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Virgin Media Bundles: The Very Best of 2020

Most of us unwind at the end of the day by surfing the web or watching TV, and Virgin Media bundles could be the ideal solution for all your home entertainment needs. Maybe you'd benefit from a Big Bundle, or maybe the Virgin Media Full House Bundle will help you get the most out of your deal. Selectra helps you navigate through Virgin Media TV bundle offers and customer reviews, as well as providing an insight into Virgin Media bundles for existing customers. Read on for everything you need to know about Virgin Media bundles.

Virgin Media Bundles

For those who are not already familiar with Virgin Media TV bundles, Virgin Media is a British company that provides TV, internet and telephone services to the UK. As most consumers will require a combination of TV, broadband and mobile It has almost 6 million cable customers and proudly boasts the fastest broadband speeds to businesses and homes in the UK. Not bad!

Virgin offer a great range of services all bundled up in a nice little packages. The broadband, TV and mobile provider gives you three key bundles to choose from, there are:

  1. Big bundle
  2. Bigger bundle
  3. Ultimate Oomph

Virgin Media Bundles - Offers and Benefits

A bundle can be thought of as a complete package which allows you to have your TV, phone and broadband service altogether with the same provider. We have been investigating the new Virgin media TV bundles and it turns out that just as we had hoped, these new summer deals are jam-packed with even more value.

Each bundles proudly boasts a lot more channels than its ancestor bundles, faster broadband speeds and phone calls. In this guide, you'll learn all about the new bundles, what they have in them, how much they cost and how to order one.

Virgin Media Bundles for New Customers

For those completely new to Virgin Media TV bundles, you’ll have to choose one of the new bundles. There are three to choose from and in each bundle you get progressively more channels which we will go into in detail below. With each package you also get one of Virgins two set-top boxes, the older Tivo box or the new and improved, V6 box.

Big bundle; you’ll enjoy just over 110 channels and Virgin’s Tivo set-top box, the older version of the set-top box. You’ll also get average broadband speeds of 108 Mbps and weekend calls to UK landlines, Virgin mobiles and 0870 numbers.

Bigger bundle; you’ll get over 230 channels but this time you’ll also get BT Sport in Ultra HD and all the top Sky channels in HD too. You’ll get 108 Mbps broadband speed and weekend calls to UK landlines, Virgin mobiles and 0870 numbers. This bundle comes with the Virgin V6 set-top box.

Ultimate Oomph bundle; you’ll get the largest selection but of course, at the highest price. In this bundle, you’ll get over 280 channels including a big selection of kids and entertainment channels, Sky Sports in HD, Sky Cinema in HD and BT Sport in 4K quality. You’ll get the same phone deal as with the other two bundles and with this one, Virgin has even thrown in a SIM deal where you’ll get unlimited texts. This bundle comes with the first V6 box free for you.

Virgin Media Bundles: What Can You Expect?
Virgin Media Bundles
Big Bundle
Bigger Bundle
Ultimate Oomph Bundle
How many channels are included?
Over 110 channels
Over 230 channels
BT Sport in Ultra HD
Sky channels in HD
Over 280 channels
BT Sport in 4K
Sky Sports in HD
Sky Cinema in HD
Kids and Entertainment channels
Broadband speed
108 Mbps
108 Mbps
516 Mbps
Phone deal
Weekend calls to UK landlines
Virgin mobiles
0870 numbers
Weekend calls to UK landlines
Virgin mobiles
0870 numbers
Weekend calls to UK landlines
Virgin mobiles & 0870 numbers
PLUS the new Truly Unlimited SIM

Virgin Media Bundles for Existing Customers

Of course, as an existing customer, you’re able to upgrade, downgrade or change your bundle and on top of that, get a small discount because you’re already a customer. When making any changes, always ask the Sales Agents if they can give you a discount, especially if you’re adding more than one service.

Changing, downgrading or upgrading your Virgin Media bundle

You can change your Virgin Media bundles by customising them depending on your interests. Each add-on will have its own monthly fee. The most popular add-ons are Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and the international channels and you can add these to your bundles or to your TV-only package.

Virgin media bundles for existing customers can be modified after you've signed up. If you want to change from one bundle to another during your contract with Virgin media, you can do so by getting in touch with the provider. Contact Virgin Media directly and tell them you want to either upgrade or downgrade your bundle and ideally let them know which bundle you are interested in switching to.

After you’ve done this, you’ll have a 14-day trial period in which you won’t be charged anything. Your first bill will come 20-30 days after installation if you decide to continue. If you decide in this time that the bundle you chose is not the right one for you, you can change again or cancel the service without penalty.

Cancelling your Virgin Media bundle

If you want to cancel your Virgin Media bundle, you can do so by contacting Virgin media directly. You can contact them by calling ‘150’ on your Virgin mobile or ‘0345 454 1111’ on any other mobile. Remember that if you’re cancelling your contract early, you might be charged early cancellation fees depending on how much of your contract you have left.

To avoid these fees, you just need to give Virgin 30 days notice. You’ll also need to give 30 days notice if you’re on a 30-day rolling contract. This cancellation policy also applies if you're moving home to an area where you won't be able to keep your Virgin media bundle and this is of course, because you'll be cancelling your services early.

Virgin Media Bundles: What Are the Latest Prices?

While it’s true that the new Virgin media bundles are indeed more expensive, it’s also true that they are packed with more value than the old bundles so the price increases are justifiable.

One potential drawback to Virgin Media bundles is the fact that customers will see prices increases after the first 12 months. You don’t get any more channels, faster broadband speed or more phone calls after 12 months but the prices increase anyway. In the table below, you can see the three main Virgin Media bundles on offer in more detail. See what's included and how much each one will cost you:

The very latest Virgin Media Bundle deals
Virgin Media Bundle
Big Bundle
Bigger Bundle
Ultimate Oomph Bundle
Price (first 12 months)
£33 per month
£45 per month
£79 per month
Price (after 12 months)
£54 per month
£78 per month
£139 per month
Laptop on a striped background

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Virgin Media TV bundles: What channels are included?

When choosing a Virgin Media TV bundle or package, one of the most important deciding factors will be how many channels are included and which channels. Normally, each bundle progressively has more channels and Virgin media bundles are no exception.

In terms of Virgins new summer deals, you'll get just over 110 channels with the Big bundle, just over 230 with the Bigger bundle and over 280 with the Ultimate Oomph bundle. We'll take a look below at the main channels that come with each.

Big bundle; BBC One HD, ITV HD, Channel 4 HD, Channel 5 HD, CBS Drama, Sony Crime Channel, Forces TV, Drama, Dave ja vu, Yesterday +1, Quest HD, Smithsonian HD, Bloomberg HD, France 24 French HD, Horror Channel and more.

Bigger bundle; Gold HD, Fox HD, Sky One, Sky Witness, Sky Two, alibi, Comedy Central, Syfy, Fox, TCM, Movies 24, Universal TV HD, Real Lives, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic and more.

Ultimate Oomph bundle; Sky Cinema Premiere HD, Sky Cinema Hits HD, Sky Cinema Premiere, Cartoon Network, Sky Cinema Disney HD, Sky Sports Premier League HD, Sky Sports Football HD, Boomerang, Disney Channel, Disney Junior and more.

Virgin Media Full House bundle

If you've checked out the main Virgin Media bundles and not found what you're looking for then it's worth considering the Full House bundle. The Virgin Media Full House bundle is a wholistic style entertainment package for the average family home. The Virgin Media Full House bundle includes the following home entertainment features for your whole family to enjoy:

    Virgin Media Full House Bundle (£57 per month for the first 12 months)
  • The Virgin TV V6 Box, which allows you to record six shows at once, not the mention the 1TB of storage on offer
  • Virgin TV Contol, which lets you watch live TV, shows and recordings on your tablets or smartphones around the house
  • Broadband, with an average speed of 108Mbps
  • A whopping 269 TV channels
  • Home phone - weekend calls

Virgin Media Bundles: Customer Reviews


As the three main Virgin Media bundles for new customers (and existings ones) are relatively new in the scheme of things, there isn't a large wealth of customers reviews online to draw reliable conclusions from. Virgin has promised to add more ‘oomph’ into them and as we’ve seen, they are living up to this promise already with all the new inclusions in these new deals compared to the old ones.

We are very curious to see what customers will have to say about these new deals in the near future and whether or not the customer experience will change Virgin Media's current 1.5 out of 5 star rating on customer review site Trustpilot. Even though there aren't a huge amount of customer reviews available yet, you can, for the moment, read the review of the V6 set-top box that comes with the bundles to learn a little bit about the devices that you'll get with them.

Although there is not much to say yet in terms of reviews, since we’ve been investigating these new bundles in detail, we’ve reached a verdict about how we think they're going to go and why customers will love them.

Our Verdict on Virgin Media Bundles

With their new and improved updates ready for summer, we believe that a bundle from Virgin is worth considering if you’re after a TV experience with lightning fast broadband and phone call inclusions.

There really is something for everyone no matter your interests or budget and after the updates to their bundles, the bundles are a lot simpler and easier to understand. We’re loving the updates and we think Virgin TV customers will too.

Virgin VIP bundle replaced by the new Oomph

If you want top-of-the-range services and more importantly, are willing to pay for them, the new Oomph bundle is a no-brainer. Replacing the older VIP bundle, it comes with lightning-fast broadband, over 280 channels, Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema in HD and a whole lot more. It really is the ultimate TV package.

Not only that, you’ll get to experience broadband speeds that are about 5 times the speed of any other package from Virgin, 516Mbps compared to 108Mbps for all the others. Just as Virgin claims, this package really is the best of everything.

This bundle is not cheap, at £79 per month for the first 12 months and then a steep increase to £139 per month but if you want the best and are willing to pay for it, we see this as the perfect value-packed option for you.

Are the bundles really 'new and improved'?

You get a big selection of channels no matter which bundle you choose so if you just want a wide range of channels to choose from and you're not fussed about superfast broadband or 4K quality, you can go for the cheapest option, the Big bundle, to save some money but still get a decent selection of channels to keep you busy.

The two old basic bundles, the Player TV and Mix bundles have been replaced by the new Bigger and Big bundles and although these two have gone up in price, they now also offer more channels and much faster broadband speeds. In its upgrade, the Player bundle has gone from 70 channels to 110 channels in the new most basic bundle, the Big Bundle.

The new Bigger bundle has even more to offer, with 230 channels and BT Sport in Ultra HD and Sky channels in HD. The older bundles did not offer Ultra HD so Virgin is really adapting itself to customers’ needs with these new deals, prioritising channel variety and HD.

What about the price increases?

Although prices have increased with these new summer deals, Virgin has gone out of its way to add enough value to justify these increases. With a lot more channels in each bundle, faster broadband speeds and phone calls, we believe that customers are in for a real treat this summer.

On Virgins website, the prices for bundles range from £29 to £99 per month but we highly recommend you always check with the Sales department if there are any special deals at the time of purchase and if not, ask them if that’s the best price they can give you. After all, the only thing better than a TV experience from Virgin is a TV experience from Virgin at the lowest price possible.

Virgin Media Bundles: Current Offers

Now that you're all up to date with the latest Virgin Media Bundles for existing customers, as well as for new ones, why not shop for a Virgin Media bundle below:

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