What are the Cheapest Broadband Deals in 2021?

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Affordable internet providers are more in demand than ever before, but what can you expect from the cheapest broadband deals on the market? And what should you look out for when making broadband choices? We take a look at the cheapest broadband deals and give you the lowdown on the internet providers behind them.

Broadband Choices: Cheapest Broadband Deals

Here at Selectra, we’re all about high quality broadband, and just because you opt for one of the cheapest broadband deals on the market doesn’t mean you should lose out on quality.

With so many different cheap broadband deals out there, it’s important to be discerning about which one you choose. The best thing to do when making up your mind about broadband is to look at exactly what you get for what you pay - so you’re not only comparing prices, but inclusions as well. Take advantage of some of the cheapest broadband deals in 2020 below:

Internet Provider Deal Name Price What's Included?
Vodafone Superfast 1 Was £22.95, now £20.95 25 Mbps minimum download speed or money back, 10 Mbps maximum upload speed, unlimited broadband usage, 24 Months minimum term contract
Talktalk Fast Broadband £21.50 11Mbps average download speed, unlimited usage, no set-up fee & free router, fixed price until 2022, months minimum contract.
Origin Origin Broadband £18.99 11 Mbps average download speed, average upload speed of 1Mbps, 12 months of service, no hidden charges, free all-in-on hub that’s easy to use.
BT Fibre Essential Was £27.99, now £26.99 36 Mbps (with BT’s personal speed guarantee), suitable for one or two devices to use at once
Post Office Unlimited Broadband £18.00 (Monthly price after 12 months = £30, offer ends 30/06/2020) £18 a month 11Mbps average peak-time speed, 12-month contract, no upfront payment required.

The UK broadband market is saturated with a huge array of different internet providers. Although more broadband choices creates a healthy amount of competition among companies (resulting in better deals), it can make choosing among internet providers a little overwhelming.

It’s worth noting here that not all of the cheapest broadband deals on the market are created equally, and it’s important to be discerning about what is included in your broadband package before you sign on the dotted line.

Read more about the providers behind the cheapest broadband deals below.

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If you’ve ever looked at mobile or broadband deals before, you’ll likely have heard of this telecoms giant. Vodafone offers loads of different broadband deals, including the super cheap Superfast 1 package outlined above.

If you’re interested in a broadband package with Vodafone, it’s worth looking into a Vodafone mobile deal as well, to see if you can save money overall.

If you would like to learn more about the provider, check out our dedicated Vodafone broadband guide.


Talktalk is also a pretty big name in UK Broadband. It’s worth noting that whilst £21.50 per month for unlimited broadband is a pretty good deal, the provider is outranked both in download speed and overall cost when compared to the cheapest broadband deals offered by their competitors.

If you want to learn more about the provider, why not check out our Talktalk guide for everything you need to know?

3.Origin Broadband

Origin Broadband is pretty competitive when it comes to cheap broadband. If the £18.99 deal doesn’t take your fancy, they also have another affordable broadband package for £23.99 per month for a download speed of 36 Mbps (with an upload speed of 9 Mbps).


BT is actually the largest supplier of broadband and fixed telephone line services in the UK. Despite the company’s reach it’s worth keeping in mind that their broadband, whilst affordable, often performs best in the UK’s biggest cities, with more rural areas seeing the minimum speeds for their packages. If you’re concerned about this, it’s worth raising it with the provider before signing on to one of their packages.

5.Post Office

Broadband might not necessarily be the first thing you associate with the Post Office, but they actually offer one of the cheapest broadband deals on the market. It’s worth noting that although £18 per month is a very good deal, those working from home will possibly require better internet speeds than those found in this broadband package.

Cheapest Broadband Deals: Things to Consider

WiFi router

When comparing cheap broadband deals there are more factors to take into account than price alone.

First things first, we suggest having a think about how often you are using your broadband in order to make sure that a cheap broadband service will actually give you the internet allowance you need each month. We suggest asking yourself the following questions:

  1. How many people or devices will be using your broadband connection?
  2. What are you using your broadband for; streaming, downloading, surfing the internet?
  3. Does your household frequently stream videos on multiple devices at once?
  4. How many hours per week do you usually spend online? If you’re spending a lot of time downloading content for example, you may need a bigger internet allowance than some of the cheapest broadband deals may allow.

If you would like to compare more providers and broadband deals, then head to our TV-Broadband provider comparison page for more information.

Broadband Speed

The next thing to consider is the broadband speed you'll need. It may surprise you to learn that the cheapest broadband isn’t always necessarily the slowest broadband, although of course the fastest speeds on the market are often reserved for those who are willing to pay more.

So how fast does your broadband speed really need to be? Well, that depends on what you tend to use the internet for. Check out our handy table below with some of the more common tasks consumers carry out online and the corresponding broadband speed required to carry them out:

Average Download Speeds Needed
Task Average Speed Required (megabytes per second)
Basic functions like browsing the web Less than 2 Mbps
Playing video games online 3 Mbps
Streaming Music 2 Mbps
Streaming BBC iPlayer 5 Mbps
Streaming Netflix (standard quality) 3 Mbps
Streaming Netflix (HD) 5 Mbps
Video calls (HD) 1.5 Mbps

Best Broadband in My Area

So what’s the best broadband in my area? It’s true that the best affordable broadband deal for you will partially depend on where you live. When signing on for a broadband service it’s important to make sure that the company you are going with performs well in your area.

Those living in major cities across the UK will generally receive a high level of broadband coverage with the major UK internet providers, including those listed in the cheapest broadband deals above.

If you live in a more regional area, it’s worth double checking the predicted connection quality using tools provided by the provider like Vodafone’s postcode checker for example. If the provider you’re hoping to switch to doesn’t have an online tool, it’s worth contacting them directly before agreeing to any kind of contract.

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TV-Broadband Packages

If you’re looking to get a good deal on home entertainment, it could be worth combining your broadband and TV needs in order to secure a better deal. Many providers offer TV-Broadband bundles which end up cheaper than purchasing your broadband and TV separately.

If you’d like to compare different bundles then check out our TV-Broadband page for more information.

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