Thames Water Contact: Help & Complaints

Thames Water Contact

Need the Thames Water contact number? Have a Thames Water related issue that needs to be fixed? Not sure where to start? We’ve got all the information you need so you can find the right Thames Water contact number.

How Do I Contact Thames Water?

Thames Water has many ways you can get in contact with them. Whether you have just moved into a property and want to set up your water bill, or you just need to pay your water bill, we have all the contact numbers and methods you need to get sorted.

Like with any water supplier, can contact Thames Water by phone, emails, live chat, or even by a good old-fashioned letter. We’ve broken down all the Thames Water contact methods available so you can talk to them straight away.

What’s the Thames Water Contact Number?

Would you like to contact Thames Water by phone? Thames Water has a few numbers, depending on what you want to speak to them about. We’ve listed every Thames Water contact number below for you.

Thames Water Department Phone Number Opening Hours
Customer Service 0800 980 8800 8am-8pm Mon-Fri
8am-6pm Sat
24-Hour Leak Line 0800 714 614 24/7
Wastewater & Emergencies 0800 316 9800 24/7
Priority Service Helpline 0800 009 3652 24/7

You can use the following numbers for their Text phone service if you’re a priority customer who is deaf or hard of hearing:

Thames Water Department Phone Number Opening Hours
Billing Enquiries 0800 316 6899 24/7
Wastewater Services 0800 316 9898 24/7
Text Relay 18001 0800 980 8800 24/7
Emergency SMS Messaging Service 0774 764 6779 24/7

How Do I Speak to Someone at Thames Water?

When you contact Thames Water, you must navigate through the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. This is unfortunately the automated system, but here we show you how to navigate through it.

Need help setting up your bill? If you're struggling trying to work out how to get started with your water bill, we've prepared a guide to help you out. Check out our guide on How to Set Up Your Water Bill to find out more.

We have step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the Thames Water phone number robot. Follow our simple instructions to speak with a human at Thames Water faster than ever before!

Thames Water Contact for Customer Service

You should call customer service when you are calling about your Thames Water bill, you want to query your account, or if you’re a new customer and want to speak to a representative to get registered with Thames Water.

When you call Thames Water customer service, you have two options:

  1. Pay a bill
  2. Anything else

To contact the Thames Water Customer Service team, call 0800 980 8800.

Option 1

magnifying glass looking at paper

This is a 24-hour automated line. The automated system is quite fast, so have this information ready to hand when you call:

  1. Thames Water customer account number
  2. Your credit or debit card details
  3. How much you want to pay in pounds and pence

It will ask you to enter your 10 or 12-digit Thames Water customer account number. You can find this at the top of your Thames Water bill or statement. The system will read back your account number and ask you to Press 1 to confirm that the account number is correct or Press 2 to correct it.

Next, you need to Press 1 to confirm that you are the account holder or have account holder privileges or authorisation. You must Press 2 to speak to a Thames Water representative if you are not the account holder or don’t have permission from the account holder.

Use Option 1 to confirm you are the account holder. You need to enter the amount you want to pay in pounds, then press the # key. Next, you need to enter the pence you want to pay, then press the # key. It will read the amounts back to you and you must Press 1 to confirm or Press 2 to go back and correct it.

If you want to pay £24.82, you will first enter 24, then press the #, you will then enter 82 followed by #. It will repeat the amount back to you. Press 1 to confirm the amount is correct.

You now need to enter your credit, or debit card details, to pay.

Option 2: Should your query be about anything else, you’ll need to Press 2. You will have three options:

  1. Account query
  2. Something else
  3. New customer

Option 2

This is for anything billing or account related. You will need to enter your account number and press 1 to confirm it’s correct or press 2 to re-enter it correctly.

If you want to speak to a Thames Water representative and avoid the robot-system, at this point do nothing. The system will repeat that you need to enter your account number. It will repeat this three times before transferring you to a Thames Water representative for help.

Option 2 is when your question is not about billing. Again, you will need to enter your Thames Water account number. If you don’t know it, you can Press # and give your house number and postcode by voice to the automated system and Press 1 to confirm after the system has repeated it.

If your house number is 27, you must say TWO-SEVEN and not twenty-seven. For your postcode, you must also say each letter and number one-by-one. For example: E11 7AB would be E-ONE-ONE-SEVEN-A-B and not E-ELEVEN-SEVEN-A-B.

Once you have entered your address details or account number, it then gives you four options:

  1. Moving house
  2. Update your contact details
  3. Information about your bill
  4. Report a leak or blocked drains

Once you have chosen from the above options, it will transfer you to a representative for help.

Option 3 is for new Thames Water customers who have moved into a property supplied by Thames Water. This option will transfer your call to a Thames Water representative who will help you register for an account.

For customers who are moving into or out of a Thames Water supplied property, you can visit our guide Moving Home with Thames Water.

Thames Water 24-Hour Leak Line

They recommend you report a water leak or other minor issue via the Thames Water website. You should only use this number for emergencies when possible. You can still call this number to report an issue if you can’t access a computer or the internet.

  1. Clean-water supply issues
  2. Wastewater, drains and water pollution
  3. Bills
  4. Property developer or renovating property

If you need to contact the 24-Hour Leak Line, call 0800 714 614.

Option 1

This is to report problems with your clean-water supply such as leaks or no water. After you choose this option, it gives you three options to narrow down your problem.

  1. No water
  2. Leak inside your property
  3. Any other clean-water problem

After choosing your option, you will need to say your postcode. It will then transfer you to a Thames Water representative.

Option 2

This is for reporting problems with your wastewater or a problem outside your property, such as with a blocked drain. Again, it will ask you to narrow down your problem with three options.

  1. Blocked roadside gully/storm drain
  2. Wastewater entering river or stream
  3. Any other issue about wastewater

Option 3

This for billing enquiries. Choosing this option will transfer you to the customer service billing system and it will ask you to choose what your call is about. Please see the options under Customer Service: 0800 980 8800.

Option 4

This is to discuss anything about reforming your property, or if you have a new-build property that needs a water supply. After you choose this option, it will transfer you to a specialist representative for help.

Thames Water Contact for Wastewater & Emergencies

Calls to 0800 316 9800 are for emergencies, and it will direct the call to the 24-Hour Leak Line. Please see the options above to navigate the system.

Thames Water Complaints

If you’re having problems with Thames Water, for example, issues with your billing, account, or your water services, you can go through the Thames Water complaints procedure to resolve your problems. Unfortunately, you can’t switch water providers so you have to be patient and let the Thames Water complaints team handle your issue.

Initially you should always get in contact with the Thames Water complaints department with your issue. Depending on the nature of your Thames Water complaints, you can get in contact by phone through either of these two numbers:

Complaint Number Opening Hours
Billing & Account Problems 0800 980 8800 8am-8pm Mon-Fri
8am-6pm Mon-Fri
Water Service Problems 0800 316 9800 24/7

The Thames Water complaints team will try to resolve your issue as soon as you call. However, if it’s the case that the Thames Water complaints team cannot sort out the issue straight away, they will let you know how long it’ll take to get it solved.

Your wastewater might be with a different company! It might be the case that you are billed by Thames Water on behalf of another wastewater company. The name of the company is often detailed on your bill. If you have a problem with your wastewater service, you should contact that company.

If you're not happy with how the Thames Water complaints team have dealt with your complaint, you can of course ask them to review it.

If you are still unhappy or the Thames Water complaints team have not responded within 8 weeks, you can raise your complaint with the Consumer Council of Water (CCW). You can reach the CCW on 0300 034 2222.

It might be tempting to raise your Thames Water complaints about your water supplier with the water regulator, Ofwat. However, Ofwat does not deal with complaints about anti-competitive behaviour.

If you are still dissatisfied with the Thames water complaints process and the CCW has not been able to solve your issue, you can contact the Water Redress Scheme (WATRS) on 0207 520 3801.

paper and pen

Thames Water Water Meter Contact

Thames Water provides water meters for free. Thames Water is one of the few water companies that obligates a water meter installation for all its customers.

Thames Water generally instals smart water meters that send your water meter reading automatically over a wireless network. Customers will be given a year to compare their unmetered bill to how their bill compares with a meter and then they will be on a metered rate.

If you want to find out more, check out our Thames Water Meter guide.

Worried about your bill? People up and down the UK pay different water rates. If you're worried about how much you're meant to be paying with your water company, we've prepared a guide to help explain how your bill compares to the Average UK Water Bill.

Can I Write to Thames Water?

Of course you can! There are some things that you must write to Thames Water about, for example, an official complaint, or sending a cheque to pay your Thames Water bill. Write to Thames Water at one of these addresses:

Cheque Payments Thames Water Complaints
Thames Water
Customer Services
PO Box 234
SN38 3TW
Thames Water
PO Box 436
SN38 1TU
Make sure your cheque is payable to Thames Water Utilities Ltd and write your account number on the back of your cheque. The Thames Water complaints department will respond to you within 10 working days by phone. If they can’t reach you by telephone, they’ll write to you.

How Do I Email Thames Water?

For most enquiries about your Thames Water account, you can fill out a form on their website, or from within the My Account section of the Thames Water website.

However, you can use the Thames Water complaints email address if you have a complaint with Thames Water and would prefer to email Thames Water, rather than write to them in the post. The Thames Water complaints email is: [email protected]

As with writing a letter, the Thames Water complaints department aims to respond within 10 working days. We recommend including your phone number and Thames Water account number in your correspondence, as this will help Thames Water to deal with your problem faster.

Does Thames Water Have a Live Chat?

speech bubbles

Yes, Thames Water live chat is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm, and from 9am to 5pm at the weekend. To access the Thames Water live chat you just need to click the chat icon at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, enter your name, email address, postal address and account number if you know it.

With Thames Water live chat, you can get help with:

  1. Your bill
  2. Your account

You can also use Facebook or Twitter to message Thames Water.

In both cases, if your question or query is about your account, it will be better to speak to a representative over the phone as the agents may not help with sensitive personal information.

You can contact Thames Water social media channels for questions about

  • Report or check the status of leaks
  • Check the status of repairs
  • Report a problem
  • No water or low pressure
  • Water hardness queries
  • Help with turning water on or off
  • Reporting flooding
  • Blocked drains
  • Plumber recommendations
  • Water meter issues

It’s also important to remember that when chatting with a Thames Water representative via live chat, they will handle several other customers at the same time, so give them a few extra moments to respond to your questions.

No water at home? If you've got no water in the house, don't worry! Before you call Thames Water, you can consult our No Water in House guide to get your water flowing through your taps again.

Thames Water Facebook

To speak to somebody at Thames Water on Facebook, you can visit the Thames Water Facebook page and click the big blue button Send Message. If you’re on a mobile device, Facebook Messenger will open. On a PC or laptop, a pop-up window will open in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Write your message and a Thames Water representative will reply to you.

Thames Water Twitter

As with Facebook, to tweet Thames Water you only need to head over to the Thames Water Twitter page and press the envelope icon, write your message and wait for a Thames Water representative to tweet back to you.

Twitter also has the choice to write a public tweet. If you want to share your thoughts with the world, you can tag Thames Water in your tweet. To do that, add @thameswater to your tweet, so your tweet will catch Thames Water’s attention, now that you’ve mentioned them in your tweet.

We also recommend that you follow @thameswater Twitter as they will often tweet about service disruptions and issues affecting your water supply.

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