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There’s any number of reasons you could want to get in touch with Three, and there are just as many ways of getting in touch with its often-specialised advisors. Dial the wrong number or email the wrong person and you’re just asking to be frustrated - you could be passed around and have it seem like Three doesn’t care about your custom, even ignored entirely.

Whether you’re not a Three customer but are interested in signing up, you’re an existing customer with a query, or you’re sick to your stomach of them and want to cancel your service - you’ll find the number or contact detail you need on this page. It’s important to note that our focus will be on Three Broadband and not Three Mobile (link coming soon), but we’ll try to be as clear as possible to avoid confusion throughout. Let’s get to it.

Three Contact Number

The numbers in this section will be for teams dedicated to sales - be it buying for the first time with Three or upgrading or changing a current product you have.

New customer inquiries

We’ll start with those who have not yet begun their relationship with Three. Whether you’re interested in a mobile or broadband deal with Three, there’s a freephone number common to all inquiries that you can call. Here it is:

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Three Sales inquiries contact
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0800 033 8001
*Lines open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday; 9am-6pm Saturday & Sunday

Another option would be to simply browse Three’s website, decide on a product for yourself in the shop, and buy online. If you need help while you're browsing, the website has a live chat function on hand which can connect you to an agent quickly and easily - so you can wait at your leisure for a response (should you need to) rather than hang around over the phone. Three says that its agents are connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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01704 468005or

New Business customer inquiries

If you’re looking to sign your business up to Three Business services, there is a separate number you’ll need to call. Here it is:

Blue telephone

Three Business Sales inquiries contact
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0800 033 8022
*Lines open 9am-8pm Monday to Saturday; 10am-8pm on Sunday

You can also go directly to the website and browse deals online, chat to an agent via its live chat function, or request a callback at a time to suit you by filling in Three Business’s online form.

Existing customer inquiries

If you’re already a Three customer but want to upgrade, change, or sign up to an entirely new product with Three, you might have been tempted to give the ordinary sales inquiries line a call. No need! There are several numbers for these inquiries to spread things out a little more and save you having to wait too long. Here are the numbers you need if you’re signed up to Mobile Broadband:

Existing Mobile Broadband customer inquiries
From a Three phone: 500*
From another phone: 0333 338 1003**
From abroad: +44 7782 333 500***

This number is also the one to call if you’re having an issue with your bill or if you’re having trouble with signal or coverage where you are. If you’ve got a Three Mobile account, the numbers are again different. Here are the numbers to call for this:

Existing Mobile customer inquiries
From a Three phone: 333*
From another phone: 0333 338 1001**
From abroad: +44 7782 333 333***

*Free, unless you’re on an Essential plan. Find out about charges on the Three website. **Standard rate applies. Check this with your provider. ***Standard roaming cost applies. Find out about international charges on the Three website.

This amount of numbers should keep each channel relatively unclogged. Any Mobile customers still wary about calling, however, can consult the My3 app to see if they’re eligible for an upgrade in the ‘Upgrades & offers’ panel and even chat with an advisor there to avoid a wait. They can also For more information on the My3 app, head to our Three Broadband page, which includes a dedicated section on Three’s apps.

An old-fashioned way to upgrade your mobile dealIf you want to upgrade your mobile deal, you can also go about it the old-fashioned way by heading to your nearest Three Store!

Three Broadband customer care

If you’re already a Three Broadband customer and you want to contact them about something other than buying or upgrading, there is again another option available to you to get your query dealt with. Home or mobile broadband with Three wanting to make what it euphemistically calls a “care inquiry” - in other words, a ‘complaint’ - can do so by calling Three’s broadband customer care team on the number listed below:

Blue telephone

Three Business Customer Care Team contact
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0330 686 8000
*Lines open 8am-10pm Monday to Sunday

Alternatively, you can also make your complaint direct to an agent via the chat function in the My3 app or on the Three website and try to get it dealt with without calling.

Three Business support

Three Busines customers, of course, have a separate line to call when they’re experiencing issues with their account or service. If you’re a Three Business customer, here are the numbers you’ll need:

Three Business Support contact
From a Three phone: 337*
From another phone: 0333 338 1030**
From abroad: +44 7782 333 333***

*Free, unless you’re on an Essential plan. Find out about charges on the Three website. **Standard rate applies. Check this with your provider. ***Standard roaming cost applies. Find out about international charges on the Three website.

Three Support Centre

If you’re having trouble with anything relating to Three, it may be that you don’t need to speak to an agent at all. The Three website includes a comprehensive Support section, which allows users to type in a question of their own or browse by category to see if their query has been asked and answered before. Here is a list of the areas covered by Three Support:

  • Device support
  • SIM support
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Upgrading
  • Billing and contracts
  • Network and coverage
  • Calls, emails and messages
  • Pay as you go
  • Roaming and international
  • Internet and apps
  • Contacting Three
  • Cancelling your contract
  • Getting more allowance
  • Switching provider

So you have a sense of how comprehensive Three Support’s network of helpful pages and articles is. Much of it is relevant only to Mobile customers, Broadband customers certainly have places to turn to when they’re in need of help. Here are a few of the areas addressed in these sections that should keep Broadband customers from wasting a phonecall:

  • An article on using tablets, dongles, & Mobile WiFi abroad.
  • Articles on paying your bill, understanding your contract and bill, etc.
  • An article on using 3Connect to get online via the My3 app.
  • Device support articles, so you can get help tailored to your specific device.

Even if you’re not already a Three customer, the Support section could be of use to you. If you’re interested in Mobile Broadband but find the site difficult to navigate, you can click through to the Mobile Broadband section in Support, choose the ‘Getting Started’ panel and be redirected to the ‘Plans, Prices & Deals’ section.

For more on what Three’s Support Centre can do for you, simply go to the Three UK website and click on the Support tab!

Press inquiries

If you’re a member of the press and are looking to get in touch with Three, its Media Centre website should be your first stop. You can contact its office in Maidenhead by phone at 07454 959 715 or by email at Any queries about facts and figures, however, need not go to a person - just head to the site and you’ll find a simply laid out section dedicated to just this.

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Social media

If the idea of getting in touch with Three by more traditional channels is unappetising, or you’ve tried it and it’s just not working, you might want to consider trying via social media channels. The public visibility of complaints on social media has made it a popular and effective option for subscribers in recent years, and most major providers have a team dedicated solely to social media response on hand throughout the working week.

Three UK, for its part, is present across most social media channels. Its Facebook page, however, shows at the time of writing a day’s worth of unanswered queries and complaints on Three’s wall. Its Twitter page seems to be far more active but is aimed at dishing out banter rather than resolving customer queries publicly. Three does, however, have specific social media channels to deal with issues customers face, so be sure to use these channels instead of general pages if you want your issue seen to.

If you’d like to try and get in touch with Three UK via social media, a team is on hand from 8am to 9am during the week and 9am to 8pm at the weekend. Here are the links to its pages:

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