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Sky Offers and Sky TV Packages

Sky TV Packages

With on-demand TV becoming more and more popular and more accessible than ever it can be hard to decide which company to go with for your on-demand TV service, especially when there are so many options. Everyone wants to watch their favourite movies, TV shows and sports commercial free and from wherever they want. Everyone also wants great TV services at a great price. So how do you choose?

To decide on a company is not an easy task, especially seeing as some of them are not the cheapest. Once you have chosen the company, you then have to decide on the best package for you. This can be another minefield to cross, as one company can offer many packages.

You have to take into consideration many things such as the prices, the channels that are included (HD, premium etc.), and how much any extras will cost.

Downloading and Streaming

Don't forget to also consider the download speed options and whether the packages offer high speed internet.

Are there any TV and Broadband promotional offers that might save you some money?

Most companies also offer bundling of services and there might be some savings opportunities in this too.

If you feel more confused now than before don’t worry too much. Here we keep it simple for the consumer by using a benchmark provider of TV Packages: Sky TV Packages.

First a little bit about Sky. Sky is a British provider of television and broadband services. It’s actually the largest provider of paid TV subscription services in the UK, with more than 11 million customers.

Now that you are more familiar with Sky, let's get into their offers and packages.

Sky Offers

Piggybank and Money

If you´re looking to save some money or get a great deal on your Sky TV Package, don´t forget to first see if there are any special deals avaiable.

Sky often have a “Deal of the Week”, “Deals for New Customers” and even “Deals for Existing Customers,” so keep an eye out!

Sky TV Packages

We have found that Sky TV packages are quite simple and a lot easier to understand than those of other providers such as for example, BT TV Packages. If you would like to read more about BT TV Packages, you can go to our guide. With Sky, there is a standard package that all customers get and then they can choose whether they want to add one of these extra packages.

The standard package that all customers get is “Sky Entertainment.” This gives them the following channels: Sky One, Sky Two, Sky Arts, Sky Witness, and Sky Atlantic.

Then customers can choose as many add-ons as they like:

  1. Sky BoxSets. This package includes over 350 box sets of your favourite shows.
  2. Sky Cinema. This package includes over 10 movie channels with a new movie added every single day. With a huge collection of movies, this package could be a great option for the family.
  3. Sky Sports. One for the sports lovers and a great package given that Sky Sports has one of the biggest selections of sports channels, events and live events compared to its competitors. These are the sports channels you can choose from:
    • Sky Sports Premier League: Shows top games from the Premier League, as well as highlights, discussion, analysis and debates.
    • Sky Sports Football: Shows live football every week, including the EFL, Carabao Cup, SPFL and La Liga.
    • Sky Sports F1: Every practice, race and qualifying session of the F1 season.
    • Sky Sports Cricket: Shows every England home Test, domestic matches and all ICC competitions.
    • Sky Sports Golf: Live coverage of the Majors, and also the European and PGA tours.
    • Sky Sports Action & Sky Sports Arena: These two channels are only available together and show a massive range of shows. These include International and European Rugby Champions Cup, NFL, GAA and darts.
  4. Sky Kids. With Sky TV, the kids don't miss out either. This package has 11 children’s channels such as Disney XD, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, as well as more than 4,500 episodes on demand. There is also a Sky Kids App which allows access to this package and streaming of TV channels and Sky movies. With the app, it's showtime anytime! Most importantly, the parents can turn on parental controls to monitor what their kids watch and when.
  5. Sky HD (High Definition). For anyone who prefers HD TV, this is the package for you. With Sky HD, you can watch channels like Sky One and Sky Atlantic in the highest definition.

Sky Broadband Deals and Sky Bundles

If you prefer, you can also bundle your TV, internet, phone and broadband with “Sky Broadband bundles”. At Selectra we have looked into these bundles and brought you the top three.

Broadband & Sky Bundles
Sky Entertainment + Broadband Unlimited
Sky Entertainment + Kids + Broadband Unlimited
Sky Entertainment + Broadband Unlimited + Talk Anytime Extra
£33.00 per month
£38.00 per month
£41.00 per month
Installation Service Fee
Contract Length
18 months
18 months
18 months
Average Broadband Speed
11 Mbps
11 Mbps
11 Mbps
What You Get
Truly unlimited downloads Pay as you go phone 147 channels
Truly unlimited downloads Pay as you go phone 157 channels
Truly unlimited downloads Anytime calls inc. 147 channels

Sky Box Sets

Sky Box Sets are part of the Ultimate On Demand Pack, which includes over 350 shows as well as Netflix access. If you already have Netflix, you can keep your current subscriptions, or create new ones if you don’t.

The Ultimate On Demand pack comes with Sky Box Sets in HD, Netflix Standard (2 screens at the same time, HD), and Sky Go Extra.

This is a great add-on if you have lots of favourite TV shows and you’́re in a binge-watching mood or you hate waiting a week for new episodes.

This package currently costs £10 per month but keep an eye out for when the price rises to £12 as a regular price increase.

Sky TV Deals for Existing Customers

Saving money

Existing customers have many offers available to upgrade their current services. If you are with Sky TV but with another provider for your home broadband, you can save some money by switching your broadband to Sky Broadband.

You can also upgrade any of your TV Packages, add more channels and even upgrade TV features:

Sky Multiscreen - Allows you to watch Sky TV in other rooms of the house.

Sky Go Extra - Upgrading to Sky Go Extra lets you access your subscription on more devices, watch Sky TV on games consoles, and download shows to watch offline later.

If you already have Sky Multiscreen and you sign up online, the installation of the Sky Q 1TB Box will cost just £20. This is in contrast to the charge of £75 to £199 if you are setting up from scratch without any services from Sky.

If you have a package already, you can add Sky Q Experience for £13 per month and it comes with a Sky Q Mini Box. In this case, the installation of a Sky Q 1TB Box will cost £20 if booked online, and £75 if not booked online.

Sky TV Deals for New Customers

New customers will have the luxury of choosing one of Sky´s fantastic packages as well as another bonus. New customers who sign up for a Sky TV Package will receive a Sky Q box. They will be presented with two deals and will have to choose between:

  1. Sky Q Box Standard: One-off £20 setup cost.
  2. 2TB Sky Q Box: Setup cost £199.

What is a Sky Q Box?

A Sky Q Box is the set-top box you need to watch your Sky TV. It is a small box that is designed to stay in the living room and controls your Sky TV. As already mentioned above there are two main types of Sky Q Box.

There is also a Sky Q Mini Box, which you can use to view Sky TV in other rooms.

At the moment, you need a satellite dish to integrate your Sky Q Box. But this year, Sky is working on streamlining your Sky TV experience by removing the need for a satellite dish and instead using Sky Q via the internet. At the same time, they are also working on a Sky Q App so you can watch everything on the go. The point of all of this is to make it easier for people who do not have a satellite dish, and do not plan on getting one.

Sky Q Boxes
Sky Q Box Standard
2TB Sky Q Box
Sky Q MiniBox
£20 setup cost
£199 setup cost
£99 setup cost
Stores 150 hours of HD content. Supports viewing on one tablet at once.
Allows recording of up to 6 channels. Viewing on 2 tablets at the same time. Stores 350 hours of HD content. Able to support HD viewing of many channels.
For viewing content in other rooms. Connected to your main Sky Q Box. Only plays video in full HD. Does not have a in picture-view of live programming on other channels.

1TB Sky Q Box

2TB Sky Q Box

Sky Q Mini Box


Taking into consideration the number of TV companies that exist and especially the number of TV packages that exist, we think that Sky TV is a really great option.

Selectra Tick

Their packages are a lot more simple than those we have seen from other providers. They’re also very affordable. What's more you have many options depending on your budget and your interests. It's perfect for watching your favourite blockbuster or movie channel or your favourite TV show.

We also love the wide range of options for kids and the option to have TV everywhere with the app and the Sky Q set top boxes.

With their TV and internet offers, we think a package from Sky could be a great option for TV and internet lovers and the same goes for movie and TV shows lovers.

If you are on the hunt for a TV Package, or even a broadband and TV bundle, we highly recommend that you consider a deal from Sky TV.