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Albion Water is a smaller private UK water and sewerage company serving households in Knowle (West Midlands), Castle Hill (Huddersfield), Oaklands Hamlet (Greater London/Essex) and Rissington (Cotswolds). They pride themselves on being one of the first "new" water companies to go up against legacy institutions born out of privatisation.

Who owns Albion Water?Albion Water is owned by the YTL Group, the same company that owns Wessex Water. YTL Group is a large Malaysian infrastructure company.

Albion Water Contact

Several Albion Water contact methods are available depending on your query and how urgent it is. Let's take a look at how to get in touch with Albion Water.

Albion Water Contact Phone Numbers
Albion Water Team Phone Number Opening Times
Customer Service Team 0330 024 2020 8.30am-5.30pm Monday-Friday
Emergencies 0800 917 5819 24/7

You can also contact Albion Water over email at [email protected]. This might be more practical than calling if you need to submit documents and your query is not an emergency. There is also a contact form on the Albion Water website.

Finally, you can also mail a letter to Albion Water to the following address: 1 Clevedon Rd, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 1WA

Albion Water Bill

Your Albion Water bill will look slightly different depending on where you live. Here's a handy list of what Albion Water bills you for in each location as well as the codes from your bill:

  1. Knowle - KALB00101SON - Sewerage only
  2. Rissington - RALB00101WRS - Drinking Water, Green water and Sewerage
  3. Oaklands Hamlet - FALB00101WRS - Drinking Water, Green water and Sewerage
  4. Castle Hill - CALB00101SON - Sewerage only
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Ultimately, these are the codes on your Albion Water bill that tell you what type of water service you are paying for:

  1. WON - Water supply
  2. SON - Sewerage and Wastewater
  3. WAS - Water supply and sewerage
  4. WRS - Water supply, green water and sewerage
  5. SAR - Sewerage and green water

The other part that is important in your Albion Water bill is your customer number. You will need it to pay your water bill. Your customer number is located at the top of your Albion Water bill and it contains 9 characters. It will be followed by the three-letter codes from above to determine the type of service your Albion Water bill is for.

Understanding your Albion Water Bill Charges

Your Albion Water bill charges depend on where your home is located. Let's take a look at how Albion Water bills you for each location.

Knowle and Castle Hill

Metered customers will see their Albion Water bill be determined by a percentage of their water usage, in this case, represented by the metered supply volume. Your Albion Water bill will show what specific percentage is being used in the calculation to determine sewerage charges. Additionally, there will also be a fixed standing charge to defray maintenance costs.

Rissington and Oaklands Hamlet

Metered customers will see the amount of their Albion Water bill determined by their water usage multiplied by the water rate established by the water supplier. These Albion Water customers will pay for three types of water service on their water bill: drinking water, green water, wastewater. In addition to water usage, there is also a standing charge which is fixed and covers the cost of maintaining main water pipes in the area.

Albion Water Payment

There are several Albion Water Payment options. Find out which one is best suited to your financial situation and lifestyle.

Albion Water Payment Options

You will either have to contact Albion Water or login to your account to set these up.

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Direct Debit

You can set up a direct debit with Albion Water by filling out an online Direct Debit request form on the company website.

Credit or Debit Card Payments

You can pay one-off amounts directly from the Albion Water website with your credit or debit card by filling out your account and payment details.

Internet Banking

Your bill will have all the details (sort code, account number) you need to make an Albion Water payment from your bank account.

Pay by Cheque

For a successful Albion Water payment by cheque, please make sure that the cheque is made out to Albion Water Ltd and that the reverse of the cheque has your name and Albion Water customer number. Send the cheque along with the completed pay slip part of your bill to: Albion Water Ltd, Harpenden Hall, Southdown Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 1TE

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