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Need the Northumbrian Water contact number? We’ve got all the Northumbrian Water contact numbers and methods in this guide. If you have an issue with your billing or you have a leak, you can find the right Northumbrian contact number for you.

If you need to get in touch with your water supplier and Northumbrian Water is your area’s provider, we have put together this guide so you can find the right Northumbrian Water contact number as quickly as possible to get your query sorted.

Northumbrian Water Contact Number


There are three Northumbrian Water contact numbers. The main Northumbrian Water contact number deals with your account, billing, and payment enquiries and is available during office hours. The Northumbrian Water contact number for sewerage and wastewater emergencies is available 24 hours a day.

Customers who have suffered a bereavement can use the bereavement Northumbrian Water contact number where a specialist team is on-hand to support you during this difficult time.

Department Phone Number Opening Times
Account Enquiries 0345 733 5566 8am-7pm Mon-Fri
8am-1pm Sat
Water and Sewerage Emergencies 0345 717 1100 24/7
Bereavement Support 0800 090 2422 8am-7pm Mon-Fri
8am-1pm Sat
Leakline 0800 393 084 24/7
Floodline 0800 328 7648 24/7
Text Relay 18001 0345 733 5566 8am-7pm Mon-Fri
8am-1pm Sat

Northumbrian Water Billing Enquiries


For any billing enquiries, you can use the accounts Northumbrian Water contact number to discuss a range of issues:

The correct Northumbrian Water contact number to call for these issues is 0345 733 5566.

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Northumbrian Water Contact for Emergencies


If you’re in an emergency situation, such as you have a leak or your water looks contaminated, you should call the Northumbrian contact number for emergencies on 0345 717 1100. This number is available 24/7 so you get in touch with an agent as quickly as possible to sort out your emergency.

Northumbrian Water for Non-English Speakers

For customers who don’t speak English, Northumbrian Water offers a free translation service so that you can deal with your Northumbrian Water account.

To use the service, you can tell the Northumbrian Water Service which language you speak and they will organise an interpreter to join the call.

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Northumbrian Water Contact Email


You can contact Northumbrian Water by email by using the contact us form on their website, or by emailing [email protected].

However, if you need to email some documents, you can use the Northumbrian Water email: [email protected].

Customers who are using the contact us form will need to provide the following information when sending the form:

  • Your full name
  • A contact number
  • Your Northumbrian Water customer account number, if you know it
  • Your address.

In all cases, it’s important that you remember that using the Northumbrian Water email address to contact Northumbrian Water should be for less urgent matters, as it can take a few days for them to respond. You should call Northumbrian Water if your enquiry is urgent.

Northumbrian Water Live Chat

speech bubbles

At the time of writing, customers can contact Northumbrian Water via Facebook Messenger or Twitter, instead of a Northumbrian Water live chat.

We recommend you follow Northumbrian Water on Facebook and/or Twitter, as it’s a useful way of staying up to date with your water supply as they often post about service issues and maintenance, along with interesting posts about how to save money on your water bill.

Northumbrian Water live chat teams are available:

Facebook Twitter
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm 8am-10pm Mon-Sat
9am-10pm Sun

If you have a Northumbrian Water contact number for emergencies, we recommend you contact the Northumbrian Water emergency team on 0345 717 1100 as they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Northumbrian Water Contact Facebook

To use the Facebook Messenger Northumbrian Water live chat, you can either visit the Northumbrian Water Facebook page or you can access Facebook Messenger Northumbrian Water live chat directly. This is usually a quicker way than using the Northumbrian Water contact number.

Northumbrian Water Contact Twitter


With Northumbrian Water Twitter, you can either send the Northumbrian Water live chat a message privately, or you can choose to tweet about them publicly.

We recommend you discuss anything regarding your account via a private tweet, but if you want to know why, you have no water or such, then a public tweet can grab the attention of other customers who might have the same problem.

To send a private tweet, you can go to the Northumbrian Water Twitter page and hit the envelope icon. Write your message and hit send, and the Northumbrian Water live chat team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Should you decide you want to tweet publicly, you can write your tweet and tag them in it by including @nwater_care. By tagging them, they will see a notification and can respond to your enquiry by commenting on your tweet.

Northumbrian Water Contact Address

Customers who would like to write to Northumbrian Water can do so at the following address:

Northumbrian Water
PO Box 200

Although there is a postal option, it is recommended that you use the Northumbrian Water contact number.

Northumbrian Water BSL Interpreters


Northumbrian Water customers who are deaf or hard of hearing can request a BSL interpreter via Northumbrian Water’s partnership with InterpretersLive! by Sign Solutions. You can access the service during the Northumbrian Water customer service opening hours, which are Monday to Friday, 8am-7pm, and Saturday, 8am-1pm. For emergencies, the service is available 24/7.

To begin, you can press the blue button labelled Start a Session Here on the BSL interpreter page of the Northumbrian Water website.

You can also request a callback from Northumbrian Water and a BSL interpreter. You can request a callback if you have downloaded the Northumbrian Water BSL interpreter app or you can email the BSL interpreter operator, InterpretersLive! on [email protected].

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Northumbrian Water Contact Number For Complaints

You are free to make a complaint if you are not happy with your Northumbrian Water service. You can make a Northumbrian Water complaint by phone, email, or in writing.

Account Complaints 0345 733 5566
Water and Sewerage Complaints 0345 717 1100
Email Address [email protected]
By Post Northumbrian Water
PO Box 200

Northumbrian Water takes all complaints seriously and aims to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. They promise to respond to all complaints within 10 working days from receipt by Northumbrian Water, and if your complaint requires further attention, they will investigate it carefully.

Unfortunately, you can’t switch water suppliers, so you will have to let Northumbrian Water deal with your complaint. If Northumbrian Water doesn’t deal with your complaint to their standards, they promise to pay you £50 compensation.


You can also contact the Customer Care Review Team, with the Northumbrian Water contact number, to look into your complaint if you are not happy with any aspect of your complaint and how it’s being dealt with.

You can either call them on 0345 155 0237 or write to them at:

Customer Care Review team
Northumbrian Water
PO Box 200

After eight weeks, if your complaint is still unresolved, you can take your complaint to the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) who are an independent body, akin to an Ombudsman, who will investigate your complaint further and mediate between Northumbrian Water and yourself.

You can contact CCW in the following ways:

CCW Complaint Contact Method CCW Complaint Contact
Phone 0300 034 2222
Post CCW
1st Floor Victoria Square House
Victoria Square
B2 4AJ

The CCW helpline is open Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5pm.

Don’t take your complaint to Ofwat! If you have a complaint, do not take it to the water regulator Ofwat as they will be unable to help you. Ofwat only deals with anti-competitive behaviour in the water industry and does not deal with the individual complaints against water suppliers. The CCW is the correct body.

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