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Plusnet Broadband Deals for Home and Business Full Review

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Plusnet Broadband aims to offer competitively priced internet connections to UK homes and businesses. With their tried and true Standard and Fibre Broadband, Plusnet is able to offer relatively fast connections to a wider range of homes across the UK than some of their competitors. Plusnet Broadband can rely on the convenience of established infrastructure to deliver internet service.

Plusnet Broadband Deals

But just how good and how honest is Plusnet Broadband service? We’re going to take you through its offer so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth switching. Let's take a look at the different Plusnet Broadband deals currently available. Below you can find details on Plusnet Broadband deals in terms of pricing and available speeds.

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband will not give you superfast internet. However, this entry-level Plusnet broadband deal will be sufficient for internet use on one device.

Unlimited Broadband from Plusnet 10Mbps
12-month contract 18-month contract
£23.99 a month £18.99 a month
£5 activation fee No activation fee

You’ll notice that the 18-month Plusnet Broadband deal is especially tempting, at the moment. This is thanks to the £5 activation fee being waived for this Plusnet Broadband deal. We think it’s a no brainer to go for this Plusnet Broadband deal here if you're not a big WiFi user at home without a lot of connected devices.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre

Unlimited Fibre could be the Plusnet Broadband deal for you if your internet needs are a bit more demanding and standard broadband doesn’t cut it. If, apart from general browsing and online shopping, you like to stream series and films, you might be fine with Unlimited Fibre. Here are your options:

Unlimited Fibre from Plusnet 36Mbps
12-month contract 18-month contract
£29.99 a month £22.99 a month
£10 activation fee No activation fee

With the promotional period now over, the intermediate Plusnet Broadband deal reverts to offering the best conditions for the 18 month contract. With 18 month contract of Unlimited Fibre, the £10 activation fee is waived and you end up saving £7 month from your broadband bills when compared with the 12 month contract.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra

The fastest Plusnet Broadband deal is Unlimited Fibre Extra, with download speeds topping out at 66Mbps. While this is fastest speed available from Plusnet Broadband, it isn't the fastest broadband available in the UK. Other broadband providers, such as Virgin Media and TalkTalk have faster broadband deals but they are not necessarily widely available in all areas of the UK, due to the Openreach rollout. This Plusnet Broadband deal should provide fast enough internet for most British households.

Unlimited Fibre Extra from Plusnet 66Mbps
12-month contract 18-month contract
£36.99 a month £29.99 a month
£10 activation fee No activation fee

Once more the difference between these 12 month and 18 month top level Plusnet Broadband deals is of about £7 a month. Additionally it's good to see that the activation fee is also deducted from the 18 month broadband deal.

How Much is Plusnet Broadband?

The cheapest Plusnet Broadband option starts at £18.99 a month for their Unlimited Broadband deal on the 18 month contract. This is by far the slowest broadband deal they offer but also the cheapest. The next step up in terms of how much you pay for Plusnet Broadband is their Unlimited Fibre which costs £22.99, which is a better broadband deal since for £4 more you get download speeds that are more than three times as fast.

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For households that use their WiFi internet more intensively you have the Unlimited Fibre Extra Broadband deal. For £2 more on the 18 month, you get an extra 30Mbps of download bandwidth, to bring it to 66Mbps. To sum up, that comes to £24.99 a month for 18 months without the activation fee either.

Currently, whether you can commit to the 18 month contract, instead of the 12 month one, will determine how much Plusnet broadband is for you across the board.

What Plusnet Broadband Speeds Can I Get?

Plusnet broadband speeds range from ADSL 10Mbps download speeds to moderately fast 66Mbps fibre broadband. Plusnet broadband does not offer any faster speeds that some other broadband providers can reach in certain areas. However, the broadband speeds Plusnet offers are perfectly adequate for smaller households with average internet use.

Can I get Plusnet broadband without a landline?

Plusnet broadband is not available without a landline. However, Plusnet broadband does have landline rental included in its broadband deals and you are not obligated to use the landline for phonecalls. If you really want broadband without line rental, see our dedicated page, where we take you through your options in this regard.

Plusnet Broadband Review

The details for Plusnet broadband deals can be found above but now let's take a look at what Plusnet broadband reviews from customers say about the service quality on a daily basis.

How Good is Plusnet Broadband?

Plusnet broadband does try hard to make its offers appealing through its Plusnet Perks, which include:

broadband router in a gift box
  1. An annual account review to check you’re on the best deal.
  2. Customer support available 365 days a year.
  3. Plusnet Safeguard to keep your household safe online.
  4. A free router worth £40.
  5. An extra 2GB of data for Plusnet’s SIM-only mobile deals.
  6. Referral bonuses

The truth is, despite low costs and promises of great customer service, customers are not happy with Plusnet. According to Plusnet broadband Trustpilot reviews, the average customer satisfaction score of 1.4 / 5 stars is pretty telling. Over 80% of reviewers gave Plusnet broadband the worst score of Bad.

What’s the reason behind this? Well, it seems to be largely due to bad customer service. While Plusnet broadband support teams are open 365 days a year, it doesn’t seem that they’re particularly effective - or keen to pick up the phone. This Plusnet broadband customer is one of many who have had to give up on various occasions, having been left on hold for half an hour or longer!

Today I have tried to contact customer service 3 times but gave up the first 2 times after 27 and 29 minute wait! Have just finally got through to them after waiting 37 minutes!! What is going on with their customer service??!!

This is backed up by Ofcom, which lists Plusnet broadband as the major provider with the longest call wait times on the market - with an average of 6 minutes 47 seconds. This is more than 5 minutes longer than the average across other providers. Not only this, but its broadband service doesn’t exactly get rave reviews either:

The connection constantly drops on and off all the time and is now starting to get annoying I’m always having to check the speeds and it’s mostly poor

Several reviews reflect these sentiments, with many Plusnet broadband customers cancelling their service as a result. Those who cancel are not much happier, however, as it seems Plusnet has a tendency to cut your service prematurely once you indicate your intention of cancelling, even though Plusnet customers pay in advance and should be entitled to their final month of service. For more on Plusnet reviews, head to our Plusnet reviews page.

Plusnet Business Broadband

Plusnet Business Broadband deals, as you might expect, are broken up slightly differently. There are only two different speeds to choose from, and rather than 12 and 18-month contracts you have a choice between signing up for 12 or 24-month business broadband. Here are all the details about Plusnet Broadband for Business:

Plusnet Business Broadband
Unlimited Business Broadband (18Mb) Unlimited Business Broadband (18Mb) Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband (76Mb) Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband (76Mb)
12-month contract 24-month contract 12-month contract 24-month contract
£21.50 a month £16 a month £30 a month £23.50 a month
No activation fee No activation fee No activation fee No activation fee
Line rental included Line rental included Line rental included Line rental included

Similarly to Plusnet Broadband consumer deals, there are significant savings when going for longer contracts. Another thing Plusnet broadband for home or business has in common is that prices are fixed for the length of the contract, so as well as being cheaper, it makes sense to lock yourself in for the extra year. Here is the full set of business broadband perks Plusnet have to offer customers:

broadband perks
  1. Fixed-price for the length of your contract.
  2. End of contract reminder and account review.
  3. Line rental included.
  4. Call plans from £4 a month.
  5. Free installation and one free premises move included.
  6. 24/7 support based in the UK.
  7. Plusnet SafeGuard security.
  8. Plusnet Hub One included.
  9. Unlimited downloads.
  10. A free Static IP address.

There seems to be plenty of reason to consider Plusnet broadband for your business. What it lacks in terms of the variety of packages it certainly makes up for in value, while its range of extra features seem to make it cheap and easy to get everything set up with Plusnet. For full details of its business broadband packages, including information about calls add-ons, see the Business Broadband section of Plusnet’s website.

Plusnet Broadband Contact

If you’re looking to contact Plusnet, the number or method you’ll need will depend on whether you’re already a customer, what type of customer you are, and what your issue is. We have all the specifics mapped out for you in our Plusnet contact page, but if you just want to call to talk about getting signed up, you can call 0800 432 0080.

How To Cancel Plusnet Broadband

To cancel Plusnet Broadband, the live chat service available on their website might be a less frustrating option than dealing with long call wait times as well as being able to get Plusnet cancellation details in writing.

Plusnet Broadband FAQs

Now we’re going to take you through a few commonly asked questions about Plusnet broadband. We hope this saves you the fuss of having to call and ask an adviser - but, if you need help, you can always call one of ours!

How do I switch from my current provider to Plusnet?

All you have to do is choose a package you like and buy it - Plusnet will usually be able to handle the transfer with your old provider.

Do I need to cancel my old broadband deal?

If your current deal is for broadband, you won’t need to - Plusnet will handle it for you. In fact, if you cancel with your current provider before signing up with Plusnet, your switch may be delayed or you’ll have an internetless gap in service between providers - we don’t recommend this!

If you’re currently signed up for cable broadband, however, you’ll need to make sure your old deal is cancelled after Plusnet is done getting your service activated to avoid unnecessary charges from your old provider.

Can I use my own router?

You can, though Plusnet will provide you with one for free when you sign up and recommend that you use it for the smoothest ride. You’re also advised that if your router is from a different provider, many of them lock their routers to their network, so you might not be able to use it anyway. You should also be aware that, depending on the type of service you’ve signed up for, you’ll need a particular model of router. Here are the types you’ll need depending on your deal:

  • For standard broadband: ADSL, ADSL2, or ADSL2+
  • For fibre broadband: VDSL2 Fibre

The services and products mentioned on this website may only represent a small selection of the options available to you. Selectra encourages you to carry out your own research and seek advice if necessary before making any decisions. We may receive commission from selected partner providers on sales of some products and/or services mentioned within this website. Our website is free to use, and the commission we receive does not affect our opinion or the information we provide.

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