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Virgin TV Packages

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With over 6 million customers, Virgin Media provides one of the fastest and the most reliable broadband services in the UK. It also offers a wide range of bundles and some great TV Packages which we will get into below.

Here at Selectra, we are doing the tough job of researching different TV providers and their TV offers so that you don’t have to. You can read all about Sky TV packages in our relevant guide, you can also compare TV packages and if you are a complete beginner, you can read all about TV and broadband. If you would like to learn all about Virgin TV packages, you are already in the right place and can read on.

Virgin TV Go

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Virgin TV Go is an application which does what it says on the tin - lets you watch your favourite video content on-the-go so you can access TV anywhere. This app is available to use on mobiles or tablets and it allows you to stream on the go, on two devices. Of course, it doesn’t have to be on the go.

You can also use this service while at home and while someone else is using the main TV. No more waiting for the other person to finish (or getting into an argument about it), you can each watch your favourite content at the same time.

With Virgin TV Go, you will have access to 100 live TV channels (depending on which package you have), all Box Sets, on-demand TV Shows, and even the shows you have previously recorded and saved. While this sounds great, even better is that this service is free to all Virgin TV customers.

Virgin TV control

Apart from the Virgin Go App, there is also a feature called Virgin TV Control which allows you to set and manage recordings from anywhere, stream recordings from your set-top box on your mobile or tablet and browse the TV Guide. If you are a new Virgin customer, you might have to wait 24 hours before you can use the Virgin TV Control app. Also, pay attention to your set-top box settings - they must be always set to "Connected Low Power" or "Always on". If not, the app will not be able to connect to your set-top box.

Virgin TV Packages

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Virgin offers just two TV packages but four bundles, which might make things confusing. The two TV packages (Mix and Full House) are the stand-alone TV packages which you can purchase. The four TV bundles are detailed below.

Bundles can be a great way to save money and keep things simple by having your TV, phone and broadband service with one company. If you are already happy with your current provider but want a TV package specifically from Virgin, that's fine too.

Virgin Bundles
Player TV Bundle.
Mix TV Bundle.
Full House TV Bundle.
VIP Bundle.
Over 70 channels.
Average download speeds of 54Mbps.
Weekend calls to selected numbers.
Over 150 channels.
Average download speeds of 108Mbps.
Weekend calls to selected numbers.
Over 230 channels.
Sky Channels in HD.
Average download speeds of 108Mbps.
Weekend calls to selected numbers.
Over 260 channels including Sky Cinema HD, Sky Sports HD, BT Sport in 4K.
Average download speeds of 362Mbps.
Anytime calls to selected numbers.
£33 a month for 12 months then £51 a month. 12 month contract. £25 set up fee.
£47 a month for 12 months then £58 a month. 12 month contract. £25 set up fee.
£57 a month for 12 months then £74 a month. 12 month contract. £25 set up fee.
£79 a month for 12 months then £129 a month. 12 month contract. £25 set up fee.

The Mix TV package is, unsurprisingly, a mix of Freeview channels and some premium services. You will get about 232 channels:

  • 86 of them are Freeview channels.
  • 16 of them are Entertainment channels.
  • 2 of them are Lifestyle channels.
  • 6 Factual channels.
  • Four Kids channels.
  • Five Music channels.
  • Three Movie channels.
  • Six Sports channels.

With the Mix TV package you do not get phone or broadband included, it’s just the TV part. The Full HouseTV package has almost everything apart from premium add-ons, which you will have to pay extra for. Included in this package is a wide range of entertainment channels, movies, box sets and more.

Add-ons to Virgin TV Packages

You can add additional premium channels to your Virgin TV packages. The premium channels include Sky Sports, BT Sport and Sky Cinema. The Sports channels can be added on a monthly basis so it's perfect if you just want to have it occasionally, but not pay a set monthly fee.

Sky Cinema will cost you an extra £10 a month while Sky Sports will cost you £17 a month for standard definition viewing, and two of these channels in HD will cost you an extra £7 on top of all of this.


Adding Movies on Demand

With the ability to catch up on your favourite shows, record your favourite shows and watch the movies you want, Virgin really does have it all covered. If you want to just watch the latest blockbusters without adding the whole Sky Cinema service you can do so simply by adding one movie at a time. All you have to do is select Home-On Demand-Movies on your set-top box and then choose the movie you want. The movie you choose will be available to you for 48 hours. You can also access your Sky Cinema service or your On Demand movies through the Virgin Go app.

Adding International Channels

The world

If you are a lover of international films, Virgin has also got you covered with their International Movies add-on for a monthly fee increase from £5.99. The channels available from around the world are Asian Mela, Polish Impreza, French Bouquet, Spanish Viva, Russian Premiyera and Portuguese Coleta. With Asian Mela you get the best of Bollywood and more with 11 channels including news channels. You also get 500 minutes of international calls to numbers in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.

The Polish Impreza add-on includes a mixture of entertainment, sport, movie and news channels from Poland as well as the best of Polish cinema. Polish Impreza will cost you £8 per month. In the French Bouquet add-on you will have access to France Télévisions and the kids cartoon channel Cartoon TV French as well as a mixture of news, culture, movies and chat shows for £6.99 per month.

Spanish Viva gives you access to Antena 3, AtreSeries, TVE and MIS. With Portuguese Coleta you will have access to TVI, TVI Ficção, Criança TV and Benfica TV. For Russian speakers, there is the Russian Premiyera add-on with access to Planeta HD, Bestseller for watching the best Russian movies, RTR-Planeta and Moolt for childrens carttons.

Virgin V6 Box

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The Virgin V6 Box is the set-top box you will need to enjoy your TV packages or bundles. Firstly, it’s great to know that this is free for all Virgin TV customers, and secondly, that when you have this set-top box, it's not really yours. You will have to return it when your contract is up but Virgin will repair it if it breaks during your contract term.

With your Virgin V6 Box you can record six channels at the same time and store 500 hours of standard definition content and 100 hours of high definition content. You will need a HD TV to be able to use it and you can install it yourself or pay for an engineer to install it for you.

Virgin V6 Box Features

Apart from being able to store hours of content and record your favourite shows, the V6 Box has a few more great features. You can use the search function to make looking for whatever you need easier, and parents can put parental locks in place, to control what their children are using.

It will also make recommendations to you based on your previously watched content. Another great feature of this set-top box is that it allows you to watch Netflix through it which makes life easier for Netflix lovers.

Tivo Box

Tivo Box

The Tivo Box is almost like the V6 Box but for the Mix TV package. All of the content you have purchased in your Mix TV package will get to you through your Tivo box. This box allows you to pause, rewind and record your favourite content and you will also have access to the Virgin Go app.

If you want the Mix Package but the V6 set-top box that normally doesn’t come with this package, you are able to purchase it separately.

Virgin TV Guide

Like all the big TV package providers, Virgin has an online TV Guide which you can access easily to see when all your favourite shows are on. This guide also shows you which shows are available as catch-up TV. You just have to find the shows with the letter “c” next to them.


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Here at Selectra, we have studied all the TV providers and packages in detail, and believe that Virgin TV Packages and their TV Bundles are worth considering. Virgin TV not only allows you to manage your internet, phone and TV in a bundle but it also allows you to be flexible if you want a specific TV Package from them but prefer to stay with your current provider of internet and/or phone services.

With Virgin’s TV bundles, you have some great options ranging from £33 per month to £70 per month and can access over 260 channels depending on which bundle you choose. All bundles come with fibre optic broadband and a Virgin V6 Box. In each bundle, telephone calls are also included.

We like the simplicity of the Virgin TV package: choose a package and add your extras. If you decide to get a bundle, you have four great bundles to choose from. If you get your broadband through Virgin, you can be confident in knowing that you have one of the fastest and most reliable broadbands in the UK.

This is great for people who stream a lot of content or have many people using the internet in the house at the same time. Whether you want a full package with telephone, internet and TV included, or just to add the Virgin TV Package that you like the look of, we believe that Virgin has something worth considering.

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