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TalkTalk Business: Broadband, Login & Contact Info

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All business are unique and TalkTalk Business broadband could save your business plently of cash. Selectra investigates everything there is to know about the provider, from TalkTalk business broadband login, to deals, reviews and support. You might find TalkTalk Business broadband has exactly what you're after.

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The company initially operating under the name Opal Telecoms, began supplying fixed-line telephony services to businesses in 1995. Over the course of the last 25 years, its range of services has broadened to include broadband and mobile services, and it now works with over 180,000 business subscribers and over 800 partners as one of the country’s major business broadband providers.

If you’re looking to sign your business up to a business broadband deal, TalkTalk Business might be able to give you the service you need at a price you’ll be happy with. Let’s take a look at its offer and you can see for yourself.

TalkTalk Business

Whether your business is small or large, TalkTalk Business broadband is made up of a number of products that, to an increasing extent, businesses of any size can no longer do without. TalkTalk serves the following types of customers:

  • Small businesses (with up to 19 employees)
  • Mid-size businesses (with 20-250 employees)
  • Large businesses (with 250+ employees)
  • Partners (reseller, SI and carrier)

And here are the types of services these businesses can get from TalkTalk Business:

  • Business Broadband - including standard and fibre TalkTalk business broadband deals.
  • Voice services - including SIP Trunking, Business Phone Services, Inbound Solutions, and Calls & Lines.
  • Networking services - including Internet Access, Private Networks, Hybrid Networks, and Data Centres.

We’ll now take you through these products individually, seeing what they offer in terms of features, what the pricing is like and how they compare with what else is on the market.

TalkTalk Business Broadband

TalkTalk Business broadband offers two different types of packages - standard broadband and fibre broadband. The main difference, you’ll likely know already, is the speed. If your internet needs are only the most basic, you’ll be able to make do with a standard package. You can get this either on its own or in a deal including Unlimited UK Calls - here are their features and how much each would set you back:

Business Broadband Business Fibre
Speeds of up to 17 Mbps Speeds of up to 76 Mbps
1 Mbps uploads 1 Mbps uploads
£18 per month £21.95 per month
No connection fee/td> No connection fee. Unlimited broadband.
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TalkTalk Business claims that these packages represent £200 and £300 savings when compared to the equivalent packages offered by BT. The only added cost seems to be an £8.99 delivery charge, and prices are fixed for the duration of your contract. Customers are also offered a number of added features in signing up to standard business broadband - here they are:

  • Line rental included as standard
  • Pay as you go calls
  • A free wireless router
  • Free standard line installation (if needed)
  • WorkSafe® network security included as standard
  • 365-day TalkTalk business broadband support
  • Free caller display

You’re also able to add extras such as static IP addresses to your deal for just £1 a month, which is about as cheap as your business will find anywhere else. You can also, of course, add further calls packages to your deals - such as TalkTalk Business’s International Calls package, which you can read about further down the page.

So far, the pricing and features here seems to compare well with the rest of the market - you may find a few deals representing similar value, but we can’t think of a deal that totally outstrips TalkTalk for price. Is it worth opting for standard broadband, however, when you compare it with TalkTalk Business’s own fibre broadband deals? Let’s take a look at them and see:

Simply Fibre Broadband Complete Fibre Broadband & Phone
Up to 76 Mbps downloads Up to 76 Mbps downloads
20 Mbps uploads 20 Mbps uploads
£21.95 per month £24 per month
12-month contract 12-month contract
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Need a New Broadband Deal?

Get TalkTalk today for fast and cheap fibre broadband

With the same list of features being included in TalkTalk Business broadband deals for fibre and standard broadband, the only real difference between the packages’ features is the speeds. If you need to be sure your business’s internet is ticking reliably, particularly for video conferencing (which relies heavily on upload speeds, which are very low with standard broadband), this will be important for you.

A second look at the table will also tell you that, for a broadband and phone deal, going with the fibre option is actually cheaper than standard broadband. We wouldn’t think twice about it, as on the face of it it seems to be one of the best deals out there at the time of writing.

Do TalkTalk Business Use Leased Lines?

If your needs are broader and more varied than simply standard or fibre broadband, and your business needs more assurance from its service, you may need to look beyond TalkTalk’s more basic packages to what it refers to as its Networking solutions. TalkTalk Business Networking solutions allow you to take out a leased line, meaning that your business’s internet connection is not shared with anyone else and therefore not vulnerable to slowing down at peak times because of increased usage.

There are a few options available to businesses in this regard. Here we’ve broken them down for you in the table below - bear in mind that pricing and performance will vary depending on the size of your business and the best way to find out what speeds to expect and what you’ll pay is to call for a quote.

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Internet Access (EFM) Internet Access (EoFTTC) Internet Access (Ethernet Access Direct)
20 Mbps symmetrical speeds* 76 Mbps symmetrical speeds 1 Gb symmetrical speeds
From £100 per month From £150 per month From £274 per month

*Symmetrical speeds mean that download speeds and upload speeds are the same - not usually the case with standard broadband and fibre deals. This is important for business reliant on sending data as much as receiving it, such as during conference/video calls.

You’ll notice that TalkTalk Business broadband can work well for businesses that don’t need an ultrafast connection. If you can afford to invest the extra cost to guarantee your business consistent, symmetrical speeds, the assurance of having your own line should be a serious consideration. A leased line with TalkTalk Business will also give you 24/7 support in case anything goes wrong with the connection, with a fix time SLA of 7 hours.

Here’s a more complete list of reasons TalkTalk Business cites to sign up for a leased line with them as opposed to other providers:

  • “99.995%” network reliability
  • Priority over residential traffic
  • Flexible availability - one to three year contracts
  • Fixed costs
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • Consistent service even if a component line fails
  • Supports VoIP solutions
  • Cloud-ready

TalkTalk Business: Voice Solutions

As you’ve read above, all TalkTalk Business broadband packages come with line rental as standard, with which you get access to pay as you go calls, but if you know your business needs to make regular phone calls it makes sense to consider adding its calls solutions to your deal. Here are your options:

What is SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a fancy way of referring to calls made using the internet via Ethernet cables rather than with phone cables. Increasingly popular with businesses because of its steadier, more reliable connection, it should be a serious consideration for your business’s voice solutions. TalkTalk offer businesses the following options in setting up SIP Trunking:

  • Pay as you go calls
  • 1000 inclusive minutes to UK phone and mobile numbers
  • 3000 inclusive minutes to UK phone and mobile numbers
  • 5000 inclusive minutes to UK phone and mobile numbers

Customers are able to keep their current phone number when signing up for an SIP Trunk, which also allows users to manage their spending, divert to other numbers, and block certain numbers. For a full list of features you can see the TalkTalk Business website. The majority of businesses now switch to this type of phone service in order to receive the improved service which comes with it - a connection TalkTalk advertises as being “secure, dedicated connection” with 24/7 support from a UK-based team.

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TalkTalk Hosted Voice

Also known as VoIP, Hosted Voice is a cloud-based phone system that routes calls through an internet connection. You can link it to your business’s office and mobile phones and use it the same way you would a traditional phone system for a lower cost and without an installation process and the accompanying fees. TalkTalk offers a few options to businesses interested in a Hosted Voice solution, here they are:

Basic Enhanced Unlimited
200 minutes per user per month* 1,000 minutes per user per month Unlimited minutes per user per month
£7 per user per minute £10 per user per minute £11 per user per minute
Minutes allocated individually or pooled for all users Minutes allocated individually or pooled for all users Minutes pooled for all users

*Minutes are inclusive to UK local, national and mobile numbers.

If you ask us, unless your calling needs are quite basic and you would opt for the Basic package, it makes sense to go Unlimited for the extra pound per person per month. The benefits of opting for one of these go beyond cost - unlike a phone, Hosted Voice solutions integrate calls between office handsets, mobiles, laptop and desktop computers, making it unlikely that users will miss a call.

More features available than with standard phone linesUsers can also reroute calls to other locations, perform video conferences, share screens and chat with coworkers for quick communication that doesn’t merit a phone call.

Bear in mind that the Unlimited package is subject to a fair usage policy which you may want to read up on if your phone usage is particularly heavy. For more details on TalkTalk Business’s Hosted Voice solutions, including information on its fair usage policy and all calls charges outside of inclusive minutes, see its website.

TalkTalk Business Login

Having access to your online account can save you loads of time - so let's get your TalkTalk business login sorted. As a TalkTalk Business customer, you will have access to its TalkTalk Business Broadband Support Centre to manage your business’s account at your leisure. The Support Centre offers clients the following features:

  • TalkTalk business Login gives you the ability to:
  • View their products and services.
  • Track and manage their orders.
  • Diagnose and fix faults with their connection.
  • View and manage their monthly bill.
  • Request changes to their service.
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You can get more information on TalkTalk business login and the Support Centre from an advisor via the TalkTalk Business website. To create an account there, you’ll need your account number, your billing postcode, and the email address that you’d like to register and manage your account through.

TalkTalk Business Contact

If you’re looking to get in touch with TalkTalk Business, there are a number of ways to do so depending on what kind of business you are and what your issue is. This should bring down waiting times so that you can get your problems solved quicker, which is encouraging. If you’re not a TalkTalk Business customer yet and just want to chat to an agent about signing up, the number below is the one to call:

TalkTalk Business sales inquiries Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
Business Broadband: 0800 458 4581
Other solutions: 0800 231 5951
*Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

You can also go to the TalkTalk Business website and chat to an agent via its live chat function. For full details on contacting TalkTalk Business, including numbers and email addresses for all the channels available to existing customers, see our TalkTalk contact page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now we’ll address a few questions common to prospective customers have about TalkTalk Business’s solutions, hopefully removing the need to go out of your way to find an answer somewhere else:

Can I keep my old numbers?

If there is a porting agreement between TalkTalk Business and your old provider, yes you can. If your old solution is with TalkTalk Business, even better - you’re able to migrate these to your new solution easily.

How reliable is TalkTalk Business’s network?

If TalkTalk Business’s website is to be believed, the answer is very reliable. It has invested over £600 million in its network, proudly reporting coverage of 95% of the country and a core network availability of 99.995%.

Does my business need to be registered with Royal Mail?

Yes. All providers will require this from you because of their legal obligation to ensure your addresses are accurate for the sake of Police, Fire and Ambulance services.

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