainly makes up for in value, while its range of extra features seem to make it cheap and easy to get everything set up with Plusnet. For full details of its business broadband packages, including information about calls add-ons, see the Business Broadband section of Plusnet’s website.

Plusnet Broadband contact

If you’re looking to contact Plusnet, the number or method you’ll need will depend on whether you’re already a customer, what type of customer you are, and what your issue is. We have all the specifics mapped out for you in our Plusnet contact page (link coming soon), but if you just want to call to talk about getting signed up, here’s the number you’re after:

Blue telephone

Plusnet Sales Team Number Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost. From the UK: 0800 432 0080 From abroad: +44 330 123 0170 *Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 9am-7pm; Sunday: 9am-6pm

Plusnet also has a live chat service available on their website where you can talk about which deal will suit you best and get the signup process done in a few clicks.

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Plusnet Broadband review

We’ve told you pretty much all you’ll need to know about Plusnet broadband. What we haven’t mentioned is perhaps one of the most important bits - what its customers think of it.

It’s not good news for PlusnetThe truth is, despite low costs and promises of great customer service, customers are not happy with Plusnet. According to review site Trustpilot, which gave it a terrible score of 1.4 / 5 stars, over 80% of reviewers gave Plusnet the worst score of Bad.

No entry sign

What’s the reason behind this? Well, it seems to be largely due to bad customer service. While its support teams are open 365 days a year, it doesn’t seem that they’re particularly happy about it - or keen to pick up the phone. This customer is one of many who have had to give up on various occasions, having been left on hold for half an hour or longer!

Today I have tried to contact customer service 3 times but gave up the first 2 times after 27 and 29 minute wait! Have just finally got through to them after waiting 37 minutes!! What is going on with their customer service??!!

This is backed up by Ofcom, which lists Plusnet as the major provider with the longest call wait times on the market - with an average of 6 minutes 47 seconds. This is more than 5 minutes longer than the average across other providers. Not only this, but its broadband service doesn’t exactly get rave reviews either:

The connection constantly drops on and off all the time and is now starting to get annoying I’m always having to check the speeds and it’s mostly poor…

Several reviews reflect these sentiments, with many cancelling their service as a result. Those who cancel are not much happier, however, as it seems Plusnet has a tendency to cut your service prematurely once you indicate your intention of cancelling, even though customers pay in advance and should be entitled to their final month of service. In short: oh dear. For more on Plusnet reviews, head to our Plusnet reviews page (link coming soon).

Plusnet broadband FAQs

Now we’re going to take you through a few commonly asked questions about Plusnet broadband. We hope this saves you the fuss of having to call and ask an adviser - but, if you need help, you can always call one of ours!

How do I switch from my current provider to Plusnet?

All you have to do is choose a package you like and buy it - Plusnet will usually be able to handle the transfer with your old provider.

Do I need to cancel my old broadband deal?

If your current deal is for broadband, you won’t need to - Plusnet will handle it for you. In fact, if you cancel with your current provider before signing up with Plusnet, your switch may be delayed or you’ll have an internetless gap in service between providers - we don’t recommend this!

If you’re currently signed up for cable broadband, however, you’ll need to make sure your old deal is cancelled after Plusnet is done getting your service activated to avoid unnecessary charges from your old provider.

Can I use my own router?

You can, though Plusnet will provide you with one for free when you sign up and recommend that you use it for the smoothest ride. You’re also advised that if your router is from a different provider, many of them lock their routers to their network, so you might not be able to use it anyway. You should also be aware that, depending on the type of service you’ve signed up for, you’ll need a particular model of router. Here are the types you’ll need depending on your deal:

  • For standard broadband: ADSL, ADSL2, or ADSL2+
  • For fibre broadband: VDSL2 Fibre
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