Plusnet TV - YouView no more, Is The BT Sport Deal Worth it?

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Plusnet TV now only offers a BT Sport app subscription as an optional extra. New Plusnet TV customers will no longer be able to sign up for full TV broadband packages that had been fully available until December 2020. This is because Plusnet TV announced it had ended its partnership with Youview in January 2021. This put an end to Plusnet TV offering a full range of Freeview and paid TV channel options.

Plusnet TV No Longer Available

Plusnet TV is no longer available to new customers. For existing customers, Plusnet TV will continue to be available for the remainder of their minimum contract length which is 18 months from the time they signed up.

For the last customers that signed up, that means they can enjoy Plusnet TV until mid 2022 at the latest. That is provided these Plusnet customers don't cancel or change their Plusnet broadband deal.

While Plusnet TV is no longer offered, you can still sign up to the BT Sport app as an optional extra for your Plusnet Broadband. While you won't get a TV box, you can screenshare the BT Sport app on your phone to your TV, provided you have the right screencasting setup at home. This is the closest you can get nowadays to Plusnet TV.

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How much is Plusnet TV?

While Plusnet TV is no longer available for new customers, here are the Plusnet TV prices existing customers are currently paying. That is as long as they are choosing to maintain the service as part of their Plusnet TV and Broadband package.

Plusnet TV with YouView pricing (Updated March 2021)
Plusnet TV Package Monthly Plusnet TV Package
YouView TV from Plusnet (including Entertainment and BT Sport Lite channel packs) £5.00
YouView TV+ from Plusnet (including Entertainment and BT Sport Lite channel packs) £5.00

These two Youview TV from Plusnet packages have an 18 month contract minimum length. Since Plusnet TV is no more, once that contract is over, there will be no option to renew through Plusnet.

Plusnet TV also offered a number of additional channel packs, based on types of TV content and interests. These could be added on to the base Plusnet TV subscription. It's worth noting that some of these Plusnet TV extras saw a price increase in 2020.

Plusnet TV Extra Channels Pricing (Updated March 2021)
Additional Plusnet TV Channel Packs Monthly price before 09/12/2020 Monthly price after 09/12/2020
Kids £3.00 £3.00
BT Sport (including BT Sport App) £10.00 £15.00
Entertainment Plus £3.00 £3.00
HD £3.00 £3.00

Thankfully, these Plusnet TV extra channels only have a minimum 1 month subscription. This means that existing Plusnet TV customers can cancel them without any penalty after just one month.

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What Channels Do You Get With Plusnet TV?

Only existing Plusnet TV customers will have access to these channels. With the base Plusnet TV package, you notably get 70 Freeview TV and radio channels and access to some TV streaming players from ITV, BBC, Netflix and Prime Video. It's worth noting that the latter two will require additional subscriptions.

Plusnet TV Channel List (Updated March 2021)
Plusnet TV Channel List
4Music, Al Jazeera, BBC News, BBC Four, BBC Alba, BBC One, BBC Two, CBBC, CBeebies, Challenge, 4, 5, Dave, E4, Film 4, 5 Star, 5 USA, ITV, ITV 2, ITV 3, ITV 4, ITV Be, 4 More, Pick, Quest, QVC, Really, S4C, Sky News, Sky Arts, HGTV, Gems, horror channel, Jewellery Maker, Shopping Quarter, Forces TV, Animal Planet, Crime + Investigation, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, E!, Eurosport, Eurosport 2, History, Investigation Discovery, MTV, Vice, Syfy, TLC, Universal, Alibi, Gold, W, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Lifetime, and BT Sport 1 and Yesterday

For existing Plusnet TV customers who opted for the £3 per month Entertainment Plus Pack from Youview, here are the additional channels that are added on.

Plusnet TV Entertainment Plus
Entertainment Plus Pack Channel List
Comedy Central Extra, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Eden, H2, Movies 24, MTV Classic, MTV Music, TCM, VH1

For existing Plusnet TV households with children, there is the Kids Pack which offers a whole host of fun for all ages. Once again, this comes in for an extra £3 per month and unfortunately is no longer available for new customers since the demise of Plusnet TV.

Plusnet TV Kids Pack
Kids Pack Channel List
Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Cartoonito, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, Nick Junior, Nick Jr. Too, Nick Toons

Finally you also have the Plusnet TV HD pack. This doesn't necessarily add more channels to your Plusnet TV package, as an existing customer, but it increases the resolution of the available channels to HD when available. Once again, none of these Plusnet TV options are available for new customers. It's only existing Plusnet TV customers who can continue enjoying the service until the end of their contract, at which point they will not be able to renew.

Plusnet BT Sport Option Lives On

While Plusnet TV is no more, new customers looking for sports coverage can still get BT Sport through Plusnet. It's not as streamlined as some other ways of getting BT Sport but it's still possible and may be handy for those who want their sports TV on the go.

Plusnet gives you the option of getting BT Sport through the BT Sport app for £15. It's important to understand what this means because it doesn't equal having sports coverage automatically on your TV at the press of a button.

With the Plusnet BT Sport deal, you first have to download the BT Sport app on your mobile or tablet. From the app, you will be able to enjoy all your BT Sport live content as well as rewatching older content. This is great for Plusnet customers who want BT Sport on the go but what about those who want to enjoy BT Sport on the big screen?

If you want BT Sport on the big screen as a Plusnet customer, the easiest option is to screencast from the BT Sport app to your TV. To do that, you will either need a Smart TV that supports screencasting from a phone or a streaming TV box or accessory like Apple TV or Google Chromecast. Once you've set up your screencast, you will be able to see what is on your mobile or tablet screen scaled up on your TV - and that includes the BT Sport App.

Take a look at what BT Sport App offers as a £15 a month add on for Plusnet customers.

BT Sport App through Plusnet
BT Sport App Channel List (Updated March 2021)
BT Sport, BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport ESPN, Box Nation

The BT Sport on Plusnet channel list is all well and good but here is the list of tournaments, leagues, titles and competitions you will actually get coverage for.

  1. Live UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League
  2. 52 exclusive live Premier League matches per season
  3. Up to 24 exclusive live FA Cup matches per season
  4. 30 exclusive live Scottish Premiership matches per season
  5. Live Bundesliga and Ligue 1 matches
  6. World, European, British and Commonwealth Boxing Title Fights
  7. All 69 televised Premiership Rugby matches, plus 35 exclusively live Champions Cup games
  8. WTA Tennis
  9. MotoGP, World Rally Championship and IndyCar Series
  10. MLB fixtures

Alternatives to Plusnet TV

With Plusnet TV no longer available to new customers, it's time to consider the alternatives for your TV and Broadband needs. Depending on what you want to watch and the type of TV content you would like to have at your fingertips, there are many Streaming and TV options to choose from.

Here are the main alternatives to Plusnet TV and what you need to know about them.

Main Alternatives to Plusnet TV
Plusnet TV Alternatives Key Points
Sky Household name but pricey when you add options
BT Owns Plusnet but surprisingly expensive and slow
TalkTalk More competitively priced but also winding down its TV options
Origin Wide availability, flexible and affordable TV options
Virgin Media Impressive broadband speeds but big pricing increases when promotions end
Vodafone Comes with Apple TV and one year of Apple TV+. Limited to what's available on Apple TV

Cancel Plusnet TV

While no new customer can sign up for a Plusnet TV package, existing customers might be eyeing a way to cancel Plusnet TV by contacting Plusnet. According to Plusnet, any customer who started a YouView TV from Plusnet plan before December 2019 will be liable for an early termination fee.

Leaving Plusnet TV early costs £1.80 per month left on the YouView TV contract. For existing customers that means you could have to pay up to £30 if you cancel Plusnet.

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