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About Eon - History, Reviews, Prices & More

Name  E·ON (Greek, Aeon, An Age in English)

Headquarters (UK) Coventry, England

Founded  2002 in the UK

Origin  Essen, Germany 2000

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E·ON is the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas company. It began its existence after the merging of two existing German energy companies VEBA (translated: United Electricity and Mining Corporation and VIAG (translated: United Industrial Enterprises Corporation) in 2000. Operations began in the UK when the previously government-owned Powergen was acquired by E·ON in 2002. It now employs around 9,400 people across the UK and supplies over 5.5 million household and business customers nationwide. Its 2015 revenue stood at £8001.1m, which, out of the Big Six, makes them the lowest earners.

In a bid to help create a sustainable future, E·ON claim that they include their renewable generation business in every step of their energy chain, using their array of wind farms, combined heat and power (CHP) plants, biomass plants and the UK’s first wave power generator. They are also currently trying to engage a wider demographic with their resources regarding a sustainable future, the generations of the future, by investing largely in social media. For example, they regularly make use of Youtube by posting targeted video series’ that attempt to be as light, yet engaging as possible. In addition, in 2015 E·ON developed and released an online marketplace that acts as a comparison tool for household appliances based on energy efficiency and cash savings. This helps their customers to save even more money on their energy bills by using highly efficient domestic items.

Customer Service

According to online reviews, it seems that people have extremely mixed opinions about E·ON’s customer service. According to a poll administered in 2014 by The Telegraph, E·ON were voted #1 out of the Big Six energy companies; however, combining the 872 reviews made on Money Supermarket and Trustpilot, they scored a mere 3.6 out of 10. That said, however, E·ON do make the effort of replying to the large majority of complaints, and even the praises made on these websites, which does suggest that in whatever area of customer service they are lacking, they are working hard to rectify this.

Unit Rates

E·ON provide two core tariffs for household energy: 'E.ON EnergyPlan' (variable); and 'E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year v20' (fixed). This basically means that you will either have one chosen unit rate (fixed), or one that can go up or down (variable). The unit rate varies in relation to both geography and wholesale market value. As searched on 10th November 2016, the unit price for E·ON’s variable tariff in the Birmingham area is 14.186p per kWh of electricity and 3.921p for gas, whereas in Cardiff is 14.917p for electricity and an equal 3.921p for gas. This, like any other company’s variable tariff, pertains to the energy market’s volatility which means it’s a gamble, it can go up or down. However, if that is something you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing, their fixed rate plans allow you to chose a frozen rate, which gives you protection against any price inflation.