Johnstone Water: Supplier, Contact & Quality

If you are looking to find out more about Johnstone water then this is the guide for you! In this guide, you will find out who handles the Johnstone water supply and wastewater services, how to get in touch with them, and other handy tips so that you can enjoy quality tap water in your home.

Johnstone Water Supplier

Johnstone's water is supplied by one company, Scottish Water. Here is the main Johnstone water supplier contact:

Johnstone Water Supply Contact
Water Company Phone Number Opening Times
Scottish Water 0800 077 8778 24/7

Johnstone sewerage and wastewater is also handled by Scottish Water, and shares the same contact number and availability.

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Where does Johnstone water come from?

Water can be provided from various sources, stretching from boreholes and wells to rivers and lakes. The majority of Scotlands water is sourced from local lochs and reservoirs. Due to them being topped up by rain (almost continuously), very little water comes from underground sources such as aquifers.

Water Rates Johnstone

Your water rates will be either metered, or unmetered. You can find out which your Johnstone home has by looking for a meter number on your water bill. The account number may also start with MC (Metered Customers) or UC (Unmetered Customers).

You may also be able to find a water meter by searching around your property. This would be located near the water stop tap in the kitchen or garage, or in the garden within a small box set into the ground. If your property has a water meter, you must provide regular water meter readings so that your water supplier can accurately bill you.

Homes that are not metered will have a rateable value of the home instead. This value is based on the property size, the availability of local services and other data to create an estimated consumption value of your home, which is then used to generate your bill.

Selectra's guide to water meters will help you learn more about how your meters work.

The average water rates Johnstone residents are being charged result in an average water bill of around £369 a year. This amount combines both water supply and sewerage costs.

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Johnstone Water Hardness

Water hardness is a measurement of the value of dissolved minerals present within an areas water supply. The higher the value of minerals such as magnesium and calcium within your water, the harder the rating will be, and the less effective it will be for domestic use. The good news for you is that Johnstone's water hardness rating is soft. This means that your home will be less prone to limescale accumulation, your appliances will be more efficient, and your energy bills can be lower in comparison to homes in hard water areas.

Can you drink the water in Johnstone?

Yes! Johnstone's' water meets high standards making it safe to drink. The UK Drinking Water Inspectorate has scored Johnstone water quality at 99.96% in overall mean zonal compliance, meaning that your water meets all legal requirements, and it is not necessary to boil or filter Johnstone water to make it potable.

If you notice mild changes to Johnstone's water quality,this could be due to the following:

  1. Seasonal changes such as where your water has come from or how it has filtered through the earth can imbue your water with varying flavours.
  2. Chlorination is used to eliminate harmful contaminants. This is harmless to health, and does not affect your waters safety.
  3. Plumbing such as taps and pipes repairs can also contribute to the taste of your household water, adding metallic, salty or rubbery hints.

If you feel that your water may no longer be safe to consume or has drastically deteriorated in quality, you should contact Scottish Water.

Johnstone Water Problems

Johnstone water problems can come in many forms, including anything from burst water pipes or flooding to having no water supply in your home. If you are uncertain about what you would do in such an event, read on.

  1. If you are near a computer, go to the "report a leak" section of the Scottish Water website and fill out the online form.
  2. If you aren't at home, reach out to Scottish Water on social media at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or simply give them a call.

Johnstone No Water

If you have no water in your home, it is important to identify if the issue is related to your home plumbing or a Scottish Water outage impacting Johnstone.

  1. Check the "Contact Us" or "Report problems" sections of the Scottish Water website for any information explaining why you have no water.
  2. Ask your neighbours if they have the same issue. If they don't you may need to contact a plumber, as the issue could relate to your home's plumbing.
  3. Check that your stop tap is open. If this is in the closed position, turning it to the open position should allow water to resume flowing. If it doesn't, contact Scottish Water.
  4. If you have no water, is it only no cold water, or no hot water? If you have cold water but no hot water, the issue will be with your home plumbing and not the water company.

    If there is no cold water, not even a trickle, contact Scottish Water for assistance.

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