About Selectra

Founders Xavier Pinon and Aurian de Maupeou set up Selectra in France in 2007, when the French energy industry was in the process of being deregulated. The plan was to help customers navigate the new and confusing market, though it has since branched out into telecoms and financial services. Selectra Group has since spread to 16 countries worldwide, its websites receiving 100 million visits in 2020. Selectra UK aims to offer an insight into the companies providing you with gas, electricity, broadband and mobile, working with our panel of partners to see if we can get you signed up to a cheaper deal on utilities!

1 million visitors to the site in 2020

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Selectra: the startup

Founders Xavier and Aurian, who met as students in Paris, set up Selectra in 2007. Their aim was to help custmers navigate a newly deregulated French energy market, helping them make sure they got a good deal on gas and electricity.


Selectra: the global comparison service

Success in France encouraged us to branch out into energy markets all over the world. Selectra now helps customers save money on their energy bills in 16 countries, and we do not plan to stop there.

Selectra is currently active in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, the US (Texas), Australia, and Japan."


Not just energy

In 2013, Selectra branched out into the telecommunications market in France, and has done so in several other countries to date. As well as energy, UK customers can sign up for mobile and broadband deals with Selectra. Our ambition is to one day be your one stop shop for monthly utilities advice.

Join the team

The Selectra team is made up of more than 1,300 employees based all over the world, with offices in France, Spain, Italy, and Japan to name a few. In 2020, Selectra sites received over 100 million visits and signed up more than 600,000 customers to a better deal.

There will always be people looking to save money on their bills, so we will always be looking to hire people to help them! Head over to our jobs page to see our latest openings.


Meet the founders


Xavier Pinon

Xavier graduated from Sciences-Po Paris with a Masters in Finance and Corporate Strategy and from Columbia University with a Masters in International Affairs, Management, and Public Policies in the energy sector. Xavier now manages the commercial aspects of Selectra and web content development. He is also the co-author of a book on the French retail energy market.


Aurian de Maupeou

A graduate of Sciences-Po Paris with a Masters in Finance and Corporate Strategy and from the University of St. Gallen with a Masters in International Affairs, Aurian de Maupeou also went on an academic exchange to the Japanese University of Waseda in Tokyo and Korea University in Seoul. His knowledge of programming and SEO is self-taught. He is now in charge of SEO strategy, technical tools, and the development of new markets.