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About EDF Energy - History, Reviews, Prices & More

Name EDF Energy (Electricité de France)

Headquarters London, England

Founded 1998 (In the UK)

Origin France, 1946

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EDF Energy is entirely owned by French state-owned energy company Electricité de France (EDF), who began investing in the UK energy market in 1998 eventuating in the acquisition of ‘Seeboard’ (South Eastern Electricity Board), ‘London Electricity plc.’ (formerly London Electricity Board (LEB)), ‘SWEB Energy plc.’ (South Western Electricity Board), and several power plants. It was clear to see that from the beginning of EDF’s endeavours in the UK, the London area was the first port of call. In 2009 EDF acquired the British generation business ‘British Energy’, giving them a huge step towards becoming big players in the UK generation business.

Current Day

EDF energy is responsible for the production of around a fifth of all electricity in the UK, meaning they are the largest supplier by volume in the nation. This electricity, which also makes them the largest producer of low-carbon electricity, along with the gas and electric they acquire from the wholesale market, supplies roughly five million households and business nationwide, making them a total revenue of £10,845.4m in 2015. This huge framework provides employment for over 13,500 people throughout the UK and many thousands more worldwide, whilst making it known that they strive for complete gender equality in the workplace. Amongst this, they are also extremely active in their local communities, regularly making visits to local schools and events that will enable them to make a push towards a more eco-friendly environment.

Customer Service

In the most recent UK Customer Satisfaction Index, EDF Energy earned the #1 spot. This was the case for a number of reasons and not just for its competitive pricing amongst the Big Six. One of the largest reservations held by homeowners when thinking about switching energy providers is the hassle one may have to endure when making the switch; however, after a quick scan through the reviews left by EDF customers on Trustpilot, it’s clear to see that this is definitely not an issue for EDF Energy. Ian, UK, for example, said: ‘Excellent service with EDF, great communication with an online live chat. Easy to switch suppliers and looking forward to just sitting back and letting EDF contact my old supplier! Well done EDF.’

Unit Rates

EDF Energy currently have three rates available for household gas and electricity: 'Blue: Price Protection'; 'Standard'; and 'Blue: Price Freeeeze'. Each holds a desirable feature, for example the 'Standard' variable tariffs does not have a fixed term and allows prices drops (and rises), whereas the 'Blue: Price Freeeeze' tariff is fixed until September 2018, protecting the customer from any price increases. As searched on 7th November 2016, the unit price for EDF Energy’s ‘Standard’ variable tariff in the London area is 13.93p per kWh of electricity and 3.857p for gas, whereas in Manchester is 13.95p for electricity and 3.668p for gas.