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Are you looking for the Severn Trent contact number? Maybe you would like to know the Severn Trent email address. If you need to contact Severn Trent Water, then look no further. We’ve got all the ways you can contact Severn Trent Water.

How do I get in touch with Severn Trent?

Severn Trent is contactable by phone, email, post, and even via WhatsApp and social media. We’ve broken down the contact Severn Trent methods so you can reach them by whichever option you would prefer.

How do I contact Severn Trent by phone?


The Severn Trent Water contact number you need depends on what you would like to speak to them about. We have all the Severn Trent Water contact numbers listed below. They are broken down by department.

Remember, unless you have a supply or sewerage emergency the Severn Trent opening times are Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 8am to 6pm.

Severn Trent Water Contact Phone Number Opening Opening Times
Bill Queries 03457 500 500 Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm, Sat 8am to 6pm
Water Supply and Sewerage Emergencies 0800 783 4444 24/7/365
Severn Trent Water Textphone 0800 328 1155 Not specified
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Are you waiting for a call from Severn Trent Water? It’s a good idea to know which numbers they call from. At the time of writing, Severn Trent Water uses two numbers to call their customers from.

  1. Billing and payments: 02477 716585
  2. Other issues: 02477 716587

We recommend saving those numbers into your phone so you don’t miss a call from Severn Trent Water.

Speak to a human at Severn Trent Water

We know sometimes you just want to speak to someone on the phone. So we’ve navigated the options available to you when you contact Severn Trent Water by phone to take the hassle out of getting to an advisor.

Bill Queries

Severn Trent Bill Queries 03457 500 500

You have three options when you call Bill Queries:

  1. Payment through the automated system
  2. Anything else billing or account related
  3. Sewerage and wastewater enquiry

Option 1 will ask you for your account number and payment information. If you’ve got your information ready, press 1. You can press 2 and they will place you on hold to give you time to find your information if you don’t have it handy. When you're ready, you can press 1 to be taken off hold.

It will give you three chances to enter your account number correctly before they transfer you to an advisor.

Option 2 is for anything related to your Severn Trent Water bill or account. You will need to enter your customer account number and they will transfer you to an advisor. We recommend choosing this option if you're moving house also.

Option 3 is for sewerage and wastewater help. After you press 3, they transfer you to an advisor.

Water Supply and Sewerage Emergencies

Severn Trent Water Supply and Sewerage Emergencies 0800 783 4444

When you have a Severn Trent emergency, you can call this number. It will give you four options:

  1. Sewerage and wastewater emergency
  2. Report a leak or burst water main/pipe
  3. Water supply issue
  4. Billing enquiry

Option 1 will transfer your call to an advisor who can assist you with a sewerage or wastewater problem.

Option 2 will give you two options before you’re transferred to an advisor for help.

  1. Smartphone call - if you’re calling from a smartphone, choose this option as it will allow the advisor to Facetime with you to help solve your problem faster.
  2. Normal phone - if you’re calling from a standard phone, such as a landline, you will need to choose this option.

In both cases, after selecting your preferred option, it will transfer you to an agent for help.

Option 3 is for any supply issues you may have with the water coming into your home. It will transfer you to an advisor after selecting this option.

Option 4 is when your inquiry is about your bill. You will need to enter your customer account number before they transfer you to an advisor for help.

How do I contact Severn Trent by email?

computer screen and mobile phone

Severn Trent email address is perfect when you want to write to Severn Trent, but don’t have time for sending a letter. It’s fast, efficient and reaches their inbox in seconds.

To contact Severn Trent email, just send your email to, you can use this Severn Trent email address for almost any inquiry or even to write a complaint.

Are you worried about how your data is handled by Severn Trent Water? You can email the Severn Trent Data Protection Officer at

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How do I contact Severn Trent by post?

Sometimes you might need to send Severn Trent post, especially if you are making a formal complaint or paying your Severn Trent Water bill by cheque. If you need to write to Severn Trent, you can send your letter to this address:

Severn Trent
PO Box 407

How do I contact Severn Trent through social media?

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Severn Trent Water is on most of the major social media channels and you can contact them by logging into your social media account, going to their page and clicking on the Send a Message button. You can find Severn Trent Water on:

  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. Twitter
  3. WhatsApp
  4. SMS/Text

Severn Trent Facebook Messenger

To contact Severn Trent Water Facebook Messenger you can login to Facebook and search for Severn Trent Water, once you’re on their page you press Send Message, this will open Facebook Messenger on your phone or Facebook Messenger chat if you’re on a computer.

Send Severn Trent Water a Facebook Messenger message and they’ll get back to you as quickly as they can.

Severn Trent Twitter

Getting in touch with Severn Trent twitter is as easy as sending a tweet. Just look them up on their Twitter handle: @stwater and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter as well, so you receive any updates about their service or supply problems.

Severn Trent WhatsApp and SMS

Contact Severn Trent WhatsApp is easy and quick. Just add Severn Trent Water WhatsApp to your contacts and send a message. You can even send a photo or video, and they can resolve your issue with less hassle.

You can send an SMS or Text Message instead, if you don’t have WhatApp installed on your phone.

Severn Trent Contact Severn Trent Number
Severn Trent WhatsApp 03457500500
Severn Trent SMS/Text Message 07380337213

Other ways to contact Severn Trent Water

Would you like to contact Severn Trent Water another way? You can also try LiveChat. The Severn Trent online chat.

Login to the Severn Trent Water website and you can chat with Juno, the ChatBot from Severn Trent.

Juno is able to answer your queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Juno can answer your questions about water quality, waste issues, billing and more.

If Juno can’t answer your question, it will transfer you to a LiveChat agent to help solve your query.

Severn Trent Water also can Facetime with an engineer. This is especially useful when you have a water leak. The engineer can see the problem and help you without visiting your home.

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