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TalkTalk Broadband and Faster Fibre deals 2019

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TalkTalk began selling home broadband services in 2005, a couple of years after its business-focused forebear Opal Telecoms was bought by the Carphone Warehouse. It came onto the scene with a bit of a flourish, offering free broadband when customers signed up to TalkTalk line rental. Things have since changed, of course, but with this change, TalkTalk has emerged as one of the UK’s major broadband providers.

With over four million subscribers, it must be doing something right, then, but is it worth signing up for TalkTalk Broadband? We’re going to take you through every detail of its broadband offer so you can decide for yourself. Let’s get going.

TalkTalk Broadband & Fibre Broadband

Depending on your needs, TalkTalk has a relatively wide range of broadband products, so you should be able to find one to suit your needs. Its packages are also among the most affordable of the UK’s major providers. Let’s take a look at them, starting with the slowest, most basic deal:

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Fast Broadband

With streaming videos becoming something almost everyone expects to be able to do with their broadband, this deal won’t do for most users. “Fast” Broadband is the somewhat misleading name of TalkTalk’s basic broadband package. If, however, you don’t plan on putting your internet under any sort of strain and you’re looking to pay the minimum, it may do you just fine. Here’s a summary of the deal:

Fast Broadband (11 Mbps)
12-month contract 18-month contract 24-month contract
£30 per month £30 per month £19.95 per month

As you can see, you’re able to choose the length of your contract, but how much you pay will depend on the length you choose. The 24-month deal is pretty heavily incentivised, coming in at over £10 a month cheaper than the others, and TalkTalk’s fixed prices for broadband make us inclined to think that getting locked into a longer deal for less has its upsides. Here are all the features that all these contract lengths share:

  • Fixed prices for the length of your contract
  • Line rental included
  • Unlimited usage
  • HomeSafe web filter included
  • TalkTalk Super Router included
  • Extras that can be added and removed every month

No broadband-only deals with TalkTalkIf you’re looking for broadband without line rental, TalkTalk isn’t the provider for you. All of its deals include line rental as standard and require an active line to get you connected. You’re not obliged to actually plug a phone in, though, if you prefer to do without it altogether.

Faster Fibre

If you need internet with a bit more oomph than standard broadband - there aren’t that many of you, let’s say, but you are going to be streaming videos and expect decent speeds when a couple of devices are connected - you may be more suited to TalkTalk’s Faster Fibre deal. Like all of the rest of TalkTalk’s deals, it uses fibre optic cables to transmit data instead of old phone lines, meaning it works more than three times faster. Here’s what it would set you back:

Faster Fibre (38 Mbps)
12-month contract 18-month contract 24-month contract
£36 per month £22.95 per month £36 per month

Again, you’re free to choose the length of your deal, but TalkTalk is pushing you towards one deal in particular. This time it’s the 18-month contract, which offers an even bigger saving of more than £13 a month compared to the 12 and 24-month deals. There are also extra incentives to signing up to TalkTalk’s fibre deals - here are all its features:

  • Fixed prices for the length of your contract
  • 30-day great connection guarantee
  • Line rental included
  • Unlimited usage
  • HomeSafe web filter included
  • SuperSafe virus protection
  • TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub included
  • Extras that can be added and removed every month

TalkTalk’s 30-day great connection guarantee is a promise that if you decide within the first 30 days that you’re not happy with your connection, you are free to leave without paying an exit fee. TalkTalk Fibre deals also come with SuperSafe antivirus protection in addition to the HomeSafe web filter, which offers antivirus protection on one of your devices for free. You can cover up to 10 devices by upgrading with the SuperSafe Boost.

Want protection for up to 10 devices?No problem, Fast Broadband and Fibre customers alike are able to purchase the SuperSafe Boost in the TalkTalk Store and cover all your devices for £3 per month.

Superfast Fibre

Not sure if Faster Fibre will be quite quick enough to match your needs? If it’s available in your area, you should consider upgrading to Superfast Fibre. With this package, you’ll experience speeds up to six times faster than standard broadband, so even a big household should have no trouble connecting several devices at the same time to stream, game online, and browse. Here’s how much it costs:

Superfast Fibre (67 Mbps)
12-month contract 18-month contract 24-month contract
£39 per month £25.95 per month £25.95 per month

Be aware that speeds this fast will not be available to everyone, and depend very much on where you live. You can check the speeds available to you on our dedicated page. If you’re eligible, TalkTalk has some tempting deals if you’re willing to commit to its longer contracts. The rest of its features are the same as those associated with Faster Fibre.

150 Fibre

More exclusive but perfect for households that need their broadband to go a little bit further, Faster 150 Fibre offers 145 Mbps downloads and 25 Mbps uploads. Always got a load of devices on the go at once? Are several TVs streaming while others are being used for online gaming? You can be sure of no annoying lag time or cuts with a package like this:

Faster 150 Fibre (145 Mbps)
12-month contract 18-month contract 24-month contract
Not available £28 per month Not available

As you’ll have noticed, 150 Fibre is only available on an 18-month contract, which is usually £40 a month but at the time of writing is on special offer. Once your contract is up, you’ll revert to paying £40 a month (which, being out of contract, will be subject to change) thereafter. As with its other deals, TalkTalk doesn’t charge for setup unless you need to have a new line installed - this will incur a one-off charge of £12.50.

Looking for a speed boost?If even 150 Fibre isn’t quick enough for you, you might be able to add the Faster 300 Fibre Speed Boost to your 150 Fibre deal for an extra £10 a month. This could push your speeds up to as high as 290Mbps!

UFO Broadband

If you’re lucky enough that your home falls within the parts of York where TalkTalk has developed its own hyperfast network, you could be eligible for a deal on broadband speeds of over 900 Mbps. Ultra Fibre Optic (or UFO) broadband is for those who want no limits on bandwidth and want to wait not one millisecond for their internet to catch up with them. Here’s what it would set you back:

Ultra Fibre Optic (1 Gbps)
1-month rolling contract 18-month contract 24-month contract
£36 per month £25 per month £36 per month
£30 setup fee No setup fee No setup fee

It won’t take much of a look at this to bring you to the conclusion that if you’re eligible for UFO Broadband, you should definitely get it! Its 18-month deal is among TalkTalk’s cheapest fibre deals, as well as being by far its fastest. There are definitely perks to living in York! To see the availability map for UFO broadband, go to the TalkTalk website.

More perks with UFO BroadbandApart from the series of features included with all TalkTalk fibre deals, UFO Broadband customers signed up to the 18-month deal also receive TalkTalk TV as standard and can add the Unlimited UK Call Boost for free for the duration of their contract.

TalkTalk Router

TWi-Fi router

Like most major providers, TalkTalk offers a series of its own routers to customers, and certain hubs can come included in certain deals. Not only do they often come free, but providers often recommend that you use their own routers because they are configured to “work best” with their service - we’re not sure if this is correct, but it’s always worth trying out a free piece of kit.

TalkTalk, in fact, has two routers - the first of which is called the TalkTalk Super Router. It’s designed to accompany a basic 11 Mbps broadband deal. Here are its features:

  • Dual-band technology which lets it switch between two frequencies and avoid wireless interference.
  • Simple setup - plug it in, wait for the connection to set up automatically, then you’re good to go. Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) also allows you to connect securely to your device with the push of a button.
  • The Super Router regularly conducts smart software updates to improve the performance of your Wi-Fi.

The Super Router comes as standard with TalkTalk’s Fast Broadband, while TalkTalk’s fibre deals come with TalkTalk’s Wi-Fi Hub. The Wi-Fi Hub, TalkTalk claims, is its “strongest, fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi signal ever” - it comes as standard with all of its fibre deals, from Faster Fibre right through to UFO Broadband. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

  • Simple setup - plug it in, switch it on, and you’re ready to go.
  • Breaks through background interference and pinpoint your devices to keep you connected in all parts of your home.
  • Smart feature learns which devices you’re using and where, tailoring the speeds it sends to each device depending on their needs.
  • One steady status light to let you know if there’s a problem while keeping things simple.
  • Removable Wi-Fi settings card with the network name and password, making it easy for you to get at the details when you need to.

My TalkTalk app

To help manage your TalkTalk account more easily, the My TalkTalk app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Through the app, you can:

  • Pay your most recent bill.
  • View bills from the past 12 months.
  • View your usage (can be used for broadband, TV and mobile).
  • Contact TalkTalk’s customer service team via App Messenger.
  • Solve issues yourself via the Help section, FAQs and the Community forums.

This sounds great. Unfortunately, however, the success with which the app carries out these functions is put slightly into question by its ratings for iOS and Android. In the App Store, almost 400 users gave it a lousy average of 1.6 out of 5 stars, with one user describing it as “quite possibly the worst app ever made.”

Google Play Store users aren’t much kinder, with over 6,000 users giving it an average of 2 out of 5 stars. The problems they cite are similar to those experienced by Apple users, and one user gives a definitive summary which seems to speak for the majority:

It's a simple app, should work perfectly, but it's full of bugs and poorly designed.

Put simply, the app needs work, and at the moment offers little respite to (as we’re about to discover) overstrained customer service advisers. This is definitely one area TalkTalk needs to make a lot of improvements in.

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TalkTalk Broadband contact

Looking to get in touch with TalkTalk about broadband? You’ll find all the contact information you need on our TalkTalk contact page. We won’t go through all the departments here, so if you’re an existing customer with an issue, a business broadband customer, or have a different issue to resolve, go straight there and you’ll be guided through every channel. If you’re just looking to talk to someone about joining TalkTalk, however, here’s the number to call:

TalkTalk Broadband sales contact0800 049 1375 *Monday to Sunday: 8am-8pm

If you don’t want to go through it over the phone, TalkTalk offers a live chat service on its website where you can ask an agent any questions you may have. You can then also buy online to avoid being put on hold and wasting your own time.

TalkTalk Broadband reviews

We’ve taken you through just about everything you’ll need to know about TalkTalk broadband, but one important thing remains - what do customers think about it? We wouldn’t dream of entering into a contract without knowing a company’s track record with customers, and neither should you, so we’ve scoured the internet to find out just what people are saying about TalkTalk.

What we found was a mixed bag. According to Trustpilot, a customer review website, as many people are delighted with TalkTalk’s service as are those frustrated with it. More than a third (36%) of the site’s reviewers give TalkTalk Broadband the best rating of 5 stars, while another 38% give the worst rating of 1 star. So what’s going on? Let’s take a look:

Talk Talk customer services have not got a clue. I have never received such bad services from a company, and that's when you eventually get through.

Most of the bad reviews seem to stem, like the above one, from poor customer service rather than broadband service itself - not that this is particularly encouraging, as everyone has to contact their provider for help at some point. There are also some customers having issues with their broadband service, with broadband cutting out and complaints of lower than advertised speeds, but these seem to be more of a minority.

Pros and cons

So here’s what seem to us to be the pros and cons of signing up to TalkTalk Broadband:

Pros Cons
 Cost of TalkTalk broadband is generally way below the market average.  Customer reviews cite poor customer service for broadband issues.
 Those eligible for UFO Broadband and Fibre 150/300 can get a great deal on hyperfast fibre internet.  Reviews for the app are extremely negative, with users complaining that it is almost unusable.
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